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501st Newsletter Issue #45

 CX-C Canik    13 Sept 2020
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501st Newsletter Issue #45

Publisher: CX-X Canik
September 13th, 2020


Editor's Note:

    Hello everyone, and thank you for reading the 501st Newsletter, Issue #45! Obviously, it has been a while since we have posted a new Newsletter. We are kicking it back into gear with the News Team as we continue to work on our big project. We've received many concerned comments regarding the lack of a newsletter recently, and are acting on it. So here's 45!


    We appreciate your continued loyalty to our content, and encourage suggestions and ideas from the community. If you have a cool video project you would like showcased, or that you believe would be a cool addition to our News content, feel free to message myself (CX-X Canik).









501st Server Issues


 As many of you have been made aware, recently, the 501st has been experiencing some server issues. With updates to Aux, mod switches such as 3AS, and other various factors, it has become quite difficult to play the game we all come here to enjoy, and easier to blame factors that are not exactly factors at all. So far, all that is known is that many of the issues stem from Arma's limitations, however no clear answer is known just yet. Some people might feel like it was recent updates with AUX mod that caused these issues, others believe 3AS, and others think of other reasons. 


So far, potential causes could be networking issues (basically the communication from internet to modem, to router, to box, to virtual machines), mixed with Arma's server limitations with mods (for example, mods that are not listed on the server, including whitelisted mods, could be causing some of the desync that leads to mass player disconnects (the servers are not technically crashing)), to simple mod conflictions. 


Between all the causes, we have people working hard to keep you all in the game. This is why it is important to fill out feedback forms that are relevant, so they have a better map of the situation. 


For server related issues, please fill out this form:





5 - 5 = 327th + Acceptance into GARC



 Prior to the name change, the 5th Fleet has officially been accepted into GARC! We plan on getting some information and creating an article about each GARC member (which you all got a small taste of with our last 91st article). Until then, here is some General Information for everyone regarding the 327th (5th Fleet), passed along from CS-M Odin:



 "Good evening everyone, I'm pleased to announce to all of you some exciting news! The 5th Security Fleet has passed their probationary period and has been officially accepted to be a GARC member unit! This is an exciting new addition to the GARC community as a whole and we in Hailstorm HQ hope you feel as excited as we do about this.


 General Information:


1) If you wish to participate in a Fun-Op on the 5th Fleet's servers you must do so with a group no smaller than 5 troopers total.


2) You may join the 5th Fleet's TS at your own discretion but be aware due to it being somewhat small if they ask you to leave cause their own members cannot join, you must leave.


3) You may join their discord and request "Other Unit / Guest" and "501st" tags. Please do be patient however as there will no doubt be many of you attempting to get your tags at once.


In Game Standards:

 At this time the 5th Fleet and 501st have not come to a consensus on what gear/MOS they are allowed to run on our servers and vice versa. For the time being 501st members will run standard rifleman kits on the 5th's servers and they will be expected to do the same on ours until a later announcement is posted stating otherwise."


(In regards to the name change:)


"Good morning everyone, I'd just like to make a quick announcement to clear something up before we get inundated with questions. The 5th Security Fleet, the newest member unit to join GARC, has decided to undergo a transformation to become the 327th Star Corps. This was a decision that the 5th has been deliberating for a little while now and they came to this conclusion as a community with GARC Command being in full support.


This change will not have any major impact on how we interact with the now 327th nor affect their standing within GARC. This is a change primarily in name and aesthetic and will have no other impact upon the rest of GARC. That is all and have a nice day.


 ~CS-M Odin"




Officer Candidate School



Good morning everyone. I am to announce the opening of the Officer Candidate School, otherwise known as OCS. We have just finished up with our last class and with a lot of new Officer positions being filled we will be running another class. This application process is fairly simple so let me explain it just to be clear: Those individuals who think they would make good officer material in the unit, who are currently in a team leader or higher billet, may choose to present a OCS packet to Player or myself before the date of September 29, 2020 for review to be accepted into OCS.


 The OCS packet checklist is presented in this document:


Any further questions regarding OCS should be directed towards CC Player or CC Crisis.




