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The Legion's Bulwark: Mynock

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The Legion's Bulwark: Mynock

The Legion's Bulwark: Mynock

Written by: CX-X Shnuffles











Clad in armored behemoths, the 501st has had the support of Mynock’s tankers for a little over a year now. Opening a new path for the Legion’s troopers to pursue careers as armored crewmen in both tanks and other numerous armored fighting vehicles. As the Legion’s 2nd supporting detachment, Mynock’s clear-cut mission continues to be the infantry’s mission, with the ongoing effort to provide them any support they require. With a complement of over 30 Personnel divided amongst four sections, the Bastion Detachment provides infantrymen with both fast yet hard-hitting options for completing their missions.









Second Lieutenant Delta


“The detachment [Mynock] was in dire need of more permanent leadership to keep it on the right track and offer stability.” - CC Delta



With CC Delta at the helm, Mynock’s staff have been introduced to new approaches to leadership. Finding both direction and guidance in their approach to every mission. The detachment’s current Commander has seen action both in the air and on the ground, enabling him to be an invaluable resource to the staff he works alongside in Mynock’s day to day operations. Since his assignment, the platoon as a whole has dedicated itself to attaining an efficient structure. Bringing crewmen closer than ever with each other, and their Section Leads.


“I’ve enjoyed my transition into Mynock overall, and I am glad that I was given the opportunity to be brought into the fold.” - CC Delta




Sergeant Major Zulu


“It could be said that the Detachment chose me for the position, rather than me acting on my own accord. Though I will say that I am glad that I accepted this position.” - CS-M Zulu



Weary of a new position, Zulu was present at Mynock’s very inception, applying out of an interest in armored warfare. An interest that would grow into something greater, a desire to be something greater. Now, working side by side with Delta as the Detachment’s NCOIC, Zulu has run the show on a day to day basis. Undertaking the responsibility of acting as the Detachment’s liaison from both above and below. The Sergeant Major has stepped up and risen to the occasion, improving and building upon both his own skill, and the skills of those around him. Compounded by the examples set from previous mentors, such as CS-M Verax & CX Scuba, Zulu’s work alongside Delta brings out the very best in Bastion, and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future.




Bastion Detachment “Mynock”


“We got tanks! It’s what we do, really.” - CS Osprey



Spread across Four Sections, Mynock’s NCOs lead those around them in the form of high tonnage war machines rather than infantry squads. Their training amounts to more than just tactics on the ground, but the numerous operating procedures built around individual platforms they field in the AO. Fighting vehicles, both tracked and wheeled face off against a seemingly endless array of threats to both themselves and the troops they support. The detachment’s crews are driven to be on their top-game at all times while driving past friendly-lines, or risk being entombed in plasma-scorched wrecks.


“Being air-mobile gives us the equal striking distance to carry on alongside infantry during their missions.” - CP Weiss


Before the detachment can start tackling problems in the field, first they’ll have to get there. Integrating armor into a traditionally Air Assault-based Company proves to be an interesting challenge for the detachment’s Section Leads. One that they’ve met headfirst and have overcome with the help of the Legion’s only other supporting Detachment, Razor. The usage of LAAT Gunships alongside Bastion’s tanks ensures that the lumbering giants can keep pace with anyone, even an Airborne QRF. 1st Section’s Lead, Sergeant Osprey explained that Mynock’s crews “Hitch-a-ride so to speak, and are brought in alongside infantry.” providing on-call fire support the moment they hit the ground.


“Flexibility is the goal we had in mind, so we aim to bring something new to each operation.” - CP Weiss


With such a diverse arsenal at their disposal, finding the “right tool for the job” is an important part of their mission. 3rd Section’s Lead, Sergeant Deus built upon that mission further, going on to explain Mynock’s “Two Primary Interests”, their Number One being to provide the best support possible for the detachment they’ve been paired with. Second to that, is to “Make sure we’re fielding vehicles which enable us [Mynock] to perform to the best of our ability.”


“The process is more or less trial and error, a difficult task really.” - CP TrueSight






Bringing together a multitude of different people into one place, Mynock continues to drive forwards to a better tomorrow. To become a part of that team, simply inquire with a Section Lead+ and they will get back to you with an application form. More information can be found in #mynock-open.



Friday 05 June 2020


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The Legion’s Eyes & Ears

  Publisher: CX-X Canik
Editor: CT Momentum
Journalists: CX-X Shnuffles, CT Daku, CT Toast




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Since the closure of the Legion’s “Onyx” ARC detachment, officers from varying parts of the 501st have been hard at work finding a solution to the Legion’s need for not only a new breed of ARC, but a new breed of trooper. The answer was clear, but the work ahead of them would be a long and arduous process. 



  20200604174032 1



    Enter the Krayt program.



“When Onyx had closed down, my first reaction was not a joyful one - I wasn’t excited to see Onyx closing, I was dreading the loss of something that was both integral and interesting to our community. At the end of the day, Jay made what I think was a hard call, and Onyx was shut down. With Onyx’s closure, we went to work planning out an alternative, a second-pass so to speak.” - CC Player


A new breed of Advanced Recon Commandos, with the drive and determination to lead the charge against the forces of the confederacy where needed to fill the void left by those that walked before them. These troops would excel in scouting and reconnaissance, and by doing so, ensuring the path is clear for their squadmates.


 Not only that, but by embedding the ARC troopers into general infantry squads, you can now expect to see a new level of diversity and flexibility with your respective Krayt Trooper.“The goal for this is to work on fostering a “mentoring mindset” for our 3rd Generation of Troopers.” said CT Bronson, one of the the Krayt program’s newest members. “We want them to come out being approachable, someone that the squad is comfortable with. More akin to a “big brother” figure.” This mentorship and potential originality would give infantry squads giving you that little spark of ingenuity. and spotting those key points across the battlefield. The intention is to make them key to any team element and adaptable to any situation where called upon.


With an objective of need in mind; the interviews that Battalion conducted during the initial recruitment phase for the Krayt program contrasted the previous ways of Onyx. Player was enlightened us into some of the new goals for the position. “Disregarding what lore tells us, we were looking for role models in the community that everyone in the community could look up to. Someone that a new CR could see and strive to be like. There was no clear “goal” for what we wanted Krayt to be, it was what we wanted the ARC troopers to be, and what Avalanche (and now cyclone) needed them to be.”  Whereas Onyx sought to assess candidates in-part on a virtual setting, Battalion made a point that Krayt candidates would be selected based on their character, essentially picking apart who they were and mold them to become wealths of knowledge for others.


