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 CT Sideways    15 Jul 2019
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Sting of the Viper Net

 CT Sideways, Publisher
Sunday, July 14th, 2019

     The nature of ARMA 3 and its interface makes it seem like a fighting force can simply drag and drop its forces to conduct maneuvers like in a game of Total War. However, this is simply not the case. To coordinate movements, allied forces rely on a network of radio communications using a protocol that has recently undergone a significant update.

     This protocol is Viper Net. Introduced in preparation for deployment of Mynock, Viper Net is a means of organizing radio traffic between infantry and any of their supporting elements. This week, 501st News Writer CX-X Shnuffles tunes in to RTO HQ to get the low-down on the new task frequencies. The following material is collected and paraphrased from CI-O Roadboy.


“The task frequency system or the 'Viper Net' was created to accommodate for the introduction of Mynock onto a frequency, and instead of having more callsigns on one frequency, RTO HQ designed a system where different ground units would have their own assigned frequency to be able to call in support without clogging up radio traffic for other callsigns.” 

What’s changed?

“The 'Ground to Support' freq or '35' (once Ground to Air) now works with the Section RTOs within Mynock and the Razor Forward Air Controller. Their tasks is to assign vehicles, air or ground, to ground units’ own frequencies.

For example, hypothetically, Avalanche 1-1 requests extract for a squad and a few HVTs on 35, so Razor FAC would assign one LAAT to their task frequency on 35.1 so that they could communicate further to carry out the tasking without clogging up the traffic on 35 itself.“

How does the new radio protocol better incorporate Mynock? Are you satisfied with said changes?

“I am very satisfied for the changes made to better incorporate Mynock, as it means the inclusion for everyone to be able to play. I've always been one for getting everyone involved and not making anyone sit on the side bench to wait. 

As an ex-Lightning pilot, I can recall occasions where there were enough LAATs to supplement the ground forces within fun ops or operations however CAS or other Lightning taskings weren't required, forcing me and my wingman to sit and wait for the situation to arise where we would be needed. I don't want anyone else to have to do the same in this day, the 501st has come a long long way since those days, and it's time to not cut anyone out.”

As it stands now, are you satisfied with the changes made? Additionally, what changes would you like to see if any are necessary further down the road made towards improving Viper Net?

“As it stands, RTO HQ is happy with the results. Obviously there are still tweaks to this day, but we don't think a more efficient system could have been introduced. I'm proud of those who put the time and effort in to make the system the best it could be, and to be patient with the updates and changes to best suit everyone. It wasn't an easy run, but it was accomplished.”

Mynock has designed their gun batteries to best accommodate the members manning those vehicles to ensure everyone is playing the game, while this also simplifies the understanding of how many shells will be landing on target as its always a multiple of four, there's no grey area anymore. This means that all four artillery guns in the battery will be utilized without anyone having to wait around to get their turn to shoot, instead all members are involved at all times.”

20190711212024 1

Brave UTC Cadets storm the beaches


How long has the concept been in its "trial phase" so to speak? Additionally, when was the idea first drafted and by whom?

“The trial or test phase for this system was for a good matter of months, with lots of tweaking and changes being made as each week went by with the feedback from RTOs, Razor and Mynock units.  The idea of a new task frequency communications system was drafted by myself in the early months of 2019 if not earlier when Mynock was in mention, and this was discussed among RTO HQ members at the time and also went through development stages with Razor, and Captain Klein who also had ideas of how it could be programmed to run.”

Has the transition been smooth?

“The transition at first was far from smooth, as the ones who were testing it had to be nearly dropped into the deep end, although we did try to cushion the blow of this transition as best we could to help them understand what was going on and how to use the new system. 

The introduction of the task frequencies has brought along new challenges for the RTOs and members of Razor to tackle, as they're unseen before and bring communication to a much larger scale. 

The benefits of the task freqs have allowed the RTOs to expand their skills, and it has allowed for a large scale communications system for multiple callsigns to be contacting each other for different purposes without clogging up a single freq, allowing for smooth communications for everyone.”

20190714232643 1


Though wholesale departures from established doctrine are rare, the establishment of Viper Net was a much-needed exception. Now, Avalanche forces can call upon more than just Razor for support tasking. 

The unit showed that it was capable of reorganizing to handle the challenge, and deploying Mynock has paved the way for the addition of ground-based infantry support assets to come. CI-O Roadboy will take us out:

What should we expect to see from Mynock now that we have opened the door further for them to provide armored support?

“We should expect to Mynock to grow into the unit as they have been doing, with as much support for them being provided by our staff as possible to make their lives easier as well as ours. I look forward to further development with the new detachment and expect great things from their staff.”

Promotions And News

Avalanche HQ -
"Avalanche HQ is currently looking for a person to fill the vacent leadership position left by a fatal bird attack on one of our most senior leadership members." - CC Player

Avalanche 1

Siffy (CR-C to CT), Fluorite (CT to Sr. CT) and Saprez (CT to Sr. CT), Alistair (Sr. CT to Vt. CT) and Biscuit (Sr. CT to Vt. CT) 

“Avalanche 1 is doing great and looking forward to the next set of operations!” - CS Legia

Avalanche 2

“We have a lot of new blood who we want to make experienced” - CS-M Crisis


“"It is believed that if you deprive Lava of tea for several days he'll go insane. We'll find out soon…. Look ma, I'm in the news letter!” - CS Ricochet


“Razor has opened a 4th Flight. We’re excited for new leaders and new pilots.” - CX Scuba

Mynock - 

“Mynock is currently working on the final draft of our SOP, we’re doing great.” - CS-M Verax


Fancy is wrong. TF2 is a good game.”- CP Delta


“Onyx is doing well, there will be some up and coming changes as we work on improving.” - CI-P Brennan

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You can pack someone up in a manned E-web and deploy them elsewhere.

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