CTC Graduation 2/9/2018

 e107    09 Feb 2018

CTC Graduation 2/9/2018

501st Legion, 1st Regiment

3rd Battalion, A Company


For the Republic

Effective with this posting the following individuals have completed the requirements set forth by the 501st Legion, Clone Cadet Training Corps. They are promoted to the grade and rank as listed. Further to this post, they will be assigned by the relevant Platoon staff within the next upcoming weeks to a squad. Please join me in welcoming and congratulating our new Clone Troopers.


Clone Cadet Graduates:

Trooper Rne

Trooper Verlis

Trooper Volvo

Trooper Avalon

Trooper Jenov

Trooper Murdock

Trooper Soviet

Trooper Dirt

Trooper Husker

Trooper Reck

Trooper Silent

Trooper Ajacks

Trooper Exhillis

Trooper Konot

Trooper Schenck

Trooper Chaos

Trooper Trueshot

Trooper Vengeance

Trooper Atlas

Trooper Glue

Trooper Gunny

Trooper Jerich

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