501st Newsletter Issue #3

 CT Sideways    05 Feb 2019
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501st Newsletter Issue #3

CT Sideways, Chief News Editor
Monday, February 4th, 2019


     The week begins with another newsletter from the 501st Legion. Contents include the start of the Galactic Campaign with Hailstorm’s Third Platoon and an interesting look into a public training with the ARC detachment. Additionally, a feature story of an alternative campaign hosted by Lieutenant Machete. Clue in for more information about what’s going on within the unit, starting with the long awaited persistent campaign.

     This week in the Galactic Campaign, the opening moves have been played and Third platoon, A Company has secured a MSR [Main Supply Route] crossing west to east of a settlement called Midgard. Clone Tactical Enforcers covered the roads crossing to east where the other elements will begin their attack. Mention of light resistance, that wasn’t prepared composed primarily of scattered droid infantry and light armor. A possible factory that could be the source of deadly B2 battle droids equipped with personal energy shields was located, but not engaged due to lack of intel. Third platoon’s acting sergeant major, Sergeant Coward indicated that the structures could be a strongpoint in the next set of tactical movements that Hailstorm Battalion decides to take, although the enemy was very willing to give up the east with minimal resistance. One native Negevi was located and taken for processing.

     Due to some issues regarding Steam, the next movements from the battalion have been delayed until next week and Third platoon will be participating in a field training exercise while the rest of the battalion continues the initial advance.

     Unrelated to the campaign, on this last Friday, the 501st Legion’s advanced recon commando detachment, Onyx, offered a public training on the topic of close quarters combat (CQC) tactics and high value target/very important person (HVT/VIP) procedures for all members of the 501st. The training was about three hours long and was focused on practical training of procedures regarding protecting a single target along with a player vs. player portion, or referred to as “Combat Survivability” by the ARC members present, was meant to further test the present close combat skills of the trainees and help them understand how to obtain new skills to be used all across the battlefield.

     Sergeant George stated that “The purpose of this training was to make Onyx seem more open and approachable, to show people that they can come to us with questions. This training was the beginning of many and I hope to do many more in the future.”


    In other news, Lieutenant Machete has been running several campaigns on his own dedicated server, including a large bi-weekly World War I campaign, titled All American, that will be running again this upcoming weekend. This campaign has a persistent story and follows the 82nd Infantry Division through the European Theater of the First World War. It is different than most other campaigns in that it allows anyone to hold any position without their normal qualifications in the 501st. Anyone could be a pilot or a tank driver for the campaign without having the qualifications for the standard fun-operations. Another notable feature is that after a couple player deaths, rank and progress for that individual soldier is reset to ensure a realistic approach to operations and a sense of self-preservation. The Lieutenant would like to remind players that neglecting 501st duties will cause removal from the campaign. Check with Lieutenant Machete about joining his discord to participate in this campaign and others like it.

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    We here at the news team look forward to the continuation of the Galactic Campaign and we’ll be back next week to inform you what has transpired. We would like to thank Onyx and CC Machete for allowing us to feature them in this week’s article and let the reader know that they’re open for any questions you may have about them. See you next time from the 501st!


Promotions and News:

Avalanche 1 -

Blade (CT to Corporal)
Excited for the campaign, ready to kick ass take names.” - CS Point

Avalanche 2 -

Second Platoon’s Platoon Sergeant drank out of a toilet bowl today.

G*dd*mn f**kin’ Eden editor bulls**t” - CC Player

Avalanche 3 -
Cyber (CT to Corporal)
We, believe it or not, are still doing good.” - CC Ewik

Avalanche 4 -
Sorensic and I would like to congratulate CP Drifter on becoming the new 4-1 Squad leader.” - CS Crisis

Acklay -
Nobear (CT to CP)
Acklay is utilising the extra time this week to prepare. It’s always important to be cautious!” - CC Lava

Razor -
Casidy (CX-X to CX-P)
Boarding procedures changed. the campaign started, that's exciting. Razor's pretty decent; sometimes they piss me off, but most of the time I like them.” - CX-S Nocturnal

Medical -
Bronson (CM-C to CM)

Zeta -
Section 4 is officially open and we are looking for leadership. Direct message Section Commander CW Archon and acting Section Subordinate CT Mimir for more details.” - CS Verax

From the News Team -
I’d like to welcome CT Gonzo, CT Sense and CT Karrazim to the news writing team. We’re currently looking for members ranked trooper and above in order to help maintain the weekly newsletter and find interesting things to share. Even if you don’t want to contribute to the weekly role, or you’re not a trooper, we’re always looking for interesting content to be featured in the newsletters. We love screenshots and if you send them in, we might feature them on the next weekly issue!


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