A New Breed of TrooperKrayt Banner



“A big thing from me is that here at the Company & Battalion level, there’s always initiatives taken to provide the troopers with “a bigger toolbox” so to speak. We wanted to give them the tools they need to succeed so that everyone has a baseline knowledge and gets a grasp of what they’re doing. In no way are the things we teach our ARCs unique or vastly special from what anyone else within the unit should be doing. We’d like to see Krayt troopers integrate what they learn here into the community as a whole. 


They’re role models, but they aren’t ahead or “on top of” their peers. Lead from within, not from without.” - CS-M Odin


Ready and on-call for any challenge presented to them, the Legion’s Krayt troopers were selected to become the Battalion’s finest. Both candidates and graduates of the Krayt Program were representatives of what the Legion needed in its community, leaders that could promote a positive environment, one that would allow the troopers they work alongside to not only better themselves, but those around them.


“From what I’ve heard and what I’ve seen, it seemed that leadership intended for Krayt troopers to amplify Avalanche’s effectiveness. To promote growth within the platoons they were embedded within and perform to the best of their ability.” - CT Kitsune


“The training highlights smaller group tactics, maneuvering in small teams accompanied the training as well, which built a level of trust and comfort among team members. With that, I envisioned Krayt Troopers as those that would be putting their best foot forward to be role models in the community when we get together we’re capable of achieving in any environment.” - CT Bronson


Battalion and the candidates that have already been accepted into the ARC program look towards easy sailing, and a stellar future where they can continue to perform at the best of their abilities. Providing the members of the 501st around them with both guidance and the proper mindset to approach tomorrow’s challenges. Growing in both virtue, and leadership as time passes


“With Phase 6 in our future, the Krayt Program is being expanded with Cyclone. Cyclone's ARCs will be known as Nexu and platoon ARC selections will continue. Down the line ARCs may be able to be used for recon and path-finding before we go to a planet, just like Acklay. Acklay will still be used for path-finding, but the ARCs will give us another tool to use in case Acklay is being used elsewhere.” - CC Crisis


“In the future I’d like Krayt to expand on what it is now, in addition to that I’d like for their member retention to remain constant. Everyone can agree with me on this, I don’t want to see ARC turn into what it was before, where it became so out of tune that it was unrecognizable.” - BC Jay


With this, the 501st Legion expands its “Tool-box” with quality members from within its community for application towards the war effort and a brighter future ahead. Look forward to the next time, when we whip up a bit of a whirlwind so keep an eye out for the center of the storm!



20200222230729 1

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Acklay 2... When?

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Acklay Expansion




   From meme to reality, Acklay’s expansion into a Company came as a surprise to many across the 501st community when it was first rolled out to the Legion. The expansion has added a second Platoon to Acklay, each platoon being three squads strong. *(At the time of this publication, Acklay 2’s 3rd squad is closed). Acklay’s growth from a detachment to a Company wasn’t without its challenges and tribulations of course. (The most important being who gets custody of George!)







Acklay Who?



     For those who don't know, Acklay is the 501st Airborne Company. They specialize in path finding, QRF, and raids. Acklay deploys from LAATs into the AO like the rest of the battalion, but instead of landing, they jump from them! Using their jump packs to keep them safe from gravity's embrace, Acklay can be deployed to get into the thickest of enemy lines, or help pull pressure from other lines their way. But that's not all, lately, they've specialized in expansion!




Acklay BannerThe Road To CompanyAcklay Banner



Good Three     Members of leadership in the newly formed Company faced a myriad of challenges before it’s inception. We sat with CC Lava, the Company Commander of Acklay, where he said the following when asked about what the biggest challenge for expanding Acklay into a Company was; “[...]However, discussing and understanding benefits and issues with three squads per platoon was originally one of the hardest decisions.”  Which is understandable considering before this the only other time any platoon had been three squads in size was when the 501st was first created and still growing. Ultimately, though, Acklay jumped over the many obstacles that faced them throughout this expansion process and have come out the other side much stronger as a result.


     That didn’t mean that Acklay didn't face issues however.  We needed to make sure of all of the documentation, training, rosters, and how the transition would work before proposing it to battalion.” said CI-S Power. Additionally we wanted to make sure that we had a good base to build from with strong troopers and NCOs who were ready and able to grow into higher positions, for example Nobear and Grinch taking the 1-7 and 2-7 positions. However, that wasn't enough. One of the biggest things was moving from a four squad platoon down to three, this kept the mindset and feasibility of being a supporting element with a focus of QRF in mind. It was a long process but I'm glad we put in the work. CC Lava and CS-M Ricochet put in a majority of the work and I think they did a great job.”



     Even after the changes went live, there were still new challenges to take up. 107410 20200304192628 1Acklay leadership said that the some of the biggest challenge they faced while expanding was having to shuffle members of Acklay between their first and second platoons. In order to facilitate the manpower to staff the platoons comprising Acklay’s two platoons, the airborne detachment made the decision to distribute their current assets amongst themselves, resulting in the allotment of two squads to each platoon. Some members found the new platoon times unfavorable, while others in the first platoon found that 2nd was a lot better for their sleep schedule.  While the third squad of 2nd platoon is still closed, Acklay 1-3, as of writing, has all active slots filled, making Acklay 1 a full 3 squad platoon. So what does that mean for Acklay 2-3? Well, it's a priority to be sure, but CS-M Ricochet had this to say on the subject;“2nd Platoon specifically is eager to start the process to have our 3rd squad open up. Leadership for the new squad is being observed and we're making sure everything is ready for shifts here and there. Anything else info wise and I'd have to kill ya.”


     The overall mood for the Airborne company has been positive, and bright futures with good fortune are expected on the horizon! These recent additions to the Legion’s ranks are not a newfound thing, the conception of the new airborne platoon has been in motion for some time now. CC Lava said that it has been in progress for over a year, and that this change has been in the works since CS-M Ricochet was just a wee CP! 



