501st Legion of the Grand Republic!

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This website was created for the unit, for the Star Wars Mod of Arma 3.



The 501st Legion has many opportunities and avenues to open after enlistment. Once you train yourself beyond the UTC (Upsilon Training Company) and power through Zeta Company, then every rank and detachment becomes available for you. These range anywhere from paratroopers to pilots, warden air traffic controllers to regular clone troopers. Many roles are needing to be filled and with weapon specializations to be mastered, there is always area for advancement and trainings.

Weekly Events

The 501st has a wide selection of times to offer to those potential members. Main operations and FTX's (Field Training Exercises) are held on the weekends, but a 24/7 funop service held by members who are trained to Zeus in-game is easily the most recognizable and unique feature of the 501st. Operations and FTX's can reach a capacity of 80%2B people and Funops run 24/7 as stated.

Platoon Operations and FTX's are strict, operations that consist of platoon or company-sized elements sharing a tactical goal on the battlefield. Fun Operations, on the other hand, consist of doing random generated and zeused operations, such as: Player versus Player, role-playing, and Player versus Environment. Check out our famous YouTube videos, which consist of Platoon Operations, and Fun Operations.

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