Monday 29 October 2018

GARC News: The 101st Doom Company

 CT Sideways    29 Oct 2018
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GARC News: The 101st Doom Company

CS Sideways, News Editor-in-chief
Sunday, October 28, 2018


Brothers! The 101st Doom Company has joined the Grand Army of the Republic Council (GARC) and made its first steps into the community. Joining the ranks of the GARC means they will fight side by side and bolster the forces of the 501st Legion and the 212th Attack Battalion. Utilizing their signature green and yellow armor, the 101st readies themselves for battle against anyone who would threaten the Republic. Our allies continue to grow everyday and the support for our endeavors grows with lighting speed and the realization shines brightly upon us, that our community will continue to grow readily.

107410 Screenshots 20181010065707 1


     Brought forth from the 101st, are weapons and tactics grown from their own training doctrine to bring forward a new perspective of battle against the enemy. Utilizing Advanced Recon Force troopers to scout out and destroy enemy forward positions and blast shields to protect their brothers and the innocent, the 101st offers a variety of different specializations and equipment to support themselves and now the rest of the GARC units. Primarily trained in close combat environments, the 101st are no strangers to varied urban scenarios, but that does not mean they are limited to just house to house fighting, they also make use of armored vehicles such as the Saber-class tank, the Bantha-class personnel carrier and even an air wing with aircraft such as the Y-wing bomber and their own Low Altitude Assault Transports.

20181027010639 1


    Created only a short time ago the 101st Company has made it clear it will be assisting the GARC in a very positive way. Under the tutelage of CC-9067 "Phoenix" and CL-1776 "Mutt", the 101st has found its place in GARC and will continue to grow and bloom. The 101st was originally under the command of Jedi Generals Tiplee and Tiplar and most notably fought at the Battle of Ringo Vindar against the Confederacy of Independent Systems. There they fought with their signature green and yellow armor and supplemented by troopers using large anti-blaster shields. With these methods of battle and training, the 101st will undoubtedly be a helpful asset in days to come. If you'd like to know more about the 101st, or contact a member, please feel free to follow one of the links below.

101st Doom Company Website

101st Doom Company Discord


20181026234318 1


     Continued support between units such as the 101st or the 212th will bolster our efforts to create a positive environment towards creating a better experience for all of us. It is now common to see 101st members on all operations between GARC, proudly showing their dedication to the green and yellow. We welcome our brothers into the fray and fight shoulder to shoulder with all members of the Republic Council and allow us to step forward into the unknown. Many surprises and more will be achieved as GARC expands with more units and members able to bring back support for publicity. Time and dedication will surely bring us to a greater future...

107410 Screenshots 20181011004946 1

Sunday 20 May 2018

501st Legion One Year Anniversary Reformations

 CS-M Verax    20 May 2018
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501st Legion One Year Anniversary Reformations

CT Verax, News Editor
Saturday May 19th, 2018


ANNIVERSARY - Today marks the one year anniversary for the inception of the 501st Legion Starism Unit. Major reformations have taken place within the past year that has fundamentally changed the unit. Currently, the 501st Legion stands as the most popular unit in all starisms within Arma 3 alone with a rough estimate of over 2,300 members, according to the Arma 3 Starism page. The 501st unit alone has broken several astonishing records in not only longevity, but in maintenance of the thousands of clone troopers under an extremely efficient command structure. The unit started a year ago as one platoon (roughly 30 troops) to evolve to battalion status (roughly more than 350 troops). We sought more information and interviewed the new Battalion Commander, Major Jay, about the one year anniversary and how the unit has progressed, Starting from the beginning as one platoon with one and a half squads with when we officially started, we have grown to up to roughly battalion level and we achieved almost what any unit could of achieved.” During our interview we asked Major Jay about the size of the unit within Arma 3, he responded excitedly “We have a somewhat well rounded community, we are the single largest unit in Arma 3 alone, apart from Star Wars Sims alone.” We also asked about where he envisions the unit going in the next year, he replied “Our battalion movement will good, we should have the next company (Blizzard) up to a 80-90% capacity to see how well they are doing. Apart from that in the meantime, we can expand outside of Arma with new avenues to become a massive conglomerate that is headed by this unit’s leadership. We being able to branch out and establish our own dominion and really start conquering the community with other games is a great long term goal.”