Acklay BannerWhat About George?Acklay Banner



The biggest question on everyone's minds though is what is to happen to George, Acklay’s mascot. We got many answers from leadership on what should happen. Some report he is being watched by the Company's new Warrant Officer, Mimir. Others still say he now lives under the UTC training grounds so he has plenty of food and exercise. But, luckily CS-M Jan has assured us that there still will only be one big Christmas for George.


Jan also had the following to say about the fate of George “...because in Acklay maybe because it’s still fresh or because we highly encourage the fact that Acklay is Acklay, everyone sees themselves as part of Acklay not because they are told to but because they want (to be). Everyone holds themselves to the same standards so fighting over custody of George wasn’t even a discussion point, it was clear that George will be shared by everyone equally.”


Acklay Veteran


Acklay BannerWant To Know More?Acklay Banner



     Faced with the daunting task of manning a new platoon, Acklay has tackled the problem head on and with high spirits. We’re confident that the Company’s Leadership will continue to meet this problem with rising tenacity, and in due time, prove that the newest addition to the 501st’s Airborne Company will prove itself to be one of our most valuable assets! If you'd like to know more about Acklay, feel free to join one of their many channels and ask! While as of this publication, Acklay is not recruiting, this shouldn't stop you from going and having a chat. Acklay members are well known to have game and movie nights that are open to all, and we can assure you, none of them bite…. Well… maybe Goerge does, but it's only happened twice. 

 Rayne 1

*"George resides where he always did. In the hearts and minds of all Acklay Troopers. But we put him in Company and made a trapdoor to his pen in the BCT/UTC barracks. Gotta make sure he gets his exercise and what not." - CS-M Rico 




Publisher: CX-X Canik

Chief Editor: CT Momentum

Assistant Editor: CX-X Shnuffles

Journalists: CS Sense, CX-W Rive, CT Dakota, CT Goddest

Photos: CT Rayne (George courtesy of CS Dragneel)

Banner: CT Dragon

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91st MRC

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The 91st Mobile Reconnaissance Corps

The 91st Mobile Reconnaissance Corps



    Overlooking the port town of Kavala from the hills to the East, a team of clone troopers, armor emblazoned in red markings, observes CIS movement. A marksman scopes in on his rifle, lining up a beautiful headshot on a MAAWS equipped B1, steadying his breath.  Next to him, his squad lead zooms in on a T-Series in a fortified building, paying careful attention to its surroundings. The team leader taps his foot, scanning the edge of town. His medic taps his fingers on his carbine. This is what they do. Observe, and assault, but no one wants to observe anymore. Their blood’s itching for a fight.

    “Everyone ready?” The squad lead asks over the squad’s radio, bringing a strange relief to everyone’s senses. After a few affirmatives, he calls up his platoon wide frequency.
“All Kyber callsigns, this is Kyber 1-1. Times one T-Series located. Mission is a go, over.” A moment later, four LAAT’s scream overhead, and Kyber 1-1 advances quickly down the hill to begin their long awaited assault on the town. 












    The 91st Mobile Reconnaissance Corps came into GARC at the end of 2019, joining the famed ranks of the 212th, 101st, and the 501st. While their name implies their primary mission, recon, they are experts in assault as well, with their own squadron LAAT’s, the “Nova Aerial Force”, and the “Beskar” Mechanized Detachment of Bantha’s. At the time writing of this article, Kyber is in the beginning transition steps from Platoon sized to Company, as the unit quickly grows. 


    We got to sit down with some of the members of the 91st and talked about their preferences and what it's like to be in the 91st. As we talk with them, it might come as no surprise that they are a lot like us. Many of their members spend their off time playing games together and working in their respective C-shops. The unit is split into platoons and detachments, with a group of Infantry, Mechanized, and an Air Wing. Though similar in many aspects, it also differs as well.






 91st Banner Idea 2


Interviewed: CP - 2412 “Kuro”

Anarchy: How is it being in the 91st?
Kuro: Its fun, sometimes the time zones don’t match but the Ops are fun and the community is fun.

Anarchy: How long have you been in the 91st?
Kuro: That’s a really good question. I joined sometime last fall, I don’t really remember when I joined.

Anarchy: Is the 91st your first StarSim Unit?
Kuro: No, I was in the 212th before.

Anarchy: What is your preferred MOS?
Kuro: Mechanized, since I am the Mechanized Lead.

Anarchy: What squad are you in?
Kuro: Beskar Mechanized Detachment.

Anarchy: What is your role in the squad?
Kuro: I am the head of the Detachment.

Anarchy: What is your main asset as mechanized?
Kuro: Our main asset is the Bantha.

Anarchy: What do you like doing when not in official Ops?
Kuro: I like doing C-Shop stuff or just play other games.



Interviewed: CS-6824 “Penguin"

Anarchy: How is it being in the 91st?
Penguin: I think being involved with the 91st kind of gives the impression of a very much militarized unit, in the sense where we stand in the hardcore level of Arma, but we also have a good time and can meme around and still get the job done. I think the vast majority of our players know what standards we have and they know we like to uphold the highest standards for how our guys handle, so overall I thinks it’s a good mix on how the unit runs and also by the players that we have inside the community.

Anarchy: How much time have you been in the 91st?
PenguinI've been in a little under 10 months now.

Anarchy: Is the 91st your first StarSim Unit?
Penguin: Yes, this is my first.

Anarchy: What is your preferred MOS and why?
Penguin: Oooh that’s a tricky one… I would have to say… RTO or JTAC depending on the mission obviously. I think its, you know as much people like being on the ground in Team Lead, Squad Lead, and even Platoon Lead positions, I think there is always certain roles that get placed on the lower end of the spectrum, which is for example... Your marksmen aren’t going to be in a Platoon level, your heavy gunners and auto rifleman aren’t going to be in the Platoon level... I think I like being the RTO because I get the best of both worlds, where I am working with a close nitch group of guys but I also kind of work with the big broad end elements such as our Detachments with both Mechanized and Aviation, so I like to have the broadness of working alongside everybody rather than just being with a few people during Operations and such.

Anarchy: What squad are you in?
Penguin: I am currently the First Sargent for the 1st Platoon

Anarchy: What is your role in the squad?
Penguin: Technically I am the 2IC for the Platoon Lead and I can back up any role I need to go to.

Anarchy: Do you like your current role?
Penguin:  Yeah, I thoroughly enjoy it. I kind of get everything. I am both the part time RTO, so I get to do whatever I want any way, but also I am in a leadership role which means I can still give and take orders as well as kind of help the flow of the unit.

