501st Newsletter Issue #27

 CT Sideways    03 Sept 2019
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August 19th - September 2nd, 2019

CT Sideways, Publisher
September 2nd, 2019


Border Example 2

Battalion HQ

Roadboy/man (CI-O to Vt. CT)

Avalanche HQ

"Avalanche company is doing good, our platoon's had an FTX cycle this weekend and we are eager to get back to Geonosis to skirmish with some bugs and clankers. Other than that we await the return of our glorious leader, 1st Lieutenant Player the magnanimous." - CS-M Odin

Avalanche 1

igeon (CR-C to CT), Tim (Sr. CT to Vt. CT)

“Still Pointing up, keeping our hopes high for the campaign, Klowned around a bit during the FTX but we are really Shaping up to be a platoon that stays on it's two Legias, even without paying our NCOs any Money like the actors from Corey in the House. Hoo-doo, what can you do, guess that's just how it be when you've been blessed by Jupiter, the god of sky and thunder.” - CP Klown

Avalanche 2

Neta (Sr. CT to Vt. CT), Courtney (Sr. CT to CP), Shadow (CP to Sr. CP)

“2nd Platoon is being shut down in order to cook more Landing Zones and Rally Points” - CC Crisis

Avalanche 3

Drammon (to 3-2 SL*A*), Bjorn (Sr. CT to CP), Weepier (CT to Sr. CT), Tgon (CR-C to CT), Essay (CR-C to CT) and Mystic (CR-C to CT)

“It's been good.” - CC Ewik

Avalanche 4

Avian (CR-C to CT), Muffins (CR-C to CT), Wicked (CR-C to CM-C), Snivy (CR-C To CT)

“I've nothing to say to the likes of you.” - CS-M Coward


Enjoy the boxes! They feed my soul. - CC Lava


Singed (CM graduate from Candidate to Cyrus Strike Team)

“AnS is right around the corner and we are looking forward to assessing the applicants” - CS George


"Warden recruitment will continue until all unoccupied slots are full" - CX-W Flog

"Next Razor Announcement will be on the 16th of September" - CX Scuba


Compo (CT to Sr. CT), Conair (CT to Sr. CT), Reck (Vt. CT to CP), Loki (Billeted as Mynock RT)

"Excuse me recruit!!! Would you like to hear about Mynock?" - CP Zulu


Broad (CW to CW-O)

“The preparations for the Great Journey are long and arduous. It will be some time before we are ready.” - CP Fancy



CR Initial Training Class #6, Cycle #3

CR Jerry
CR Pluto
CR Sawman
CR Seago
CR Skali
CR Sudz

CR Private Initial Training Class #63

CR Kreios
CR Truxrose


CP Boozy has earned the unit's first combat award with the Bronze Crescent!

501st Trivia

CC Euler, head of Mod Management, tends to enjoy his off time playing various games. The most popular of these so far in recent times is Ancestors with his friend CX-C Koop.

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Editors: CP Sense, CS Hoodoo and CT Daku

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