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GARC News: The 101st Doom Company

CS Sideways, News Editor-in-chief
Sunday, October 28, 2018


Brothers! The 101st Doom Company has joined the Grand Army of the Republic Council (GARC) and made its first steps into the community. Joining the ranks of the GARC means they will fight side by side and bolster the forces of the 501st Legion and the 212th Attack Battalion. Utilizing their signature green and yellow armor, the 101st readies themselves for battle against anyone who would threaten the Republic. Our allies continue to grow everyday and the support for our endeavors grows with lighting speed and the realization shines brightly upon us, that our community will continue to grow readily.

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     Brought forth from the 101st, are weapons and tactics grown from their own training doctrine to bring forward a new perspective of battle against the enemy. Utilizing Advanced Recon Force troopers to scout out and destroy enemy forward positions and blast shields to protect their brothers and the innocent, the 101st offers a variety of different specializations and equipment to support themselves and now the rest of the GARC units. Primarily trained in close combat environments, the 101st are no strangers to varied urban scenarios, but that does not mean they are limited to just house to house fighting, they also make use of armored vehicles such as the Saber-class tank, the Bantha-class personnel carrier and even an air wing with aircraft such as the Y-wing bomber and their own Low Altitude Assault Transports.

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    Created only a short time ago the 101st Company has made it clear it will be assisting the GARC in a very positive way. Under the tutelage of CC-9067 "Phoenix" and CL-1776 "Mutt", the 101st has found its place in GARC and will continue to grow and bloom. The 101st was originally under the command of Jedi Generals Tiplee and Tiplar and most notably fought at the Battle of Ringo Vindar against the Confederacy of Independent Systems. There they fought with their signature green and yellow armor and supplemented by troopers using large anti-blaster shields. With these methods of battle and training, the 101st will undoubtedly be a helpful asset in days to come. If you'd like to know more about the 101st, or contact a member, please feel free to follow one of the links below.

101st Doom Company Website

101st Doom Company Discord


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     Continued support between units such as the 101st or the 212th will bolster our efforts to create a positive environment towards creating a better experience for all of us. It is now common to see 101st members on all operations between GARC, proudly showing their dedication to the green and yellow. We welcome our brothers into the fray and fight shoulder to shoulder with all members of the Republic Council and allow us to step forward into the unknown. Many surprises and more will be achieved as GARC expands with more units and members able to bring back support for publicity. Time and dedication will surely bring us to a greater future...

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