BATTALION CREATION - On Wednesday May 16th, a leadership lead by the Avalanche HQ was held at 1500 PM EST. After the meeting it was announced that the 501st Legion would be expanding to a battalion level, with BC Jay (formerly CC Jay) CC Bondoer, and CC Cruise elevating to battalion command. Captain Jay was promoted to major with his primary billet now at battalion commander and Lieutenant Bondoer was promoted to captain with his primary billet now at battalion executive officer and finally Lieutenant Cruise’s primary billet is now battalion shop commander. One of first great decisions made by battalion command was the selection of leadership in Avalanche HQ, CC Klein was elevated to the company commander position and CP Jan (after applying for the position) was made Avalanche Company Adjutant on Sunday May 13th. In the platoon section of Avalanche HQ, CC Sparrow (formerly CS-M Sparrow) was promoted to second lieutenant and was elevated to 1st platoon commander (which was formerly held by CC Klein).


BLIZZARD COMPANY - During the leadership meeting on May 16th, Blizzard Company was announced with its leadership already set at an excellent start. CC Angel and CC Whiskers (formerly CS-M Whiskers) were both elevated from Acklay platoon leadership to Blizzard Company HQ leadership. Blizzard has three platoons under its command, with Acklay acting as a 3rd platoon but still referred as "Acklay 1." Though the former Acklay leadership was elevated, they left it in good hands with CC Lava (formerly Sr. CS Lava) to take the reins as platoon commander, CT Walrusking as platoon RT, CM Navo appointed to platoon medic, and with the expansion of a 4th squad in Acklay. Hopes run very high with Blizzard Company as the battalion command shows exuberant confidence in Blizzard’s newfounded leadership, including Blizzard HQ decisions to appoint CP Earthknite as company RT and CM-P Calo as company medic. This solid foundation of leadership is assured to help Blizzard HQ expand with ease within the near future. Great decisions were immediately made to help Blizzard 1 with the appointment of CM Shoe as platoon medic and CT Fry as platoon RT.


DEDICATIONS: The News Team wishes everyone a Happy 1 Year to the 501st Legion and a personal thank you directly from BC Jay: “I want to thank the leadership and the community as a whole for helping us grow and we look forward to our unit growing even more in the future.”

Tuesday 06 February 2018

New Operations!

 e107    06 Feb 2018
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New Operations!

With the new Starwars Opposition Mod update comes the arrival of new operations! This current set of operations will take place during the "Battle of Aargonar"  

Tuesday 16 January 2018


 e107    16 Jan 2018
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In addition to the new Starwars Opposition Mod update comes the arrival of new uniforms. The link below contains all of the new uniforms regulations commissioned by CC Jay

Uniforms Regulations


 CP Klown    16 Jan 2018
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These 2 links will send you to a shady adfly-like website which you just wanna click the "skip ad button" on the top right and then it will take you to a google drive folder from where one downloads the mod archived. All other information can be found on youtube / google , it is very simple and straight forward. Enjoy, and wait patiently until the 16/1 when we will finally get our servers adapted to all the new stuff and have new updated mission files to play on.

Click that download button, enjoy life, take a nap, wake up tomorrow and play on our servers ! let's blast some shiny new clankers , in our shiny new armor ! ENJOY EVERYONE , AND DONATE TO THE SWOP MOD DEVELOPERS IF YOU DESIRE TO SUPPORT THEM! Or donate to us if you want to have a server over you head, both would be appreciated. I am very glad I finally get to break the news on this !

Monday 18 December 2017

CTC: Cadet Training Corps

 CP Klown    18 Dec 2017
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CTC: Cadet Training Corps

CTC is finally becoming a reality

Clones and other clones, it is time to brush up your droid massacring skills! It has become of notice to our leadership and to our common troopers that the worth of the average CT has started to vary wildly over the time due to the very simple, non specific / non difficult things one must do to reach the supposedly venerable rank of Trooper. Because of this, the 501st legion has decided to give out a helping hand to all CTs currently available and most importantly to CR-Cs aspiring to reach the honor of being a trooper, in order for all to become equally badass, reliable under any circumstance, and properly trained!

CTC training will be extensive and difficult, made for ensuring that every single one of our CTs is worth a hundred clankers and are all equal in training ! Of course the only way to become better is through experience, however, training does help massively.

Friday 15 December 2017

First Platoon : Winter Break is now Active

 CP Klown    15 Dec 2017
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First Platoon : Winter Break is now Active

Hello people. If you are not part of 1st Platoon this doesn't bother you but if you ARE , here is some information you should keep in mind.

Right now, we are all aware it is a time of holidays and exams so you are all active immediately releaved of the need to post LOA's as everyone is expected to be with their families. Everything as of right now is considered optional until the date of 1/1/2018, after which you will have to post LOA's again. This does NOT mean we will not be running operations anymore, the droid onslaught machine cannot be stopped by little human holidays and exam times smile if you can make it to ops, please do !

