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Sunday 23 July 2017

Use of announcements!

 WS Sparrow    23 Jul 2017
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How the unit news will work on here.

Hey all!

Sparrow with the 2nd ever announcement on the website.

So recently I've decided to start properly using the announcements on this website, and links will be posted around for the announcements, being weekly updates, daily squad announcements etc.

3rd Platoon:

So some days ago, the 3rd platoon was opened to add more spaces for infantry to fill in, the members who have taken up leadership roles are listed down at the bottom of this post.


During next week, there is plans to open up a 4th platoon under the scheme of an Airborne division aside from the regular infantry, the system is still being implemented and the announcement for when the platoon is open, will be posted on that day.

More info to come in the following announcements with further details.

Remember, these roles are all acting while the 3rd platoon gets off the ground.

3rd Platoon Leader:

CX Revan - Acting Platoon Commander

CP Sparrow - Acting Platoon Sergeant Major & 1st Squad Lead

CT Malikast - 2nd Squad Lead

CT Gunslinger - 2nd Squad Team Lead

CT Wrath - 3rd Squad Lead

CT Noviix - 3rd Squad Team Lead

- CP Sparrow

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