War Room Report #2 3/25/21

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War Room Report #2 3/25/21

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March 24th. 2021


Editor's Note:


     Hello everyone, and thank you for reading our Second War Room Report! The purpose of this article is to recap on the events of the War Room, these will be published the following the War Room . This is still a new project, and as such, Quality and Formatting will change over the next few articles.





501st News Team

War Report 

Written on 03/23/2021 by CT Blythe

Covering War Room Conducted on 03/22/2021

The battle map, courtesy of CT Great


501st Presses the Assault!

Recently, Acklay and Razor forward deployed and captured a foothold for the 501st! They found refugees in a wrecked civilian camp, and secured a forward operating base for the rest of the unit. The CIS and the Swarm are waging all-out war against one another on the mainland! Heavy CIS armor tried to stop our Acklay Troopers from getting on the mainland, but Acklay pushed them back successfully! 

The 101st has broken the blockade and sent air forces to probe enemy positions. Their aviation group, Hammer, tracked a Mandalorian Fighter piloted by someone appearing to be a 501st Trooper. Could it be the mysterious Nox? 

Avalanche Company is going to be spearheading the advance deeper into the mainland. Avalanche 1 will sweep east to clear the area and hold it against potential CIS reinforcements from the north. Avalanche 2 will secure the area of operation to the west of the already-secured beachhead. Avalanche 3 will aim to destroy the CIS armor that harrassed Acklay earlier. The most important objectives for the 501st right now are eliminating enemy forces and gaining intelligence. Razor will be flying support in trusty LAATs and the venerable Y-Wing, using EMP weaponry to minimize collateral damage. Unfortunately, the local towns have been beaten to disrepair already, but the 501st will ensure no more damage or harm comes to the citizens of Dagobah.

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