Happy holidays first platoon,

-CP KlowN

Tuesday 12 December 2017

The update. What we know, what to expect

 CP Klown    12 Dec 2017
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The update. What we know, what to expect


This is a most controversial topic, of this much I am certain. We have been waiting for a time longer than we should however it has been proven that all that wait has a reason behind it: the amount of stuff confirmed only PUBLICLY ( much of the information on the mod update is hidden from public eyes ) is enormous. I am here to put together a compilation of most ( if not all ) the information currently available to the public eye that the Opposition Devs have told us in publicly available chat logs and pictures posted publicly on their discord / the 501st discord. All the information one can see here is also available to anyone willing to spend the time necessary to dig it out and check it for themselves. Anyhow, with all the way, let’s begin!

oh but KlowN, there is so much text, how could I ever get to read all of this without falling asleep ?

Lucky for you, ADHD bearing clone, there is a TLDR at the bottom so.. worry not.

The first thing I believe I should mention is the new aviation assets currently displayed as coming out in the next update. Starting off with the soon to be victorious and truly superior counterpart in the seemingly endless Clone War , we have the Republic and their newly acquired assets to truly turn CIS organized scrap metal ( or how some may call clankers ) into nothing but ashes!  We currently are expecting the arrival of both an ARC – 170 revamp of looks , AI driven pilot cunning, AND better controls for our clone pilots! Of course, the CIS are always on the prowl for our latest AI designs and knowledge so they will surely manage to use some elaborated technique to get it for their own spacecraft. Moving away from our most gracious new assets of mass destruction, we also get confirmation on an amazing improvement for our LAATs ! Not only will they get a most stylish new look , BUT ALSO 2 extra variants ! The LAAT/I and a very gracious heavy vehicle transport variant, the LAAT/C which we will talk about more later. The LAAT’s newly acquired ball turrets and rear turrets are confirmed to work perfectly fine at removing the CIS menace from any and all corners of the galaxy with extreme prejudice as well, so no need to worry if those images show nothing but useless props lazily added to the LAAT ! I must agree, these new additions are fabulous and quite something to look forward to.

However, unfortunately, the CIS menace is always right behind us with their own puny advancements in technology. Our ARF troopers scattered around the galaxy have spotted that which we would only consider as the CIS’s laughable response to our newly acquired air superiority crafts: the flying piece of rusted bolts some call the HMP Gunship. I am certain that this most puny attempt of the CIS to respond to our glorious space faring crafts will be shut down easily and hastily by our superior 501st clone troopers or our masterful Razor Squadron dedicated pilots.

Now, moving a bit closer to my home as a fair and noble infantry man in the grand army of the republic, we are confirmed to be granted the ominous power of the AV-7 Anti-Vehicle Artillery Cannon being added to our already long list of destruction harbingers, which you can now easily protect with these easy to move Portable Heavy Repeating Blasters ! Now we will be able to remove the pitiful droids from our backyards without having to get all dirty. Of course, this is not it. We are also confirmed to receive a heavy vehicle to help us break the lines of the pesky CIS with no risk of our clones tripping on some non-pulverized rock. We are talking, of course, about the AT-TE , All Terrain Tactical Enforcer ! Now if neither of those are exactly your cup of bacta, and you prefer guarding your home settlement effortlessly, we have some newly acquired easy to plant-and-forget Republic Field Guns ! Protecting a base will now be a trivial task. ( not that it wasn’t already, considering our most amusing opponents )

Obviously, as stated before, the droids are giving it their best at countering all that we create. Pitiful copycats with no imagination, I agree. Our spies report that the droids are trying to arrive faster to their initial form of molten metal by travelling in their excuse of a heavy vehicle, the sluggishly slow and weak MTT. A most hilarious attempt indeed.

Anyhow. We have now covered all of the air assets and heavy ground assets and we should pack our things and .. what ? You cannot be serious. THERE IS EVEN MORE? How is this even conceivable ? Well guess I am obligated to report our newest findings.

The CIS Menace has just been found out working on Droidekas and repainting in 3 different paintjobs to separate the scrap metal from regular junk or from buckets of bolt. Of course, this calls for retaliation ! We need to exterminate those pesky shielded rolling buckets of heavily armed bolts in style. Phase 1 armor is confirmed to look sharp while crushing metal and we are also confirmed to get a lowered field of vision that looks awfully cool in the shape of a removable HUD piece available to all clones to try out and use, because who needs eyes when the clankers are turned to scrap by artillery before you even reach their lines? We also get the Republic Commandos at our service, but who needs commandos when our general infantry is so damned good already ?

That will be all for the mod update I can cram in a small piece of ~900 words. Obviously this is not it and we should be all thanking the mod devs for being so good as to offer us this many gifts of mass destruction to toy with on our free time. Memory leak is also rumored to be turned into a thing of the past so the hordes of clankers will have the potential to become truly endless, for our endless enjoyment. Thank you all that are still with us embarked on this trip to many planets and sectors of the galaxy , united under the flag of the 501st and motivated by one purpose : droid genocide at a galactic level.

