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Sunday 19 April 2020

501st Newsletter Issue #39

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501st Newsletter Issue #39

Publisher: CX-X Canik
April 19th, 2020


Editor's Note:

    Hello everyone, and thank you for viewing the 501st Newsletter, Issue #39! In this issue, we are including a new short segment called Ten in Ten. In this, we find random members of the 501st Community and have them answer 10 questions within 10 minutes or less (we try to stress less!). As a small fun tidbit tribute to our random members, we seek their instinctive answers to a variety of questions (most of which will be completely random!). As time progresses, so too will the quality of Ten in Ten. In addition, we are working on a new format for Ten in Ten to make it more appealing. 


    Make sure to keep your eyes out for a few articles in the near future, including one surrounding the 91st, a more in depth look into the Acklay expansion, as well as the Krayt ARC Program!




    Krayt ARC Program: (Due to the nature of this announcement, a direct copy-paste from the original announcement found in the Official 501st Discord is being used)

    Good evening everyone.
Tonight we held Graduation of Advanced Recon Development of our Phase 1 Krayt ARC Troopers and Induction of our Phase 2 Krayt ARC Troopers.

    Phase 1: In January we had interviews for Phase 1 of the Krayt ARC Program and selected 8 individuals to be the pioneers of the Krayt Program. We are happy to announce all 8 troopers have passed Advanced Recon Development! Thank you to all those who helped them along their way: TLs, SL, HQs, Acklay Phase Gold instuctors, RTO HQ, Medical HQ, and anyone I forgot.

 Jink  Habivi
 Rayne  Korvus
 Halo  Darkstar
 Virtox  Brennan


    Phase 2: This past week we did another round of interviews all of which being pretty good potential ARCs, but we had to select 12. The following 12 individuals have been selected to be the Phase 2 ARC troopers and begin their Advanced Recon Development! Next to their names will also include their squad placement.


 Bronson: Krayt 1-1  Locke; Krayt 1-2
 Tuch: Krayt 1-4  Scruff: Krayt 2-1
 Weaver: Krayt 2-2  Nightingale: Krayt 2-3
 Teacup: Krayt 2-4  Kitsune: Krayt 3-2
 Duke: Krayt 3-4  Archaic: Krayt 4-1
 Train: Krayt 4-2  Fallout: Krayt 4-4


    Also with Phase 2 we are slotting 4 of the Phase 1 Graduates as Platoon level ARCs. Next to their names will include their Platoon callsign.


 Jink: Krayt 1  Korvus: Krayt 2
 Darkstar: Krayt 3  Brennan: Krayt 4


    As a note Rayne was transferred from Krayt 2-2 to Krayt 3-1. All of these transfers are approved and effective immediately. Make sure tags, channels, and rosters are updated. All current ARC slots and billets are now full; each Platoon has a Krayt Lead and each Squad has a Krayt Trooper. Krayt Documentation will be updated soon. If you have any questions please place them in #krayt-public or take them up your CoC. Congratulations to all and have a goodnight! - Avalanche Company Command








Roster Clerks: “CC Player has stepped away from the Roster Staff C-Shop to focus his efforts in other C-Shops as well as the management of the C-1 Personnel Department. He leaves the C-Shop in capable hands and we promise to not delete the roster for at least a period of five business days. Further, we plan to announce a recruitment drive for the Roster Staff C-Shop in the next few weeks - keep an eye on the Announcements channel of the discord for more info.” - CS-M Fancy



Zeus Operators: “We have opened a Quality Control department with Pro at the lead. This will handle improving the quality of fun ops and Zeus Qualifieds. More details will be announced soon.” - CC Crisis 



Story Writers: “We are currently recruiting 2 new members and are almost through our first stage of applications. We should have 3 more weeks until we have 2 more new story writers” - CP Bjorn


     Do you enjoy working in Eden Editor? Do you feel pride when you see something you make being used? Well then then the Mission Builders are right for you! Mission Builders are responsible for making every official mission file that you see on our servers, from Fun OP files to Galactic Campaign Files. We work closely with the story writers to create immersive environments for the players to fight their way through, from Pantora to Christophsis! If you have wanted to help create the campaign this is a solid opportunity because Eden Editor can be picked up easily. Follow the steps in this document to join: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1tev-lF2X19nsD_JI0Ecej0u854T6-F3F0D5IWdKfolI/edit?usp=sharing Message CI-C Gull if you have any questions.





  “Opportunities multiply as they are seized” - BC Jay



Avalanche HQAvlCompymall

NewsKrayt Phase 1 has just ended, and Phase 2 has just begun!

No Promotions

"Upon surviving a firing line, CW Super is the only person to antagonize the team to shoot again." - CC Player




Acklay HQNKC850c

No News

Promotions: Power (CP to CS), Mimir (CW-3 to CW-4)

Its good to have a Company like Acklay when the World is ending around you” - CS-M Jan




News: Zeta Company is working their best to provide the unit with Active members to keep squads moving and filling positions across the battalion.

Promotions: Platano(CR-C to CT), Khyrek(CR-C to CT), Chronic (CR-C to CT), Matthew (CR-C to CT), Rasta (CR-C to CT), Jimmy (CR-C to CT), Galahad (CR-C to CT), Mikado (CR-C to CT), Omen (CR-C to CT), Shrub (CR-C to CT), Anheiser (CR-C to CT), Wood (CR-C to CT), Mako (CR-C to CT), Dova (CR-C to CT)

“Look me in the eyes and shoot damnit!” - CW Super






Avalanche 11pltnSmall Bigpp

Recruitment: 1-1 has 1 Medic Slot Open, 1-2 has 1 Trooper Slot Open, and 1-4 has 1 Trooper Slot Open.

