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CTC: Cadet Training Corps

 CP Klown    18 Dec 2017
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CTC: Cadet Training Corps

CTC is finally becoming a reality

Clones and other clones, it is time to brush up your droid massacring skills! It has become of notice to our leadership and to our common troopers that the worth of the average CT has started to vary wildly over the time due to the very simple, non specific / non difficult things one must do to reach the supposedly venerable rank of Trooper. Because of this, the 501st legion has decided to give out a helping hand to all CTs currently available and most importantly to CR-Cs aspiring to reach the honor of being a trooper, in order for all to become equally badass, reliable under any circumstance, and properly trained!

CTC training will be extensive and difficult, made for ensuring that every single one of our CTs is worth a hundred clankers and are all equal in training ! Of course the only way to become better is through experience, however, training does help massively.

This elongated course will be held over the maximum time of 2 weeks, having a total of 7 ~1 hour sessions a cadet team will have to go through in order to be qualified for trooper. Each of the sessions will be held during normal funops / operations / trainings / anywhere on the field, under dynamic circumstances. No two trainings will be alike , as the circumstances a cadet team will be put through can vary wildly, yet the main lessons remain stagnant. Each session will have a specific focus.

The 7 main focuses a cadet fireteam will go through are as followed :

-Cadet Fundamentals

This session will be focusing on team cohesion, establishing and following a sturdy chain of command, and loadout specialization. The cadets , instructor and deputy instructor will get to meet their 4 cadets with which they will spend a hopefully fun and productive ~2 weeks, depending on scheldues and time. The CTC can be finished in 1 day, however it is not recommended since it would take 7 hours straight.

-Advanced Weapon and Equipment Usage

This annex handles exactly what the title says. Pretty nifty isn't it ? To summarize it ( don't want to spoil the experience fully ) the cadets will go through , you guessed it, different equipments currently available and how to use them, and how to shoot a blaster properly, as accuracy by quantity isn't a good business model when trying to remove the corrupt weapon dealers, as the more ammo you spend, the more the Republic needs those pesky buggers. Also you tend to run out of ammo mid-firefight, which can lead to problems far more pressing on the short term rather than the long term implications of weapon and ammunition trading with shady manufacturers. Also you get to learn how to drive stuff which I think is pretty cool as crashing every ITT / speeder you find laying around isn't helping the cause of being efficient with resources.

-Combat First Aid and Medical Protocol

Now I know you may be wondering, what is this first aid you speak of CP KlowN, I never got injured by a puny droid, most I got is a bruise from tripping over a rock back in Geonosis and I have to agree, I do not understand this annex myself, me obviously never having been wounded by any of these clanker hunk of junks directly. Moving on.

-Team Fundamentals

Now this, is important. This segment handles setting up fireteams and squads before the operation so you know who to hang out when taking a stroll through all the clanker debris left from our orbital bombardment treatments, and the formations you will want to adopt while scouting the rubble of any valuable information and surviving droids, and, of course, the spacing and rules of engagement. Obviously, you need to know when to fire and when not to fire on targets. Me, I always fire and think later, saves a lot of trouble, but, I am just a simple CP, I don't know much about this "stealth" and "engage only when fired upon" kind of stuff.

-MOUT( sessions 5-6 both, lot to cover on this one says the CC guy )

This is the stuff. In case you are an average person and have no clue what MOUT stands for , it means military operations on urban terrain, or what I prefer to call, getting nice and dirty with those clankers. Performing MOUT is apparently the most dangerous of all but I must disagree, the most danger I ever was put in was when I blasted a droid so hard I almost choked on the oil that just sprung out of his 2000s era piston based hydraulic limbs. I had no helmet on because there is obviously no danger in fighting clankers. Do keep it on though, saves a lot of time in the bathroom trying to clean up the oil.

-Goodbyes and Stuff

This is pretty much bidding farewell and tipping your visor to the cadets as they have finally finished their training to be the ultimate killing machines of the grand army of the Republic. There may be some complications, like your instructor asking questions to make sure that you were paying attention but I am certain you can just google most of the stuff on your intergalactic communications device as the instructor formulates the questions.

So that will be it. Quite a bit of information ? Yeah, maybe. I am looking forward to seeing the effects of the CTC on the general infantry, despite this whole ordeal being totally nonsesnse and not called for as we are the superior force compared to the CIS scum, of course. No doubt.

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