Medical Recruitment!



Medical is searching for new recruits and we are hard at work to make the process more accessible than ever! Medics are lethal rifleman and bring their allies back from the brink of death to take the fight straight to the heart of the CIS. We’re increasing the amount of instructors in the coming weeks to make it easier to get a private training for any schedule. Positions are open in avalanche, cyclone, acklay, and even mynock! Be an irreplaceable asset to your team today! Public medical trainings are currently every other Monday at 6:30pm est, but this is likely to change in the near future so keep your eyes and ears open. If you need to schedule a private training, message @CM-P Cor on discord to schedule one. If you have any questions, feel free to visit #medical-open on discord.







501st Game Master: Many people have wondered what the role "Game Master" listed on C3 Operations does. CT Archon, our latest C Shop XO, was kind enough to explain a little bit about the position and what it entails:


"Within C3 we have several levels of development for the campaign. Its not just mission builders making the maps, or story writers setting the stage. We have to take all of these different elements and intersect them all and make them work as a single entity when the Platoons see the op in action. The C3 campaign leadership works to ensure all these elements flow and work together, while also ensuring that all timelines are met. We also try to ensure that the expectations from the lowest Cadet up to Jay are met, hopefully. The game master is similar to this role, but focuses more on the war room and that initial setting of the stage. It would be easy to just plop a map down on a WARNO, say here's what's happening, and BAM go fight. But the game master works in many ways like a DM in D&D and helps to weave a more interesting and engaging narrative, so that everyone watching what's to come feels the build up and feels like they are apart of what is coming there way with the next planet or sector. The game master also has to play the part of the enemy at times, helping to give the unit something to see and hear, something to fight against not just in idea, but somewhat in real time. Finally, the game master has to make sure everyone's playing by the rules. It wouldn't really be that great of a Galactic Campaign if the CIS just came steamrolling in with 100 Battleships, or if the 501st said "GLASS THE PLANET ALL THE TIME!" I hope this helps and answers the question overall."



 AUX Mod Team: The AUX Mod Team is not currently recruiting, as they are still sorting through recent applicants to bring on. However, they have also been extremely busy cleaning up the mod and presenting many changes lately. These would include weapon value changes, the return of the Super B2, armor value adjustments to balance the weapon updates, and more. Please remember to give mod feedback in #aux-mod-open on the 501st Discord. 



Document Maintenance Committee: The DMC is here to announce that CM Matt has created an all-new document that's looking to make hot-fixing issues, as well as reinstalling our mods just a little bit easier for you. The Tech Support Document is going to serve as both an installation guide and a place to gather common errors and how to fix those, in order to help everyone get on our servers without delay, here have a look: (please report any issues/errors to CM Matt)





"Bark" - CS-M Ghost




Avalanche HQNewAva

News: September 3rd was the first and only Iron Raider event, hosted by CP Guide, for 3rd Platoon. The boys from Ava 3-1 secured a massive win by pushing out 3-2 from the hill in the King of the Hill match within the last 15 seconds.

Promotions: Brennan (Vt. CT to CP), Broad (CW-3 to CW-4).

“I wish all six of the Platoon Commanders of Avalanche and Cyclone luck doing the OCS packets. And to me who has to write comprehensive evaluations about all of them” - CC Crisis




ZNfq7YE 113x122Cyclone HQ

No News

Promotions: Moist (CP to CS), Darkstar (Vt. CT to CP), 

“Avalanche has been selected first on the 'Tour System' for the campaign. Cyclone will be on FTX for a few weeks before the switch. This selection was made based on the extremely rigorous and reliable method of flipping a coin.” - CC Crisis




Acklay HQNKC850c

News: Jaeger, Shroom, Aeden and Hook have been selected for Wraith. Ride-Alongs are closed.

No Promotions.

"Dad says he will be coming back from getting cigarettes' soon. Thicc boi Rico waits patiently to pounce him" - CW-M Mimir




News: CC Drifter has become the company XO and CS Salvo has become the Company NCOIC.

