CX-C Canik    08 Dec 2020
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This just in, rumors are being spread that armor would be used in CM Cutter's latest Operation. 


This news comes as a shock to the community, as wide-spread intrigue regarding his latest Operation's attire spirals into a chaotic meme. Many have asked the now infamous question: "Will there be armor?" The jury is still out as we await a response from the infamous CM Cutter. All interested members should inquire with CM Cutter about whether armor may or may not be present in the AO.



AAT Ep1ig

An AAT-Tank diagram. Is this the armor that may or may not be present?



"Suicide rates are sky-rocketing as people tend to handle this situation poorly, the stock market is crashing with the DOW-Jones down 20,000 points. Plague has now spread as religious cults around the world refuse to bathe until the question is answered." ~idk someone probably.


All eye are on CM Cutter. Will he answer the question? This has been your armor update, brought to you by the 501st News Team.




Is this the armor? Is there even armor? Who knows. Find out next week.

"Title is clickbait"

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