The update. What we know, what to expect

 CP Klown    12 Dec 2017
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The update. What we know, what to expect


This is a most controversial topic, of this much I am certain. We have been waiting for a time longer than we should however it has been proven that all that wait has a reason behind it: the amount of stuff confirmed only PUBLICLY ( much of the information on the mod update is hidden from public eyes ) is enormous. I am here to put together a compilation of most ( if not all ) the information currently available to the public eye that the Opposition Devs have told us in publicly available chat logs and pictures posted publicly on their discord / the 501st discord. All the information one can see here is also available to anyone willing to spend the time necessary to dig it out and check it for themselves. Anyhow, with all the way, let’s begin!

oh but KlowN, there is so much text, how could I ever get to read all of this without falling asleep ?

Lucky for you, ADHD bearing clone, there is a TLDR at the bottom so.. worry not.

The first thing I believe I should mention is the new aviation assets currently displayed as coming out in the next update. Starting off with the soon to be victorious and truly superior counterpart in the seemingly endless Clone War , we have the Republic and their newly acquired assets to truly turn CIS organized scrap metal ( or how some may call clankers ) into nothing but ashes!  We currently are expecting the arrival of both an ARC – 170 revamp of looks , AI driven pilot cunning, AND better controls for our clone pilots! Of course, the CIS are always on the prowl for our latest AI designs and knowledge so they will surely manage to use some elaborated technique to get it for their own spacecraft. Moving away from our most gracious new assets of mass destruction, we also get confirmation on an amazing improvement for our LAATs ! Not only will they get a most stylish new look , BUT ALSO 2 extra variants ! The LAAT/I and a very gracious heavy vehicle transport variant, the LAAT/C which we will talk about more later. The LAAT’s newly acquired ball turrets and rear turrets are confirmed to work perfectly fine at removing the CIS menace from any and all corners of the galaxy with extreme prejudice as well, so no need to worry if those images show nothing but useless props lazily added to the LAAT ! I must agree, these new additions are fabulous and quite something to look forward to.

However, unfortunately, the CIS menace is always right behind us with their own puny advancements in technology. Our ARF troopers scattered around the galaxy have spotted that which we would only consider as the CIS’s laughable response to our newly acquired air superiority crafts: the flying piece of rusted bolts some call the HMP Gunship. I am certain that this most puny attempt of the CIS to respond to our glorious space faring crafts will be shut down easily and hastily by our superior 501st clone troopers or our masterful Razor Squadron dedicated pilots.

Now, moving a bit closer to my home as a fair and noble infantry man in the grand army of the republic, we are confirmed to be granted the ominous power of the AV-7 Anti-Vehicle Artillery Cannon being added to our already long list of destruction harbingers, which you can now easily protect with these easy to move Portable Heavy Repeating Blasters ! Now we will be able to remove the pitiful droids from our backyards without having to get all dirty. Of course, this is not it. We are also confirmed to receive a heavy vehicle to help us break the lines of the pesky CIS with no risk of our clones tripping on some non-pulverized rock. We are talking, of course, about the AT-TE , All Terrain Tactical Enforcer ! Now if neither of those are exactly your cup of bacta, and you prefer guarding your home settlement effortlessly, we have some newly acquired easy to plant-and-forget Republic Field Guns ! Protecting a base will now be a trivial task. ( not that it wasn’t already, considering our most amusing opponents )

Obviously, as stated before, the droids are giving it their best at countering all that we create. Pitiful copycats with no imagination, I agree. Our spies report that the droids are trying to arrive faster to their initial form of molten metal by travelling in their excuse of a heavy vehicle, the sluggishly slow and weak MTT. A most hilarious attempt indeed.

Anyhow. We have now covered all of the air assets and heavy ground assets and we should pack our things and .. what ? You cannot be serious. THERE IS EVEN MORE? How is this even conceivable ? Well guess I am obligated to report our newest findings.

The CIS Menace has just been found out working on Droidekas and repainting in 3 different paintjobs to separate the scrap metal from regular junk or from buckets of bolt. Of course, this calls for retaliation ! We need to exterminate those pesky shielded rolling buckets of heavily armed bolts in style. Phase 1 armor is confirmed to look sharp while crushing metal and we are also confirmed to get a lowered field of vision that looks awfully cool in the shape of a removable HUD piece available to all clones to try out and use, because who needs eyes when the clankers are turned to scrap by artillery before you even reach their lines? We also get the Republic Commandos at our service, but who needs commandos when our general infantry is so damned good already ?

That will be all for the mod update I can cram in a small piece of ~900 words. Obviously this is not it and we should be all thanking the mod devs for being so good as to offer us this many gifts of mass destruction to toy with on our free time. Memory leak is also rumored to be turned into a thing of the past so the hordes of clankers will have the potential to become truly endless, for our endless enjoyment. Thank you all that are still with us embarked on this trip to many planets and sectors of the galaxy , united under the flag of the 501st and motivated by one purpose : droid genocide at a galactic level.

But obviously, the good news just cannot end once they stop. Not only do we have this much already confirmed AND the update is supposed to come out TRULY SOON, WITHOUT TM THIS TIME ( I cannot give proof for this but it has become common knowledge that the devs are only working on the last touches for armor and then the update will become publically available ) we are also starting our own dev team. The possibilities are endless. Unfortunately, their current projects are cloaked from the eyes of the common man, and only for their select members to see and discuss. As soon as more comes out about our dev team, the information will be reported by yours truly CP KlowN. I can tell you based on what I have gathered that it is going to be something amazing.


That will be all! Winter has come , and with it, hope has arrived in great strength.

TL:DR for lazy slobs
-new ARC-170 aiming reticle and supposedly easier and better accurate flight model
-all new YWing
-3 new LAAT Variants : LAAT/I , LAAT/C and an improved LAAT
-better AI
-all new CIS Gunship
-all new AV-7 Anti-Vehicle Artillery Cannon
-all new AT-TE ( albeit stationary , however air-liftable in the LAAT/C )
-all new Heavy Repeating Blaster
-all new puny MTT for lazy droids that can't just walk to their deaths
-Phase 1 Armor
-Republic Commandos
-Many more legion-specific color schemes and patterns

expect the update soon. for real this time.

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