Rejoice, the servers are now operational

 CP Klown    06 Dec 2017
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servers are up ! and more ...


thanks to the valiant efforts that our tech support team have put into fixing our servers, we are finally saved from the CIS hacker droids that messed with our intergalactic communications ! our tech team's dedication and skill are proven to us once more with this glorious victory against the CIS menace!

HOWEVER , that is not it !

since we all have been weeping and crying over the lack of dead clankers in the galaxy , we have not only reopened the market for droid massacre but also added more areas to explore and liberate of clankers and other foul creatures ! >FULL LIST HERE < . now , we can finally see clanker oil being spilt over new snow in  Chernarus Winter and over the newly acquired fauna of Bariga or over the harsh arid terrain of Isla Duala , along side many more !

if you are new here and you desire to take part in the organised slaughter of endless b1 hordes, contact us on ts3 :

> <

This news item is from 501st Legion