But obviously, the good news just cannot end once they stop. Not only do we have this much already confirmed AND the update is supposed to come out TRULY SOON, WITHOUT TM THIS TIME ( I cannot give proof for this but it has become common knowledge that the devs are only working on the last touches for armor and then the update will become publically available ) we are also starting our own dev team. The possibilities are endless. Unfortunately, their current projects are cloaked from the eyes of the common man, and only for their select members to see and discuss. As soon as more comes out about our dev team, the information will be reported by yours truly CP KlowN. I can tell you based on what I have gathered that it is going to be something amazing.


That will be all! Winter has come , and with it, hope has arrived in great strength.

TL:DR for lazy slobs
-new ARC-170 aiming reticle and supposedly easier and better accurate flight model
-all new YWing
-3 new LAAT Variants : LAAT/I , LAAT/C and an improved LAAT
-better AI
-all new CIS Gunship
-all new AV-7 Anti-Vehicle Artillery Cannon
-all new AT-TE ( albeit stationary , however air-liftable in the LAAT/C )
-all new Heavy Repeating Blaster
-all new puny MTT for lazy droids that can't just walk to their deaths
-Phase 1 Armor
-Republic Commandos
-Many more legion-specific color schemes and patterns

expect the update soon. for real this time.

Wednesday 06 December 2017

Rejoice, the servers are now operational

 CP Klown    06 Dec 2017
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servers are up ! and more ...


thanks to the valiant efforts that our tech support team have put into fixing our servers, we are finally saved from the CIS hacker droids that messed with our intergalactic communications ! our tech team's dedication and skill are proven to us once more with this glorious victory against the CIS menace!

HOWEVER , that is not it !

since we all have been weeping and crying over the lack of dead clankers in the galaxy , we have not only reopened the market for droid massacre but also added more areas to explore and liberate of clankers and other foul creatures ! >FULL LIST HERE < . now , we can finally see clanker oil being spilt over new snow in  Chernarus Winter and over the newly acquired fauna of Bariga or over the harsh arid terrain of Isla Duala , along side many more !

if you are new here and you desire to take part in the organised slaughter of endless b1 hordes, contact us on ts3 :

> <

Tuesday 28 November 2017

Opportunities currently available in 1st Platoon for anyone to take!

 CP Klown    28 Nov 2017
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All of the information one needs in early December to get started with First Platoon!

Looking for squad assignment in the glorious First Platoon ? Look no further , for in this article you will read the latest news about new positions, opportunities, and other great things one can pursue !

*** TLDR available at bottom for people with ... a limited attention span ***
Let us start with opportunities from the top to the bottom.

The HIGHEST position one could strive for in a realistic timeline is the platoon RT! It has come to my knowledge that even though CT Firefist got the job it most likely is not final, therefore the slot is technically still open! Candidates are highly needed and if you are advanced RTO qualified and you want to be the one and only best RTO in first platoon, now's your chance to shine. However this is but speculation and odds are the spot is sealed and taken.
Now for some certain , stable slots that are currently up for the taking !
The highest rank currently soon to be available is becoming the replacement for 1-2's Bravo Team Lead position ! It has become apparent that CT Andromeda will leave 1-2 for the time being and since there is no other eligible candidate in all of 1-2's Bravo ( due to it being practically empty ) one can easily go to CP Mungus and talk to him about the position. Hell, you may even bring some friends in for the ride as there are 2 and possibly even 3 ( if CT Lucky isn't very lucky and is evicted due to inactivity ) slots open for the taking! After the opening of Third Platoon most of the reservists have been placed! If you are yet to find the perfect opportunity for you and your 2 friends , this is it!

Now , setting the bar a bit lower from a fast track to a Team Lead position to an open ( very rare opportunity ) bravo medic position in 1-1, and other small opportunities ! 1-1 is currently looking for a competent medic replacement for Bravo , so if you feel like you have the qualifications and the personality for the job, please contact CP KlowN ( myself ) or CS Grant in the teamspeak!
I don't think it is necessary to mention that 1-2 has their 2 trooper slots open and the potential of a third but I will do it anyway ! If you are looking for squad assignment with some quality team members, that's the place to go!
1-3 Also currently has a vacant trooper slot , so if you wish to be part of 1-3, now's the time to apply to CS Kappa.

=== TLDR ===
1x Platoon RTO Slot ( uncertain if available , high probability it will be soon )
1x Medic Slot in 1-1
1x Bravo TL & 1x Trooper & 1x Support Trooper in 1-2
1x Trooper in 1-3

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