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501st Newsletter Issue #44

 CX-C Canik    26 Jul 2020
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501st Newsletter Issue #44

Publisher: CX-X Canik
June 25th, 2020


Editor's Note:

    Hello everyone, and thank you for reading the 501st Newsletter, Issue #44! Obviously, it has been a while since we have posted a new Newsletter. We in the News Team have some big projects ahead, one of which will be announced below.


    We appreciate your continued loyalty to our content, and encourage suggestions and ideas from the community. If you have a cool video project you would like showcased, or that you believe would be a cool addition to our News content, feel free to message myself (CX-X Canik), or CT Momentum.









501st Film Festival Winners!



   Despite being a little outdated, we figure we would touch back on the Film Festival Winners (because who doesn't love watching creator content?). There were a total of 11 videos, submitted from members all over the unit. 


1st Place: CM Husky (with 123 votes)

"Mrs. Mae"



 Battalion Commender Jay's Pick: CM Target

"501st Recruitment"



Most Acceptable Cringe (Romance): CX-X Shnuffles

"My LAAT is Sentient" (Based off the short novel by CX-W Skitch)



Most Rap (Runner Up): CT Habivi

"Razor - The 501st Legion"




5th Fleet??



On July 8th, the "5th Fleet Embassy" channel was created in the 501st Team Speak, bringing on many questions. "Is this a new GARC member?" was the most asked. CS-M Odin, Battalion NCOIC, made a brief announcement regarding how to treat the 5th Fleet. 

"So some of you may have noticed the newly created "5th Fleet" embassy that has popped up on our TS amongst other things. The 5th Fleet is another StarSim unit that has expressed interest in becoming a GARC member and has been granted probationary status as a potential GARC member.


What does this mean for the 501st? Well, as of current, not very much. The 5th Fleet is a relatively small unit and we have instructed everyone to refrain from joining their discord or TS. The sheer size of the 501st would quickly overwhelm them and that is not our goal.


So, unless you're an NCO+ and been given permission to by BC Jay, CC Player or myself, please do not join their discord or TS at this time while they are getting settled into the much larger community they are working to become a part of.


- Odin"




New Teamspeak Address!



If you havent already discovered, we have switched to a new Teamspeak. There were several factors that led to the creation of a new Teamspeak, including a reorganization of tags and channels, a reduced cost per month, and more. Initially, only NCOs and above were permitted to enter the new Teamspeak in order to get tags squared away, follow by individual Platoons as their Operations began. A slow bu effective process, the switch is now 100% complete. There are a few bugs still, including a spam protection that occasionally makes it difficult to connect, as well as a TFAR issue. These will be fixed over time!

New Address:

Teamspeak Bug Report Form:







501st Media Outreach: The 501st Media Outreach team has been working hard to get streamer and content creator forms seen, and approved tags given. CC Delta, the Media Outreach Team Lead, would like to remind people that Approved Streamer tags should NOT be given if their name is not on the approved list. IF you are a streamer or youtube content creator, and would like to stream our 501st Operations, you can find all relevant information HERE.



 Mission Builders: If you enjoy working in Eden Editor, have a creative mind for new compositions, and take pride in seeing your creations being utilized by our great community, the Mission Builder Team is looking for you! Working closely with the Story Writers, the Mission Builder Team takes pride in the fact they have created fun immersive environments for the Legion, from Pantora to Geonosis. IF you are newer to Edin, and are willing to learn, the Mission Builder Team has the resources to help! Inquire with CX-W Thunder, or CI Gull for more information!



News Team: The News Team is in need of additional War Correspondents, as well as a few segment journalists for our latest project that would combine Newsletter material, War Correspondent highlights, and more. For a War Correspondent position, you must be able to attend an additional Operation each week (in game), and have note taking capabilities in order to write a basic report that our journalists can transform into readable articles following our campaign. For more information on these positions, or if you would like to volunteer your time to other aspects of the News Team, please send a DM to CX-X Canik or CT Momentum.





"Bark" - CS-M Ghost




Avalanche HQNewAva

News:Avalanche kicks off the Sanbra campaign with Avalanche 1 heading the charge!

No Promotions

“When your memories exceed your dreams, you’ve already failed” - CC Player




ZNfq7YE 113x122Cyclone HQ

News: Cyclone Company supports the Sanbra Campaign, with Cyclone 1 and 3 rolling in with the punches.

No Promotions

"Those who think they can and those who think they cannot are both usually correct." - CC Crisis




Acklay HQNKC850c

No News.

No Promotions.

