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 CT Sideways    12 Apr 2019
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Wardens? Wardens!

CT Sideways, Chief News Editor
Friday, April 12th, 2019


     Hello Clones! We have been busy down here at the 501st News team trying to get you the latest news on the Legion. After some restructuring and movements to the schedule, we’re back in action! This week we had CT Daku take an in-depth look into the life of a Warden, this is what he found:

Inter-Galactic War! It can be a tiresome & expensive occupation. It’s filled with the expected supply & management difficulties that make our adventures as clones for the Grand Army of the Republic more difficult [and yet so exciting] as we venture forth to whack every clanker we come across.
     Thankfully, you have Blaster Mags for such a task, as well as a plethora of assets to your disposal against the Separatist menace. But what happens when you run dry on those mags or supplies? What happens when the management of war can be too much for the already hard working command officers to handle as they morph every clone into a droid killing machine? Thankfully the Wardens of our grand unit have your back!

Interviewing Master Warden CX-W Flog, he kindly informs the News Team of the roles the Warden team undertake with their hard efforts and management skills:

     “We are the support for the support. Performing duties such as Re-arm, Repair, and Refuel or as I've started calling it, R3. We also perform the role of Air Traffic Control to maintain clear and proficient airspace above the FOB or outside of the Venator/Acclamator.” - CX-W Flog

This reporter also notes that these Wardens aren’t without teeth of their own, often seen in the ball-turrets of Republic LAATs as gun crews, ready to blast the droid army back into scrap at a moments notice. When asked about the overall effect the section has on the unit and its war effort, the Master Warden explains:

“For myself and my colleagues, we bring a new level of play for Support roles. We operate to support 2 detachments now so each Warden is being looked at now as having much higher standards to perform our jobs to the highest degree of professionalism. I haven't seen anything like this role in any milsim or starsim in Arma. I feel that this position is unique to the 501st and is necessary given how large we(501st) have become.” - CX-W Flog

The Warden’s creation & implementation into the StarSim scene has generated a wave of positive results for the Battalion as whole, with its members putting their time and effort into creating an efficient and more immersive experience which also offers unique ways for our Story-Writers & Campaign Management Teams to add extra layers to the overall adventures ahead. Adding further comment, you can assist in their efforts in future operations:

“When other sections listen to where we tell them to be and those members listen to our requests, everything flows much more smoothly. Of course we try to be as polite as possible when giving flight deck orders. Staying on whisper to talk with your squadmates allows us to hear our radios better.” - CX-W Flog

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When diving in through the window of the traffic control tower for final comment on the future of himself and his colleagues, the Master Warden informs this reporter:

     “My plans for Warden is to expand so that we can have more Wardens online doing each job that we can do. I hope to see a Warden on Tower(ATC radio), on R3 and infantry duties, at least 2 in the field with Mynock, one on Recon drone, and the rest in ball turrets. We've already hit three goals in the new year, new ranks, new uniforms, and representation in Leadership meetings. Give us time and I'm sure we’ll find something new and appealing for Warden to add to our repertoire.” - CX-W Flog

And as this reporter falls to his doom, I’d like to conclude this report with a thanks to the entire Warden staff for their commitment to making sure you have the assets you need where you need them, good work team! This is CT Daku signing out!

Now… If only I had a parachute…

With that ends another week of news from the 501st. With the Avalanche and other elements practicing hard for the next wave of campaign operations, so is the news team in bringing quality content to the members of the 501st Legion. During the course of the next few months we’ll be taking an in-depth look into more of the history and function of each part of the unit. Stick around for that and more!


Promotions And News

Avalanche HQ -

Andromeda has taken over BLC due to CS-M Odin climbing in the ranks and an announcement will be coming soon for ALC.

Avalanche 1 -

“Excited to kick ass and take names when the campaign starts up again.” - CS-M Point

Avalanche 2 -

Stone (CT to Sr. CT)

Avalanche 3

“We’re doing good.” - CC Ewik

Avalanche 4

“Still Alive!” - CS-M Coward


“After the recent campaign, Acklay has doubled down on trainings, FTX's and Phase trainings. This cycle will mean that Acklay will be much more efficient next campaign cycle to assist the 501st as a whole. While there are many bumps in the road and challenges as well as with the recent reopening of recruitment to refill the ranks, I believe Acklay is heading in a good direction with a strong foundations. To everyone interested in what Airborne does or who we are, you are more than welcome to come talk with us. Contrary to the rumors, we don't bite!” - CC Lava


“We have just finished Assessment and selection with 2 passing members out of 40 applicants, CI Flux and CM Singed. We’re excited to bring them into the ARC Candidacy program.

Other than that, we’ve been creating new training topics we look to make accessible to the rest of the 501st!” - CS-M Crow

Razor -

“To see rules and procedures for Razor just click on our channels on TS. Not hard stuff to understand but you have to know it. Ask us if you have questions.” - CX Scuba


Simon (CI-C to CI)

“Current testing for new comms systems are going well. Ewik's quote is wrong” - CI-O Roadboy

Medical -

CM Logic has returned to the Medical Branch

Fallout(CM-C to CM), Trip(CM-C to CM), Ares(CM-C to CM)

“We are beginning to test a new ACE Medical system that may be added into the main ACE system in the future” - CM-S Shade

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