Operation Proving Force Continues.

 CM Hoxton    25 Apr 2018
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Operation Proving Force Phase 2

Operation Proving Force Continues.


Operation Proving Force Phase 2  will commence Thursday 4/26/2018 at 2000EST (8 PM EST)

Operation Proving Force Continues once again this time moving to phase 2. Without spoiling the operation how Operation proving force has worked in the past is that it has made our Troopers value their life more, during operations,  this is due to there being a two life limit and once a person dies the Chain of command is followed and they cannot lead again until everyone else has died. Operation Proving Force is meant to be a four-phase operation, however, there has not been a 2nd phase until now, so we set off to find out whats been going on behind the scenes.


First, we sat down with the newly promoted CC Machete and asked how Machete got to idea to do an op such as Operation Proving Force, and this was his answer. When CC Machete was in the 15 MEU Machete had ops that were dynamic and Immersive these operations affected each other, setbacks and set forwards, (such as how much time it took for them to complete it and, how many casualties they have etc)  Machete has not seen any operation come close to what they did so he wanted to bring it here because it was Immersive and fun. Machete plans to make Operation Proving Force a four Phase operation.


We asked CC Machete how phase 1 went this was his reply.

During phase 1 they Had problems with people coming in and out 

People didn’t understand the rules. 

Crashed and killed 14 Troopers at the end of the op however overall he said it went alright and that he hopes to improve on this in the future phases.


CC Machete Gave us some idea of what he wants to focus on with Phase 2 and that is focusing on the rules and,  just a general idea of what outcome he excepts. Phase 2 is going to be a very very simple operation as to allow Machete to get the whole immersive aspect in there and really focus on getting the fun in the but also making sure that the rules are being followed. CC Machete Excepts Phase 2 to go well and shouldn't be too difficult for the Troopers attending.


While interviewing Machete we learnt a bit about what Machete is really trying to grasp within this op and, after hearing about it we got really excited so we thought you should all know. So some of the main aspects of this type of operation are the fact that if your squad leader dies the 2IC has to set up and it goes all the way through the chain of command before the squad leader gets it back, now this will shake up the op a bit but we believe it will be a fun great way to learn and get used to using Chain Of Command within the field more which is something that although is used, by the time the 2IC has taken charge, the Squad Leader is already back in the field, thanks to the fast flying of the aviation team. This will also be a  new way for people to prove themselves as a leader and show their potential to their Squad Leaders, Obviously, as we all know, this does not happen in all operations, however, will happen within operation Proving Force.


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