501st Legion

The 501st Legion is a StarSim group, utilizing the Star Wars: Opposition mod for ArmA 3. We focus on providing our members with a fun and respectful time here, endorsing in their love for Star Wars and the milsim side of ArmA 3, as a unit we are very successful on our numbers and operations, providing a versatile experience in and out of game. Although our main focus is Star Wars, we also have many operations on different mods for our unit to allow our members to play a variety while here.

Enlistment Opportunities

If you wish to join the 501st Legion, you'll have to go through the enlistment process. Joining, we ask for you to be 16 years of age or older, and to be mature. Sometimes we will make exceptions until you are of age if you are mature enough. When you go through the recruitment, you'll join as a Clone Recruit and will have to attend a training to get up to Cadet, from there you'll prove yourself in the unit and work your way up, learning along the way of the rules and what you'd like to do.

July 2019

No events for this month.


501st Legion of the Grand Republic!

Welcome to the 501st Legion of the Grand Republic Website!

This website was created for the unit, for the Star Wars Mod of Arma 3.

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GARC ArmA 3 Groups

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Weekly Events

The 501st Legion has weekly events to help keep the member entertain. The events start on Monday, and continue all the way through Sunday. From Initial Training, to Platoon Operations/Fun Operations, the 501st Legion tries to keep busy. The events aren't always Arma 3 Star Wars, but other Arma 3 related mods, and other games as well, such as Star Citizen, Star Wars Battlefront 2, etc...

Fun Operations

In the 501st Legion, Platoon Operations are strict, operations that consist of platoon elements, while Fun Operations consist of doing random generated operations, such as player versus player, role-playing, and other types. Check out our YouTube videos, which consist of Platoon Operations, and Fun Operations, click on the link at the bottom of the website.