Anarchy: What do you like doing when not in official Ops?
Penguin: I personally like playing with my (R6) Siege team they are kind of my go to. I enjoy playing with them and winning tournaments and just having a good time.








    The 91st holds Main Operations on Wednesday’s and Saturday’s, with fun ops at various, unscheduled times. They maintain an active community, with a Discord of over 400 members (found HERE). In addition, both units (the 501st and 91st) are free to join each other during fun ops, and the majority of the 91st Main Operations are GARC friendly. So, next time you need a little more red in your life, be sure to check out the 91st, and see if you can't make some friends! Remember, we are stronger together!


    Next time, we’ll be checking out some troopers who can’t wait to drop in and the changes that have happened in the bottom half of the 501st team speak.

Publisher: CX-X Canik

Main Editor: CT Momentum

Journalists: CT Sentinel, CX-X Shnuffles, CI-C Anarchy

Photos: CS Jupiter

Banner: CT Dragon

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501st Legion Profile: CS-M Verax

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The Road To Battalion: CS-M VERAX

The Road To Battalion: CS-M VERAX


The Legions’ very own News Team takes an inside-look into the Battalion NCOIC Verax. Join us as we go delving into the Sergeant Major’s past!








     Like all the troopers throughout the Legion, we all have a story to tell and a place to start and the Sergeant Major is no exception. First taking to the ranks of the 501st in the March of 2018, our then CR Verax entered BCT with determination, and with the help of the rest of his class, passed The Final Test. He enrolled in one of the first CTC classes, learning more in depth how the 501st Legion operates on the field. With time, he would attain his blues and become a trooper of the 501st, joining the ranks of the Airborne troopers almost immediately afterwards.


     By June of 2018 Verax had become the first Corporal, through meritorious promotions, to obtain the Platoon Sargeant Billet in the Legion's history (as the Acklay Platoon-Sergeant, no less!). In his platoon billet he would spend arduous amounts of time working hand-in-hand with CC Lava to the continued improvement and progression of the Airborne detachment. His work would soon pay off, as by September of that same year Verax was transferred to Avalanche’s 1st Platoon in the same position of Platoon Sergeant.


     While in 1st Platoon he’d reach the rank of Sergeant, then in November of 2018, faced reassignment to lead in the creation of the Zeta Reservist Company, where fresh cadets enroll to gain experience and work for their blues, eventually leading to a slotted position. He’d spend his time setting the standards for operation throughout the reservist company and incorporate them into the functions of the main companies and detachments within the Legion.


     From Acklay to Avalanche, and slotted to reservist, Verax’s track record of relentless work and endeavors would pay off by June of 2019. Following promotions in recognition of his many successes, CS Verax found himself as the Battalion NCOIC and double promoted to the rank of the two blue striped Company Sergeant Major. With a new rank, and an even newer billet, Verax was once again working towards meeting his next benchmark. His work would continue on a prior project, the NCO Academy. Taking input from officers across the unit, Verax would set in stone the standards for NCOs and their procedures on how they operate throughout the Legion. However, he wouldn’t stop there. With years of experience under his belt, and an impressive track record, Verax’s next assignment would incorporate him into the Legion’s first armored detachment, Mynock. As Mynock's NCOIC, his work in assisting the detachment’s development would be crucial to Mynock’s success, helping shape the detachment into what we see now.


     With the NCO Academy established, the reservist company churning out new troopers, and Mynock beginning operations, Verax could return to his work as Battalion NCOIC. He would fulfill this mission up until February of 2020, where he’d retire to standby reserves until further notice, fulfilling a new mission in a galaxy far, far away.



Achievement Through The Ranks


 How does it feel knowing that you've made it from a CR to a Battalion NCOIC?


     "It feels unreal, it was something I never expected to achieve in this unit. At the time I was a Team Leader in Acklay 1-2 Alpha and I had my eyes on the goal and while I was determined to make it there, I had doubts that I could even make it. But the day I achieved the goal, it felt amazing. It helped me shape the belief that with the right mindset and work ethic members of the 501st can achieve their goals. I thank everyone on my journey that helped me get here. BC Jay and BC Bondoer had a major impact on my character and helped me grow in the billet. CC Lava, CX Scuba, CC Player and CC Crisis were instrumental in giving me the advice and guidance I needed to help others in the unit. But one of the biggest people who helped me was CS-M Odin, a true friend and stellar NCO of the legion."



The Old & The New


What were some of the hardships you faced on this road to Battalion NCOIC?


     "The biggest hardships along the way was countering the “old guard” mentality. Some of the older members that came before me were stuck in their ways on how the unit should operate versus adapting to the newest generations. It was a struggle and a fight at times, but eventually we persevered with creating new changes for the 501st Legion."



NCO Academy


     During his time as the Battalion NCOIC, Sergeant Major Verax has made many changes for the unit, with his proudest work being his changes to the NCO Academy. Verax has led the way to bringing standards of how NCOs are trained, promoted, and how they operate within the unit. “It was a long and arduous process I did not do alone.” CS-M Verax credits many people, including CS-M Odin, CC Player, and CC Lava who helped him through this process. Other officers and SNCOs helped as well while Verax focused on the Sergeant-Majors Academy. As Verax puts it, “The evaluation of new platoon sergeants was a crucial aspect I believed required oversight and necessity to the unit.”



Verax: A Star Wars Story


Everyone has a war story from their time in the unit and now it's time for the Sergeant Major to tell his:


     “One of my best war stories has to be when I was in 1st platoon. It was a campaign operation where we were on a moon-like planet and had to move between mountains to dodge artillery. The operation required the destruction of a facility and the platoon had to move and fight multiple B2s that were emerging from the craters that were filled with black smoke. We were constantly flanked and CM-S Koda’s FST were moving fast to stop the multiple wounds occuring in 1st. In my capacity, I had to shout orders at the platoon to continue pushing forward on an uphill battle and yelled on the radio to get down everytime artillery came in. It reminded me much of a scene from the Roman Empire when the soldiers would hold position and put their shield up from incoming arrows. CS-M Sorensic, at the time when he was Avalanche NCOIC, was with me and we would build trenches quickly and get down while seeing missiles decimate troopers that were not in cover. But with clarity and fast action, I had a method of “popping up and getting down” where we would lead droids to a mountain area, watch the artillery fire on a squad’s position, and squad shields would be put down or trenches to have the missiles destroy everything around them. 


