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Opportunities currently available in 1st Platoon for anyone to take!

 CP Klown    28 Nov 2017
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All of the information one needs in early December to get started with First Platoon!

Looking for squad assignment in the glorious First Platoon ? Look no further , for in this article you will read the latest news about new positions, opportunities, and other great things one can pursue !

*** TLDR available at bottom for people with ... a limited attention span ***
Let us start with opportunities from the top to the bottom.

The HIGHEST position one could strive for in a realistic timeline is the platoon RT! It has come to my knowledge that even though CT Firefist got the job it most likely is not final, therefore the slot is technically still open! Candidates are highly needed and if you are advanced RTO qualified and you want to be the one and only best RTO in first platoon, now's your chance to shine. However this is but speculation and odds are the spot is sealed and taken.
Now for some certain , stable slots that are currently up for the taking !
The highest rank currently soon to be available is becoming the replacement for 1-2's Bravo Team Lead position ! It has become apparent that CT Andromeda will leave 1-2 for the time being and since there is no other eligible candidate in all of 1-2's Bravo ( due to it being practically empty ) one can easily go to CP Mungus and talk to him about the position. Hell, you may even bring some friends in for the ride as there are 2 and possibly even 3 ( if CT Lucky isn't very lucky and is evicted due to inactivity ) slots open for the taking! After the opening of Third Platoon most of the reservists have been placed! If you are yet to find the perfect opportunity for you and your 2 friends , this is it!

Now , setting the bar a bit lower from a fast track to a Team Lead position to an open ( very rare opportunity ) bravo medic position in 1-1, and other small opportunities ! 1-1 is currently looking for a competent medic replacement for Bravo , so if you feel like you have the qualifications and the personality for the job, please contact CP KlowN ( myself ) or CS Grant in the teamspeak!
I don't think it is necessary to mention that 1-2 has their 2 trooper slots open and the potential of a third but I will do it anyway ! If you are looking for squad assignment with some quality team members, that's the place to go!
1-3 Also currently has a vacant trooper slot , so if you wish to be part of 1-3, now's the time to apply to CS Kappa.

=== TLDR ===
1x Platoon RTO Slot ( uncertain if available , high probability it will be soon )
1x Medic Slot in 1-1
1x Bravo TL & 1x Trooper & 1x Support Trooper in 1-2
1x Trooper in 1-3

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