Friday 26 April 2019

501st Newsletter Issue #13

 CT Sideways    26 Apr 2019
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News from the front!

CT Sideways, Chief News Editor
Thursday, April 25th, 2019


      The updated campaign progress of the 501st Legion as described below seems to indicated the battle is going well for Republic forces. Initial intelligence indicates that we have found where the CIS leadership are located and are devising a plan to deal with them. Reports seem to indicate that the CIS attacked the civilian populace using a dirty bomb, procured possibly by mercenary Mandalorians. Efforts are being made to secure the civilian populace from the terrorists and install a Pro-Republic Government.

      Avalanche’s First Platoon has taken the time to run field training exercises on FOB Security and Patrols. This isn’t glamorous work, but it provides the necessary foundations for the security of the rest of The 501st Legion and the civilian populace on the planet. This is a job that has only been made more important due to the recent actions against the citizens of the planet from Separatist forces like the Mandalorian mercenaries who carried out the horrific dirty bomb attack on the good people of the planet in an effort to strike fear into those who wish to be free.


     Second Platoon has spent time preparing for an upcoming push into the highlands of the planet, this upcoming offensive has the goal of eliminating the threat from organized CIS forces on the planet.

     Third Platoon has been tasked with the vital responsibility of restoring the civilian populace’s freedom of movement through the recapture of vital roadways and transportation hubs.

     Fourth Platoon has been taking a direct approach to ensuring the safety and prosperity of the planet’s people, doing key patrols through the area, securing towns and reinstall a peaceful regime on this planet.

     Acklay has been instrumental in counter-espionage operations, securing and investigating assets vital to the Legion’s operations.

     Onyx has proved invaluable once again by fulfilling much-needed support and direct-action operations.

     Razor, as always, has provided a backbone for the Legion by providing logistical and fire support with immense professionalism and precision.

    Casualty counts for the operations have been very low with a high kill/casualty ratio for all combat operations. Unfortunately, most deaths in the 501st seem to be the result of weapons malfunctions and terrorist attacks from Separatist terrorists.

     In summary, the operations of The 501st Legion on the planet have been largely successful, and final victory on the planet seems imminent.

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Promotions And News

Avalanche 1 -

Sticks (CT to Sr. CT)

“Kicked ass, took names, and cut through the enemy like a hot knife through butter. Also dropped a nuke” - CS-M Point

Avalanche 2 -

Stoanes(CT to Sr. CT), Purdy(CT to Sr. CT)

"Second platoon is looking to leave no survivors this weekend" - CS-M Crisis

Avalanche 3

Sven (CT to Sr. CT)

“He's a bit weeby but he deserves it nonetheless, overall 3rd is doing good and ready for Friday.” - CC Ewik

Avalanche 4

Fixit (CT to Sr. CT), Delaney (CT to Sr. CT)

“We welcome all 501st elements to pin any alleged war crimes onto 4-3” - CS-M Coward

Acklay -

"Acklay is doing well & working hard. We're on board to Assist Avalanche this weekend." - CC Lava

Onyx -

“The ARC Detachment is currently making preparations for a large scale assault over the weekend. We will be training on different variants of insertion and extraction methods along with testing of  weapons in CQC environments. We are very anxious to see what the future holds for this planetary system in the campaign and have nothing but positivity for our goals!” - CS-M Crow

Razor -

4 New Razors: Cadets CX-C Dog, CX-C Aspect, CX-C Slurps, and CX-C Dubbs.

2 Promotions: Ensigns CX-X Grizzly and CX-X Namenai


Almost done with testing of the comms, Mynock is fitting well.

“Ewik is Ukrainian” - CI-O Roadboy



Don't forget to delete those map markers once the targets have been destroyed.

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