     Avalanche 1-1 was crucial to destroy the constant barrage of AATs collapsing our positions. After a final push from the mountains, we made it to the facility and I ran with FST and a couple of stragglers to form a fire team after ordering the platoon to retreat to find any trooper that was left behind. We did our best to save as many as we could. After running out of ammo and fighting to the last man, we had no way to make it to the LAATs in time due to enemy reinforcements that included HMPs and special forces. I used an enemy E-Web to cover the medics and I stay’d behind as one of the last men while they ran to the LAATs with the wounded. The LAATs had to hide in the mountains to pick up troops as enemy AA was too strong. Myself, CM Reck and CM-S Koda used enemy weapons to snipe, take down and destroy as much as we could before the nuke went off and we died to ensure that our men made it back alive with the operation being a success.” 



Present Day and Legion of Merit


     CS-M Verax was recently accepted to become a teacher in South Korea, primarily teaching English to students. He still assists with some of his C-Shop positions, such as TeamSpeak Management, and is engaged as a Clone Military Police in the 501st Legion. He had also been granted the award of Legion of Merit by BC Jay on February 12, 2020, which you can view HERE



Publisher: CX-X Canik
Journalists: CP Grandpa, CX-X Shnuffles, and CI-C Anarchy
Helmet pictures courtesy of: CS Sam & CS-M Verax

Tuesday 08 October 2019

Bronze Crescent Awarded to Corporal Boozy!

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[markdown]Corporal Boozy Awarded the Bronze Crescent!


Corporal Boozy Awarded the Bronze Crescent!

The 501st News Team recently got to talk to Corporal Boozy, Squad Leader for 4-4, and his outstanding accomplishment in achieving the Bronze Crescent Award. He describes in detail how himself and his squad accomplished a push with almost impossible odds.

The Bronze Crescent award is an award that represents great courage and acts of valour, to earn this award shows this has been achieved and that the receiver is a great member. The beginning of the slightly higher awards, earned only for meritorious acts during combat.


It was the 2nd operation against The Hand on Geonosis. 4th platoon had been tasked with taking POI Stinger, an AA Base which was preventing friendly Air Support to the Northern AO. 4-4 had pushed up to Phaseline Mythril. There, they began taking heavy fire from enemy infantry and were taking CAS strikes from incoming vultures. The squad had suffered heavy casualties, leaving them with only 1 trooper left combat ready. Supplies were running low, going from yellow to red on ammo and medical.

Sergeant Major Coward, who had been next to 4-4 at the time, gave the order for the rest of 4th platoon to push forward with the exception of 4-4 so that they could recover their losses. Corporal Boozy noticed that the assault was being pushed back and the other squads were sustaining losses. Acknowledging that the reinserting of his men would take too long, he rallied what little he had and began to support in the assault. 


As Corporal Boozy and Trooper Craz, the only trooper that was able to proceed with combat at the time, pushed forward through the enemy, supporting the rest of 4th platoon. As they continued to move through enemy forces, they were met with a Geonosian platoon. Despite being dealt a losing “Hand,” Corporal Boozy threw down a squad shield and proceeded to eliminate the platoon with the assistance of Trooper Craz. Fire and Hell erupted as the shots flew through the air as the two squadmates elimnated the platoon of CIS forces. 


As the hardened troopers continued to push forward, they were met by Medical Trooper Beast and RTO Buggs. The pair took advantage of the situation and followed them into the fire. The four troopers presented a far too juicy opportunity for red air, and a vulture strike instantly vaporized Trooper Craz. 

The position Corporal Boozy and the others established allowed the rest of the platoon to push up and establish their own fortifications.  Reinserts then arrived, bringing the Corporal’s squad back in the action. 4-4 then wasted no time and took quick advantage of the moment, capturing POI Stinger and claiming it under Republic Control. 

In the end, Corporal Boozy’s heroism and level-headed leadership gave 4th platoon the assistance that such small numbers needed to overcome impossible odds. 


Corporal Boozy was later nominated and received the Bronze Crescent award for courage, commitment and leadership that helped push The Hand back and led to a 501st victory.

He later goes on to say “It feels as a great honor to have, and I hope I am but the first to receive such and award. I hope it can be an example for other troopers and leaders in our unit that sometimes taking a risk can be worthy when that said risk is part of the order you are meant to follow, not every time you are gonna be able to move at 100% and not every time you are contribution will be as significant with lower numbers, but by contributing at least a little bit of what you are able to, can make the difference it what could be the key factory of your unit’s victory. 

Corporal Boozy hopes to continue inspiring others and working the best he can as 4-4’s Squad Lead.

Written by: CI-C Frost and CT Momentum

Photo credits: CX-W Rive, CT September, CT Storm, CI Mirror from #unit-photos; CP Sense from the Media Team Archives

Published by: CT Ruse


Thursday 05 September 2019

A Shiny Beginning

 CT Sideways    05 Sept 2019
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An informative piece on the 501st Starsim Legion’s Basic Combat Training




The path you will embark on has been traveled by many, learn from those who came before you.


Like all the stories you can find  the troopers of the 501st Legion, they all start with humble beginnings. Whether it be from the days of GARC training, or the not-so-recently devised Initial training, members of this unit can educate you on countless stories of surges of recruits arriving over vacation or summer break and failed final tests. Now we come to a new page in the unit’s history, an age of basics - ushered in by the unit’s Basic Combat Training.

Did you know?

The GDP in Chile and the population of Argentina have about as much in common as cereal and battery acid. Diet Coke, called Coca-Cola Light in some countries, is a sugar-free soft drink produced and distributed by The Coca-Cola Company. It was first introduced in the United States on August 9, 1982, as the first new brand since 1886 to use the Coca-Cola trademark.Did you know that New York City has its own indigenous species of ant—and it’s called, naturally, the ManhattAnt? Did you also know that history’s most successful pirate wasn’t a bearded, eyepatch-wearing man but a woman? And did you know that human beings actually have the power to smell rainfall before it arrives?

If UTC sharpens the minds of the recruits, then BCT is the hammer that molds and shapes them for UTC. The 501st itself was still being Hammered out,  in those times as well, chaos ruled the land, From recruits charging into battle with empty weapons, hurling grenades, and giving some poor limping comrade a lethal dosage of morphine. The legion finds itself growing and in need of a better way to train their recruits for months and years to follow.