Promotions: Drifter (CS-M to 2nd LT), Griggs (CT to CW), Hades (CR-C to CT), Gladiator (CR-C to CT), Korvak (CR-C to CT), London (Sr. CT to CW), Mike (CR-C to CT), Scottish (CR-C to CT).

So far Zeta has really stayed the same, we have tried to integrate it further into the unit and promote interaction with other parts of the unit. In the future we are going to be shifting focus to training our leadership and focusing the company itself on providing more training opportunities.” - CC Drifter







Avalanche 1 New1st

Recruitment:1-1 has one Trooper, one Medic, one Squad RT, and one TL Slot Open, 1-2 has one Medic Slot Open, and 1-3 has one Squad RT, one Trooper, one TL, and one Medic Slot Open.

No Promotions.

“PowerPoints will continue until morale improves” - CS-M Hoodo




Avalanche 2New2ND

Recruitment:2-1 has one Medic Slot Open, and 2-3 has one Medic Slot Open.

Promotions: Hackett (Sr. CT to CP), Bacon (Sr. CT to Vt. CT), Sense (CS to Sr. CS), Slyder (CT to Sr. CT), Spilberge (CT to Sr. CT).v

“The sea is now all dried up” - CS Pro




Avalanche 3New3rd

Recruitment: 3-1 has one Squad RT Slot Open, 3-2 has one Medic Slot open.

Promotions: Uncle (CT to Sr. CT), Salvatore (CT to Sr. CT), Valravn (CT to Sr. CT), Hegener (Sr. CT to CP), Versa (Sr. CT to CP), Tatum (CT to Sr. CT), Bones (CR-C to CT).

“Avalanche 3-2 does not know how to read” - CP Twine




Cyclone 1 113x122Cyclone 1

Recruitment: 1-1 has one Medic, one TL, and three Trooper Slots Open, and 1-3 has two Medic Slots Open.

Promotions: Mazy (CR-C to CT), Dalton (CR-C to CT), Scanlon (Vt. CT to CP), Diverge (CT to Sr. CT), Chroma (CT to Sr. CT), Weapon (CT to Sr. CT), Snippy (Vt. CT to CP),

Cyclone 1 is still in search of Crisis' Boyfriend, even if he does he best attempts to sabotage our mission, we'll keep moving on - CS Boozy




Cyclone 2 113x122Cyclone 2

Recruitment: 2-1 has one Medic Slot Open, 2-2 has one Medic and one Trooper Slot Open, and 2-3 has one Medic and one TL Slot Open.

Promotions: Great (CR-C to CT).

“We’re also kind of just here right now.” - CS Gamble




Cyclone 3 113x122Cyclone 3

Recruitment: 3-1 has one Trooper and one Medic Slot Open, 3-2 has one TL Slot Open, and 3-3 has one Trooper Slot Open.

Promotions: Bridger (Sr. CT to CP), Cherokee (Sr. CT to CP), Effort (CR-C to CT), Cerberus (Vt. CT to CP), Jub (Sr. CT to CP), Aran (CR-C to CT), Weepier (Sr. CT to Vt. CT), Smiley (CT to Sr. CT).

"Drammon and I are doing well in the newlywed period. The boys are getting adjusted to their new Stepdad even though their dad still comes around on weekends. I'm also happy to report that I was able to replicate the snickers dispenser in Drammon's new desk." - CS Kestrel




Acklay 1NKC850c

Recruitment: Ride Along Applications are closed at this time.

Promotions: Virtox (Sr. CT to Vt. CT), Bork (CT to Sr. CT), Purge (CT to Sr. CT), Poseidon (Vt. CT to CP), Chronic (CT to Sr. CT).

"The CIS blew up our pirate ship we worked so hard on. Guess it's time to 'appropriate' a new one.." - CS Exod



Acklay 2NKC850c

Recruitment: Ride Along Applications are closed at this time.

No Promotions.

