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 CT Sideways    14 May 2019
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Pro's Trouble in Quarantine Town

CT Sideways, Chief News Editor
Tuesday, May 14th, 2019


by CT Ruse and the 501st News team

     Once upon a late-night fun op, I participated in a mini-game on 501st servers called Trouble in Terrorist Town, which was itself a reproduction of a popular Counter Strike custom game of the same name.
I had no idea what I was doing, but the community kept the game rolling, like the ancient players who told and retold the classic stories in the amphitheatres. Over time, the game gained traction, details were changed, and it became Trouble in Quarantine Town.
The 501st Journalist CT Ruse sat down with CT Pro, the creator of the custom game, to discuss its past and future.

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Cops and Robbers for Millenials

     While Trouble in Quarantine Town has its roots in the classic custom game, it’s got several unique rules that come from this community’s unique penchant for RP.

     “I referenced the original TTT [Trouble in Terrorist Town], the good old gmod game mod - but there’s a lot more to it now. TTT was just the base for TQT when we started. Basically, now, you have three factions: the terrorists, the military, and the civilians."

Terrorists’ main goal is to cause so much trouble as much as possible. They have to assault three hard targets. After that, they have two other objectives: to kill or capture the two HVTs. These HVTs are the senator and the military commander. If the terrorists complete all their objectives, they win the round.

military’s goal is to kill all of the terrorists, but there’s a catch - the terrorists are rolling around with the civilians.

Then you have the
civilian roles as well. They are just there to keep the game interesting. Even though development is pretty much complete, that doesn't mean that we won’t throw something new in there to make the game more interesting once a awhile.”

From Humble Beginnings

The idea for TQT has been around for a while, just not in its current form. As mentioned, existing custom games, as well as group games played before the age of electronics are the basis for TQT, wherein some players cause chaos while a small group of enforces tries to retain order. Pro describes the inception of the idea:

     “Well, we ended up doing a role playing event called Dark Business, and basically it was a PvP game, where you have 3 factions, you have the pirates, the Clones, and the Droids. So basically, that kinda got me thinking that this was interesting…. Around the time we had the second event - it was just a few months later - I got thinking: do I want to make something more of this?”

     The answer, of course, was yes. And the community would rally in support. Pro continues, “I started planning TQT for at least 3 or 4 months to make sure I actually planned it out properly. I got around to pitching my idea to other people, then i was told to talk to this person and this other person, until it kind of fell on deaf ears. Because of that, I ended up doing most of the stuff on my own. I think it's because people are not fond of role playing events."

     “Also, at the time, PvP events weren’t that popular and weren’t going over so well from what I’d heard from other people on fun ops. That's why I want people to give me input on every single TQT event that I do: to make it better for everyone.”

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The Pantheon

     As the popularity of his creation grew, Pro found himself adding more features and depth to the game. He was soon in need of loyal lieutenants to ensure the scenario flowed smoothly. He describes the staff of TQT:

     “At the moment i’m still the lead developer of TQT, but I do have some staff to help me out with. I like to call them game masters. They help me Zeus the events, work together, and talk about new ideas etc, etc."

     However, in all honesty TQT was launched pretty much whole and it was pretty rock solid idea when it came out. The set of rules we have implemented in TQT are well done, too, and we have tweaked a few little things over the past months.

     Largely, development has already been completed because I made sure that everything was spic n span before we did anything else with TQT.”

Looking to the Future

     The popularity of TQT has taken off, and Pro has some plans for the future for his roleplaying events. When asked for any word on what the future might hold, Pro says:

     “Well I would say don’t do drugs kids, but in all seriousness, though, TQT is a lot of fun, and the whole reason that I started it was because I really love RP."

      “It’s a shame that I can’t go down there to play because I have to host the events, but I am planning to be making a second host in the future, so I can have a day off and actually play the game mode with everyone else."

Star Wars RP: RP

     As a game maker, Pro has not rested on his laurels following the takeoff success of TQT. He and his cadre are thinking of new ideas for fun ops and mini games. When asked if he’s making any more games, he states:

     “For right now, yes, and I won’t go into detail because I’m actually still talking to my staff about it a the moment. I can so that it’s going to be a lot bigger then what TQT and a lot more detailed as well. Also it will definitely be roleplaying mode too.”

He concludes: “Come join! I mean, it’s worth it to join at least once and to see for yourself if you like it or not.”

CT Pro's next TQT event has been announced for the 24th of May and more information can be found here:

CT Pro's TQT Discord

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Promotions And News

Battalion HQ -

Fancy is taking over Zeta responsibilities.
Andromeda is taking over UTC. The “Overseer” role was removed as it was a placeholder.
Odin was promoted the Company CS-M

Avalanche HQ -

Odin (CS to CS-M)

Sense (CT to CP), Skittles (CP to Sr. CP)

Myrola (CT to Sr. CT), Fiend (CT to Sr. CT)

News is that we as Avalanche company will now be accepting CR-C's into our platoons as long as they have completed UTC and completed at least one check in with Zeta company. We are also looking for active people who are interested in leadership to talk with platoon leaders and inquire about how to continue moving forward in the unit.

"If the number (21) is twenty one and the number (31) is thirty one then why is the number (11) eleven?” - CC Player

Avalanche 1 -

Simon (CT to Sr. CT)
“First platoon is still kicking ass and taking names” - CS-M Point

Avalanche 2 -

Soviet (CM to CM-P)

Avalanche 3 -

Nevermore (CT to CP), Schames (CT to CP), Dimitri (CT to CP)

CT Rayne (CT to Sr. CT), Deci (CT to Sr. CT), Sour (CT to Sr. CT), Bjorn (CT to Sr. CT)
"We're doing good." - CC Ewik

Avalanche 4 -

Turkey (CT to Sr. CT)

"Wait, I can just say anything and you'll put it in the newsletter? Let me think of something." - CS-M Coward

Acklay -

"We're all doing good here." - CC Lava

Onyx -

"We're preparing for our campaign operations this weekend and working on trainings, nothing else new" - CS-M Crow

Mynock -

“We are running in normal parameters and are Finishing up the last Things to be fully operational.”  - CS-M Jan



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