The time of chaos is over. Now is the time for simplicity and order.



     That’s where BCT comes in. One thing to note is that BCT is the Start of a  process. New members will go through an instructional phase followed by a final test at the very end  - this is BCT, offered every Tuesday and Thursday evening. The final test, undergone by an entire class  qualifies new members to become apart of the Upsilon Training Corps, UTC for short. With orientations being held every Friday afternoon, UTC is the next step recruits will undergo after they’ve left BCT. From there, UTC proceeds similarly to CTC - Recruits are put into groups, which are then placed under the care of specific instructor, who will continue your training in a smaller group setting.

The purpose of BCT is to both discipline and familiarize recruits in preparation so that UTC instructors can hone them into what the legion wants, someone you can trust in the lines, someone you know that can get the job done, and someone capable of comprehending and acting on orders even in the most distant, horrifying, crannies of the galaxy. Those people are the troopers of the 501st. Sure they get this after UTC, but BCT is where it all starts: with a handful of recruits and their skills..

Did you know?

Funops are a great way to participate in the unit and get to know other people! Don’t give up the opportunity to make new acquaintances and learn from experienced members!

To our new recruits and prospective new members: Your Time in BCT may be short, but those hours spent integrating you into the 501st will yield results in time. Learn from your instructors’ tutelage and let their teachings become muscle memory. BCT will show you concepts that will carry you throughout your career in the 501st. The instructors will ensure you understand the usage of our modset and above all, lay out the expectations and guidelines for proper conduct as not only a member of a unit, but a trooper of this legion. You will need to understand your place in the team, for the final test in itself will be decided upon the results of your teamwork. Alone you have little to gain while only endangering yourself, only with your team will you find success.


Our legion is many, but you are one. Stick with your team and you will all emerge victorious from battle.



    Sometimes in BCT you may not pass on your first run or the second one, but in time you will work out the kincks and you are always welcome to come back to keep trying time and time again. When you reach the final test you must not panic and keep a clear head when everything is happening around you. You might be overwhelmed with people screaming in your ear or maybe not knowing what to do, but that’s okay though, you are not alone. your fellow recruits will be running the gauntlet with you. To make sense of a sometimes senseless situation, simply ask around. Find an instructor, or someone in-command. WHether it be team or squad lead, you can always find out what you should be doing, how to do it, or what is going on around you.

     BCT Starts at 7:00 PM EST on Tuesdays and 5:00 PM EST on Thursdays. Please arrive in the Briefing Room in TeamSpeak thirty minutes early. Ensure you have the required mods and do not have any additional mods loaded that are not on the white list. If you have any issues, please contact our Tech Support on Discord. 

Did you know?

The final test may be over, but you’re far from done with your training. The fine instructors and cadres that fill the ranks of the Upsilon Training Company will do their best to brief you on the inner-workings and lay out a schedule for you in the days to come as you undergo the UTC process. Their work will go towards: Helping you better understand your equipment, the unit you’ve invested your time in, and the team you will eventually be a part of in UTC.

(Meet up in UTC Teamspeak Channel on a Friday @ 6:00PM Eastern Time to get yourselves squared away. Until then, enjoy funops in the meantime!)

Information provided by: CC Crisis, CS-M Odin and other BCT staff.
Credits to: The Bootleggers (CT Ruse, CM Tom, CX-X Shnuffles), CS Hoodoo, CT Sideways

Friday 16 August 2019

Revisiting Zeta

 CT Sideways    16 Aug 2019
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    A unit home to well over three hundred active duty personnel, the 501st offers a variety of ways for players to participate in platoon-sized operations where both a serious mindset and a fun attitude can coexist, resulting in a professional, fun experience. For the growing masses that lack the time to be a part of these activities, there is another opportunity: Zeta. Not only does Zeta offer members who can’t make Avalanche Company events a chance to participate in our unit, Zeta also serves as an opportunity to train members and prepare them for slotted positions throughout the unit. This hands-on field experience promotes the 501st’s high conduct standard standard across the ORBAT among both slotted troops and active reserves.

Did you know?

In order to obtain a Zeus Qualification - You must become RTO Qualified. Soon-to-be or already qualified Zeus Permits without an RTO Qualification should seek out an RTO Instructor and leave an inquiry about getting yourself qualified.


A company created with the goal of deploying the unit’s growing number of reservists, Zeta first made its introduction in November of 2018. Zeta opened a door for upcoming members of the 501st that found themselves without any certain place in the unit after graduating from CTC and later UTC. The company of both active and inactive personnel offers positions found throughout the unit. This exposure significantly raised the bar for entry throughout the unit, as the troopers that were a part of Zeta would later find themselves in the many detachments composing the 501st Legion. Many that would not have had time to participate, real life obligations, etc. found Zeta
“To be the ideal balance between participating in the unit while being able to both distribute and mitigate my own workload.” (CT Wolf).

The first hurdle Zeta hopefuls faced was the Operational “Check-Ins” that were conducted among the Sections. For CR-C’s, the set amount of Check-Ins required was kept at only one. How about more? At times,
“there have been ideas drafted where members would be required to get two Check-In’s instead” to get members more involved coming out of Zeta Company and entering the unit, instead of only putting up a single screening process to prevent inactive members taking up slots better suited to community members (CP Grandpa).

Did you know?

CM Tom was defeated in hand-to-hand combat after picking a fight with the wrong deer.

“It laid on me.” (CM Tom)


The sections that compose Zeta function similarly to the platoons in Avalanche Company; however, apart from Avalanche,
“Zeta’s sections are platoons catered to people that cannot make current platoon times. The operations are tailored to the personnel in our platoon slots.” (CP Grandpa).

As a company, Zeta offers everything that slotted troopers would typically have available while in a position in Avalanche. Although due to size and time constraints the company operates on a smaller scale - typically in squad-sized exercises as opposed to the run-of-the-mill Platoon-sized exercises. Furthermore, Zeta troopers are offered the same qualifications and choices of MOS in the Legion that can be pursued in other detachments. All of the Company’s members are capable of interacting with the community’s C-Shops and becoming active members within the 501st.

