501st Newsletter Issue #26

 CT Sideways    19 Aug 2019
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August 13th - August 18th, 2019

CT Sideways, Publisher
18th August 2019

Border Example 2

Avalanche 1
"We took a quite the beating on the opening invasion of Geonosis but we plan on giving it right back this coming weekend! Also Andromeda almost killed the entire Battalion." - CS-M Legia

Avalanche 2

Arturion (CR-C to CT), Bacon (CR-C to CT), Slyder (CR-C to CT), Eliza (CR-C to CT)

“We are nearly successful at Americanizing CC Lava.” - CC Crisis

Avalanche 3

“We are doing ok” - CC Ewik 

Avalanche 4

Doug (Sr. CT to CP), Frost (CR-C to CT), Wicked (CR-C to CT)

"We're trapped between a droid army and another, bigger, angrier droid army. All in all, it's pretty great." - CS-M Coward


Ricochets blood is all in his head due to the ground harness. This explains a lot - CC Lava


"Onyx is working hard to get back into shape, and we look forward to the future of the detachment." - CS George


Conner (CT to CX-W), Frisk (CT to CX-C)

“If you need anything picked up from the battlefield, give us a call” - CX-W Flog (Warden)

“DM CX-X Namenai “big thank, script lord” for a free gift” - CX-S Jackson (Razor)


“You see that CC Point guy? Yeah what a champ.” - CS-M Verax


“RTOs are keeping at it as always, happy with how everything is going. Lavas floor is made of floor.” - CI-O Roadboy


“Uh, Uh” - CP Fancy

Border Example 4

Do you enjoy working in Eden Editor?

Do you feel pride when you see something you make being used?

Well then then the Mission Builders are right for you!

Mission Builders are responsible for making every official mission file that you see on our servers, from Fun OP files to Galactic Campaign Files. We work closely with the story writers to create immersive environments for the players to fight their way through, from Pantora to Christophsis! 

If you have wanted to help create the campaign this is a solid opportunity because Eden Editor can be picked up easily.

Follow the steps in this document to join:
  Mission Builder Document

- CX-S Jackson



“Good luck, don't mess it up.” -
BC Bondoer

CR Bean
CR Nuclear
CR Ruski
CR Stain
CR Foxxy
CR Goliath
CR Ritz
CR Sparrow
CR Touchy


CR-C Bandit
CR-C Dark
CR-C Deceiving
CR-C Ethan
CR-C Genesis



To try out a different playstyle, increase the 'aiming deadzone' slider in the options menu. This allows you to adjust your aim independently of your viewing direction. It's pretty rare in games nowadays and tough to get used to, but has a cool feeling to it.

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