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First Platoon : Winter Break is now Active

 CP Klown    15 Dec 2017
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First Platoon : Winter Break is now Active

Hello people. If you are not part of 1st Platoon this doesn't bother you but if you ARE , here is some information you should keep in mind.

Right now, we are all aware it is a time of holidays and exams so you are all active immediately releaved of the need to post LOA's as everyone is expected to be with their families. Everything as of right now is considered optional until the date of 1/1/2018, after which you will have to post LOA's again. This does NOT mean we will not be running operations anymore, the droid onslaught machine cannot be stopped by little human holidays and exam times smile if you can make it to ops, please do !

Happy holidays first platoon,

-CP KlowN

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