 At the moment, Zeta doesn't have any regularly scheduled Operations, instead offering
monthly section operation, one per section. The reason Zeta focuses on trainings is to provide challenging conditioning which will ensure that reservists are up to date with the galaxy of threats facing the 501st.  

Currently we have two main purposes: One, is to make sure that troops moving into Avalanche or other parts of the unit are prepared to do that - So that we have a standard of troopers. Two, so that people who have time constraints still have a place in our unit and can participate in operations. Zeta is fulfilling its purpose extraordinarily well at the moment and has made it easier for squad leaders to find above average troopers from Zeta.” ( CT Wolf). In short, the Company makes sure that new and returning Troopers know what they are doing all while helping out Avalanche in the process.

Zeta Company offers a chance for people to learn more on how the Unit works, but its leadership wants its subordinates to find a place in the Legion that they feel is the best fit for them as individuals:

Zeta offers positions already available in Avalanche - the Company itself can act as both as a community and a stepping stone for members. “Our first goal is getting members out; We prioritize getting members out of our ranks and into the places that they want to be in.” (CT Wolf). 


Zeta is a helping hand for finding one’s place in the unit, so the 501st has asked Zeta veterans as well as unit members across the board to reflect on the Company, both good and bad. Following are some excerpts from the News Team’s interviews.

“I really enjoyed my time with Zeta with my odd squad, Zeta 2-1. I had a really good time and I feel like it really benefited me - it's contributed to how am today.  I feel like it did prepare me, but also, at the same time, I was reserving a lot, so I was already getting a lot of experience both in and out of Zeta. I feel like it could have benefited me more, but it benefited me in the way I was hoping - in cohesion with my reserving. The way I believe it could be improved is being more like Avalanche.”( CT Swanny)

Zeta, to me, is just like Avalanche, but the differences are they do fewer ops and they have people changing out more because it's not supposed to be a long term thing unless you don't have the time.” (CT Facade)

I feel like it is sort of a pit-stop, a place for people to take a minute before they get into Avalanche, Acklay, Mynock or wherever they are going. There are some positives in that, but it’s a place you go to check off a list. I've seen a zeta squad training and a Zeta function, and it's just a fun op for the most part if I'm being honest, just a big fun op.” (CC Point)

My view on Zeta? It's a much needed thing in the unit. It’s for people who can’t attend other times. I think it's needed in the unit, but at the same time it's going to hurt a lot of people.”(CT Chan)

Although many troops see the value in Zeta, there are clearly some mixed opinions about the Company. As a special report agreed upon in advance to receive and respond to feedback, we brought the criticism we gathered to Zeta Company Commander CP Fancy and his Company Executive Officer, CP Delta, to hear their replies.

I think the reason for this feedback is that up to now Zeta hasn't really had a straight direction. We’ve been trying way too many things at once. Right now, where we’re at is we’re building a better direction for the group so it doesn't look like that reservists just have to check in for Zeta once in a blue moon, and then they will just get slotted in Avalanche. We are focusing on training here at the current moment so people can do more than just wait around for something to happen or to move into avalanche.” (CP Delta)

Did you know?

     If you’d like to better prepare yourself for saving lives in the field and treating your own injuries, a basic medical qualification is the best choice. Medics host trainings and tests for troopers looking to become better life savers and those interested in pursuing an MOS in the 501st as a medic. The trainings run on a weekly schedule of A Days and B Days - Drop by on an A Day to become better acclimated to saving lives, and take a test on a B Day if you’re looking to become a medic among the Legion's finest.


    Now, taking into consideration all the information the News Team has gathered, we can move forward knowing wholeheartedly that Zeta is headed in the right direction, and that the members of the 501st Legion should rest easy knowing that the Company is in the hands of leadership that is passionate about its improvement. So, considering all we’ve discussed - and the upcoming changes - we in the News Team have compiled a quick and dirty survival guide - a path to success in Zeta.

-Work with what you have.

     -Just because you won’t be exposed to the scale of Avalanche’s operations doesn’t mean you can’t prepare.

-It’s not about the size - it’s about how you use it.It’s never too early to become a part of the Community - you’re already a part of it.

-Plan ahead.

     -Zeta is only one of the many steps in ferrying you along to other positions in the 501st

     -Another one of those steps is finding that position.

-Never post cringe.

     -Not even once.

And, of course, find out how to join! Says Delta:

20190627124623 1

It’s really easy okay. Once you finish UTC, all you gotta do is fill out the Zeta application form and join the Zeta discord, and then request Zeta tags in there. Links are in my channel, they are also in the main discord as well. Then, search for the squad leader that best matches your times. As around or find it in each section’s room in TeamSpeak. Once you get your squad you’re good to go!”(CP Delta)

Senior Trooper Ruse, Ensign Shnuffles, Senior Trooper Tom, Sergeant Jupiter, Senior Trooper Rayne

501st Profile: CC Crisis

 CT Sideways    16 Aug 2019
 None    Staff



The 501st News Team got the chance to catch up with newly-promoted Second Lieutenant Crisis of Avalanche 2 and discuss his time in the unit and his plans for the future of the platoon. 


In July of 2017, Crisis joined the 258th training corps. The what? Yes, the 258th. In those days, Recruits would need to graduate before selecting which GARC legion to join. Crisis, upper leader of the 501st, chose the 212th. He hoped to find a smaller community that was more tightly meshed than, in his own words, “the massive blob that is Garry’s Mod.” But, lucky for the Legion, it wasn't meant to be. Due to scheduling conflicts, Crisis would request and be approved for a transfer into the 501st. 

Then-Cadet Crisis would then participate in the second ever CTC class. CTC was the original training course for the 501st before the transition to the UTC format. After completion of CTC, Crisis joined Avalanche 3-4 as the bravo team lead under the mighty Andromeda with grizzled veteran and our very own publisher Sideways as the alpha team lead. 


Later, both he and Sideways would transfer to 3-2 where Sideways squad led and Crisis was his alpha team lead. Crisis credits most of his growth with 3rd platoon. Thanks to the guiding hand of Andromeda, Sideways, Ewik and former 3rd Platoon commander Machete, Crisis learned the skills to be an effective trooper and more than capable leader. 