Promotions: Tal (CT to Sr. CT), Toast (Sr. CT to Vt. CT), Shredded (CT to Sr. CT), Jupiter (CS to Sr. CS), Ichigo (CR-C to CT), Thor (CT to Sr. CT), Mustang (Sr. CT to Vt. CT), Kahn (CP to Sr. CP), Cyrus (Sr. CT to Vt. CT).

“Hope everybody is staying healthy and safe!” - CC Point




Avalanche 22pltsmall

Recruitment: 2-1 has 1 Medic and 1 Trooper Slot Open, 2-2 has 1 Medic Slot Open, 2-3 has 1 Trooper Slot Open, 2-4 has 3 Trooper Slots Open.

Promotions: Sierra (CT to Sr. CT), Glass (CR-C to CT), Uncle (CR-C to CT), Valravn (CR-C to CT), Slyder (Sr. CT to CP).

“'We are out of toilet paper, we do n... sir we do not know when we will get more.' -CS-M Pompano, along with every other grocery store employee all of this week and next week."




Avalanche 33pltsmall

Recruitment: 3-1 has 1 Trooper Slot Open, 3-2 has 1 Marksman and 1 Trooper Slot Open, and 3-4 has 1 Trooper and 1 Medic Slot Open.

Promotions: Drammon (CS to CS-M), Muzzer (CP to Sr. CP), Tatum (CR-C to CT), Brotha (CR-C to CT), Rayne (Sr. CT to Vt. CT), Twine (Sr. CT to CP), Smiley (CR-C to CT), Rebellion (Sr. CT to Vt. CT), Canine (CT to Sr. CT).

"We'll make our own logo with E-Tools and Trenches” - CS-M Drammon





Avalanche 44pltsmall

Recruitment: 4-1 has 1 Trooper Slot Open, 4-2 has 2 Trooper Slots Open, and 4-3 has 1 Medic Slot Open.

Promotions: Ajax (CR-C to CT), Anubis (CT to Sr. CT), Diverge (CR-C to CT), Chroma (CR-C to CT), Pro (CP to CS), Doug (CP to Sr. CP), Bit (CT to Sr. CT), Salvatore (CR-C to CT), Snorri (Sr. CT to Vt. CT), Krios (CR-C to CT), Ender (CR-C to CT).

"Hey look, I'm in the News Letter! I think I got lost... someone save me, I'm stuck!" - CS Pro



Acklay 1NKC850c

Recruitment: N/A

Promotions: Skittles (Sr. CT to Vt. CT), Calo (CP to Sr. CP), Ritter (Sr. CT to Vt. CT), Clyax (CT to Sr. CT), Sappheron (CR-C to CT).

“I'm just living" - CS Nobear



Acklay 2NKC850c

Recruitment: N/A

Promotions: Thade (Sr. CT to Vt. CT), Death (Sr. CT to Vt. CT), Sunday (Sr. CT to Vt. CT), Jericho (CT to Sr. CT).

"Nikola Tesla fell in love with a pigeon and was still a genius. I guess there's hope for me yet”- CS-M Ricochet









News: ITA has closed for this cycle, but keep your eyes open for the next announcement. In the meantime, feel free to attend any voluntary flight training hosted by members of Razor if you are interested in honing your flying abilities!

Promotions: Ethan (Sr. Cadet to Jr. Ensign), Aspect (Jr. Ensign to Sr. Ensign), Sazi (Sr. Cadet to Jr. Ensign), Sophia (Sr. Cadet to Jr. Ensign), Neb (Jr. Cadet to Sr. Cadet), Halligan (Jr. Cadet to Sr. Cadet).

“One more dance along the razor's edge finished. Almost dead yesterday, maybe dead tomorrow, but alive, gloriously alive, today.” - CX-P Casskun





News: Mynock vehicles just got some cool new skins!

Promotions: Delta (CS-M to 2nd LT (CC)), Misha (CT to Sr. CT), Seejers (Sr. CT to CP), Scrungo (CT to Sr. CT)

"Go ask Delta" - CS Zulu






(Format for Ten in Ten (until a new rework is done); 1Q = 1st Question, A = Answer)


This Week we caught CM Fluorite, A vet trooper In 1-4!

1Q: When did you join the unit?
A: October of 2018


2Q: Favorite MOS?
A: Medic, but if I had to choose something else it'd be grenadier.


3Q: Does Pineapple go on pizza?
A: [Redacted] No!


4Q: If you had to do something else besides what you're doing now, what would it be?
A: 1-4, I never wanna leave.


5Q: Do you have pets?
A: A miniature Yorkshire Terrier named Toby, age 7.


6Q: Favorite War story?
A: Unpopular opinion, but I liked Geo(nosis), and my favorite was when an MTT charged our trench and (Vt. Trooper) Mustang got trapped under it.


7Q: Where would you go if you had to leave avalanche?
A: Well not mynock, I don't think I'd have much fun in a vic, but their team work must be amazing. Blowing up things in a LAAT must be fun, but I dont have the frames for It. Maybe Acklay, but I don't really care for their infiltration tactics.


8Q: Favorite sport?
A: I don't really like sports, but if i had to pick, rugby.


9Q: What games do you play when you aren't playing arma?
A: Soul storm with the total apocalypse mod, WarHammer 40k, Master Chief Collection, and Destiny 2.


10Q: What would you say to people just join the unit?
A: To stick with it. Meeting new people can be scary, but the longer you're with them, the less scary it becomes. 



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Publisher: CX-X Canik
Assistant Publisher: CT Momentum

Chief Newsletter Correspondent: CX-X Canik
Correspondents: CM Sunshine, CW Super
Graphic Designers (Headers, BARC, etc): CS Jupiter, CI Chatter, CT Dragon

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