We would like to congratulate our new Morale Officer on his appointment, we are certain he will do superbly - CS-M Ricochet









News: Razor is looking into all the new assets from 3AS and assures all the clones will be happy with the results. In other news, have you ever dreamed about flying through the skies with metallic wings bringing hell to your enemies? If so, please contact your closest Razor pilot or refer to Razor-open for more information.

Promotions: Jaisus (Flight Officer to LTJG), Floff (Ensign to Sr. Ensign), Skali (Sr. Cadet to Ensign), Ajax (Cadet to Sr. Cadet), KidKun (Born)

“Our beloved XO Casskun has provided Razor with its first heir to the throne. Welcoming Kidkun to the world!” - CX Scuba





News: Mynock continues to train and familiarize themselves with procedures in order to best bring their firepower to the field.

Promotions: Reck (CP to Sr. CP), Loki (CP to Sr. CP), Nuwisha (CP to Sr. CP), Deus (CS to Sr. CS), 

"When in doubt 155 mm usually fixes the problem" - CC Delta





News: Are the voices in your head not enough? Do you like to talk alot? Do you want to be that guy that put their squad into a mass-cas?" The RTO MOS is beginning their recruitment drive! Become an essential part of your squad by using the Long Range Radio to relay orders, call in LAATs and artillery! You'll work directly with our supporting elements to keep your squad safe from danger and be the first to bring the fight to the CIS. All you need to do is get RTO Qualified, then contact any Company RTO or CI-O Power.

No RTO Promotions

“Things are going well for RTOs, some of us are still finding sand in our packs from Geonosis no matter how much we clean them though, but other than that it’s been alright” - CI-P Dimitri





News: With the new leadership in the Medical field, Medical staff plan on updating the current documents soon(tm).

Medical Promotions: Kain (CM-C to CM), Steps (CM-C to CM), Slugger (CM-C to CM), Deo (Return from Inactive Reserves), Valravn (CM-C to CM), Beast (Return from Inactive Reserves, Sharp (CM-C), Riku (CM-C), Map (Billet to Cyclone 1M), Flourite (Billet to Cyclone 2M), Bark (CM-T to CM-P), Alister (Billet to Avalanche 1M), Husky (Billet to Avalanche 3M).

“Medical Mafia is dead, all hail the High and Round Table” - CM-S Moist










(Format for Ten in Ten (until a new rework is done); 1Q = 1st Question, A = Answer)

CT Flux has been in the unit for 914 days and is currently slotted in 1-3 and is one of the legendary Onyx Arcs. We’ve captured him for this rapid interview.


1Q: What do you like to do outside of the unit?
A: Outside the unit I mostly chill with the BOYS or play games with other friends.


2Q: Why do you like spending time with "the boys"?
A: The boys are the boys and you gotta enjoy spending time with the boys or it isn't the boys.


3Q: Who is your favorite out of "the boys"
A: My favorite boy is a toss up depending on the day but a safe bet is always Jupiter


4Q: Favorite CW?
A: CW-P Super of course


5Q: Sci-fi or fantasy?
A: Sci-Fi.


6Q: For the Emperor or for the Republic?


7Q: If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
A: Control over some sort of time.


8Q: Favorite Meal
A: Chicken Burritos


9Q: What is your favorite weapon, real or fictional?
A: I was always a fan of a M4/AR-15 platform weapon


10Q: What would you do for a Klondike Bar?
A: I dont know, buy one?





Content Creators



Interview with CI Uni

Name, Stream ID, Twitch, Youtube: UniStruggle, UniStruggle (Twitch), UniStruggle (Youtube)

How long have you been streaming?: I have been streaming about 3-4 months now. It was just chillin on the side usually but I think I may want to make it a full time thing. The dream is to do twitch and youtube for the games I love full time!

What games do you primarily stream?: Usually I stream Rainbow Six: Siege, the thinking man's shooter. While it takes incredible mechanical skill to master, that alone does not win games. Thinking outside the box and the destructibility and utility available is required to make the strats work. This is what sets it apart from games like CSGO and COD. I also stream other games if I feel like it.

What is a basic stream schedule for potential viewers to follow?: I stream almost every other day, and make a video of highlights every week on youtube.







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