    After becoming an NCO, Crisis transferred to Blizard 1-1 as a squad leader. It “was an absolute blast, literally, cause we exploded over most objectives.” Not long into his service, Blizzard was shuttered and became Avalanche 4, where Crisis found himself in the Platoon Sergeant billet. “This was definitely a new challenge for me since I was left to run everything about the platoon by myself. However I did have help from the experienced leaders” Player, Klein, and Machete.

4th platoon was to become Crisis’ home. But, as with all things, change is inevitable. Real life scheduling conflicts arose again, Crisis had no choice but to transfer to 2nd platoon. It was a bittersweet departure. 


As Platoon Commander, Crisis had to balance his friendships with his duties. “I’ve lost a lot of friends because they were breaking rules or not doing their jobs, and when they had to be disciplined, I was blamed [...] I’ve gotten to know so many people, and it has been sad to see some of them go, either from leaving the unit or just growing apart.” 

Crisis has a lot planned for the future. “I'm happy that I've been recognized for all the work, time, and dedication I’ve put into the unit. However, having CC in my name means the expectations are much higher now, and im ready to take on whatever I need to help the unit grow.” 

The plan hasn't changed much with the new rank, however. His goal is a simple one. “Provide a fun experience and an environment to improve” to inspire others to put in as much time and work into the unit as they can.

20190811162434 1


You’ve all hopefully heard a squad leader snap: “N
o war stories ‘til the end! Well, here we are, and we weren’t about to let Crisis get away without one.

IBERIUS, Coward’s Campaign. 3rd platoon was on the counter attack after suffering a brutal defeat the last weekend. At one point we had to investigate a possible CIS facility in a mysterious rock quarry. Leaving most of the platoon to watch our rear, HQ, ARC, and my squad, 3-2 were sent to investigate. 

It was empty, but after a moment, a trap was unleashed! Droidekas and B2s swarmed out of the quarry and from the surrounding woods. We were attacked from all sides. Everyone caught in the crossfire was killed, leaving only me, Machete, and one or two others, somehow alive thanks to our trusty 3rd Platoon trenches. I fished the radio from the remains of the RTO and called in support. When Machete and I walked out of our trenches that were surrounded in droid and clone bodies. We had killed a platoon of droids.”

If the current trend is anything to go by, the 501st should expect great things from Crisis. Congratulations to Crisis on his promotion, and if you happen to see the Second Lieutenant, be sure to send him your congrats. May the Force be with you, Lieutenant.

Until next time,

CT Momentum and CX-C Canik Signing off

20190811155841 1

Trooper Momentum, Veteran Trooper Lucky, Flight Cadet Canik, Petty Officer Sentinel, Senior Trooper Silver

Tuesday 19 June 2018

Razor Squadron: Saviors in the Sky

 CS-M Verax    19 Jun 2018
 None    Staff


Razor Squadron: Saviors in the Sky

CT Verax, News Editor
Monday June 18th, 2018


RYLOTH - As the sun pierces through the clouds of Ryloth, Twi’leks can be heard cheering through their capital of Lessu as they watch the famous 501st Razor Squadron bombard CIS armor and lay waste to their droid combatants. In the aftermath, a massive crowd surfaces in the city center and the citizens of Ryloth begin waving as they watch Razor Squadron transport the brave men of the 501st Hailstorm Battalion off their planet. Our news team asked Kaasha Bateen, a resistance strategist for the Free Ryloth movement, what she thought of the Republic. She responded with joy, “The greatest soldiers of peace for the galaxy, without them our planet would be under siege by the Confederacy. But we must certainly be grateful for their pilots, they saved our lives and took us to safety when we had nowhere else to run.”


ACCLAMATOR “GOLIATH” - Afterwards in the various hangars of the Acclamator “Goliath” Razor lands Lieutenant Machete’s 3rd Platoon for their upcoming debrief. Avalanche Company Medic Corporal Koda begins ordering medics to grab medical stretchers as the wardens begin motioning LAAT MEDIVACs to land on their designated platforms.  As the last LAAT lands we saw Lieutenant Charmer, Squadron Commander of Razor Squadron, disembark his LAAT, we rushed over to ask him questions about the brave pilots in the 501st Legion. We first asked him what does he seek for pilots in the legion? He responded quickly, “The first thing we tell new members is that they are first being trained as an officer. Especially when you finish your Phase 2 Pilot Training because we need you to exemplify your perspective and attitude in the unit. So when we are looking for a new a pilot, we are looking for them to display a professional attitude in Razor Squadron. We are not expecting you to be the best pilot in the world but we are expecting you to learn at a professional level. Like Lieutenant Scuba says, there is a time to be serious, there is a time to have fun and there is a time to have serious fun.”


After asking the first question, Lieutenant Charmer began walking towards Lieutenant Machete’s debrief. Across our area we saw medics rushing clones troopers to the medical bay and troopers moving towards the debrief area. As we walked with the lieutenant we then asked him what does he see in the near future for pilots? He responded solemnly, “As it stands now, our roster is fairly small and our goal is to fill that roster till it is full. We have approximately 13 pilots that are active and out of those 5-6 are actively flying in the unit. As of now, it is hard, but I will tell you where I want it to go. With the new technology coming into the unit, we are looking for large scale battles and expanded systems with full air superiority against hostile forces. That includes expanding on Lightning Detachment, increased combat training and flight training. That won’t discourage us and our pilots we have now because we considered them the best. And we will continue to work to save infantry from the skies as the future is to expand and bring more presence to the battlefield as Razor Squadron.


Just as Lieutenant Charmer and his pilots were about to enter the briefing room we quickly asked him a final question. We asked why should members of the unit join Razor Squadron? He stopped in his tracks by the door to the briefing room and turned to give his final comment, “Aviation, as I am consistently told, is a necessity. It is something that a lot of infantry look forward and up to in anyway necessary. Because without pilots things can go wrong, infantry can get overrun, they may not have the precision support they need to carry out their objective. It becomes a problem because if no one is out there to support them, they can call us in and take care of it. To put it simply, we do our job to make yours easier. Everyone has their own reason to join aviation. My reason was because it looked fun. And there is a lot more to it and the fun for me comes when we operate as a squadron and see every pilot working together. For others it could be a fun team, but at the end of the day, it comes with character building skills that benefit the unit as a whole.” As the lieutenant finished his final response he quickly stepped into debrief and the doors closed upon his entrance.


If anyone has an interest in joining Razor Squadron, contact any pilots within the 501st Legion Discord or TeamSpeak3.

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