CTC: Cadet Training Corps

 CP Klown    18 Dec 2017
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CTC: Cadet Training Corps

CTC is finally becoming a reality

Clones and other clones, it is time to brush up your droid massacring skills! It has become of notice to our leadership and to our common troopers that the worth of the average CT has started to vary wildly over the time due to the very simple, non specific / non difficult things one must do to reach the supposedly venerable rank of Trooper. Because of this, the 501st legion has decided to give out a helping hand to all CTs currently available and most importantly to CR-Cs aspiring to reach the honor of being a trooper, in order for all to become equally badass, reliable under any circumstance, and properly trained!

CTC training will be extensive and difficult, made for ensuring that every single one of our CTs is worth a hundred clankers and are all equal in training ! Of course the only way to become better is through experience, however, training does help massively.

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