“It's like I always say boys. If you would stop getting shot, you wouldn't need to come see me" CM-S Navo




News: A change in leadership brings new opportunities to the Reservist Company!

Promotions: Scyrak (CX-C to CT), Clay (CR-C to CT), Ryker (CR-C to CT), Larry (CR-C to CT). 

“Insert Quote Here.”- CW-O Super







Avalanche 1 New1st

Recruitment:1-1 has one Trooper and one Krayt Trooper Slot Open, 1-2 has one Medic Slot Open, and 1-3 has one Squad RT and one Medic Slot Open.

No Promotions.

“Its a doggie dog world” - CS-M Hoodoo




Avalanche 2New2ND

Recruitment:2-1 has one Trooper, one Team Lead, and one Medic Slot Open, and 2-3 has one Trooper Slot Open.

Promotions: September (CT to Sr. CT).

“Something something something... Dark Side...” - CS Pro




Avalanche 3New3rd

Recruitment: 3-2 has one Medic Slot Open, 3-3 has one Medic and one Krayt Trooper Slot open

Promotions: Gonzo (CR-C to CT), Araxis (CR-C to CT), Klinger (CR-C to CT), Chimera (CR-C to CT).

“At least we’re not digging anymore, and we have torn down the trench shrine from the other guys” - CS-M Bjorn




Cyclone 1 113x122Cyclone 1

Recruitment:1-1 has one Medic and one Trooper Slot Open.

Promotions: Coco (CR-C to CT), Dredge (CR-C to CT), Merlin (CT to Sr. CT).

“The now rebranded 4th platoon as Cyclone 1, is more ready than ever to bring the strong arm of the Republic for its citizens” - CS Boozy




Cyclone 2 113x122Cyclone 2

Recruitment: 2-1 has one Trooper and one Medic Slot Open, and 2-2 has one Squad RT Slot Open.

Promotions: Steps (CR-C to CT), Morge (CR-C to CT), Nidus (CR-C to CT), Sparticus (CT to Sr. CT).

“Stop trying, keep dying. Wait, I think I mixed that up” - CM Fluorite




Cyclone 3 113x122Cyclone 3

Recruitment: 3-1 has one Trooper and one Medic Slot Open.

Promotions: Blythe (CR-C to CT), Deceiving (CT to Sr. CT), Cyber (CS to Sr. CS), Deva (CT to Sr. CT), 

“The next time you see CT Jub, ask him if he has the OPORD yet” - CS-M Drammon




Acklay 1NKC850c

Recruitment: Ride Along Applications are closed at this time.

Promotions: Scarab (Sr. CT to CP), Saprez (Sr. CT to Vt. CT), Momentum (Sr. CT to Vt. CT), Mosin (CT to Sr. CT).

"RIP Phase Silver. Make sure all you potential Jump-Masters out there are keeping an eye out though!" - CS Exod



Acklay 2NKC850c

Recruitment: Ride Along Applications are closed at this time.

Promotions: Squids (CT to Sr. CT), Oneill (Sr. CT to Vt. CT), Aedan (Sr. CT to Vt. CT), Diablo (CT to Sr. CT), Spire (CR-C to CT).

“Rearmed and ready to Go” - CM-P Lich









News: Razor's Warden to Pilot Program has begun. Inquire with CX Scuba or CX-W Flog for more information.

Promotions: Xavier (Sr. Cadet to Ensign), Canik (Ensign to Sr. Ensign), Legal (Ensign to Sr. Ensign), Galaxy (Sr. Cadet to Ensign), Duncan (Sr. Cadet to Ensign), Halligan (Sr. Cadet to Ensign), Mystic (Sr. Cadet to Ensign), Blast (Sr. Cadet to Ensign), Neb (Sr. Cadet to Ensign), Flare (CR-C to Jr. Cadet), Hollis (CR-C to Petty Officer)

"I dont know" - CX Jackson





News: Mynock continues to train and familiarize themselves with procedures in order to best bring their firepower to the field.

No Promotions.

“Wait, what do you guys need a quote for?” - CS-M Zulu





News: New RTO training has been released, and re-certification is going smoothly!

No RTO Promotions

“Things are going well for RTOs, some of us are still finding sand in our packs from Geonosis no matter how much we clean them though, but other than that it’s been alright” - CI-P Dimitri





No News

No Medical Promotions.

“Our lord Shade has returned to liberate us from Overlord Corey” - CM-P Cor












(Format for Ten in Ten (until a new rework is done); 1Q = 1st Question, A = Answer)

This week, we caught CT Teacup, who has been in the unit for over 400 days and is currently a Krayt Trooper for 2-3 (previously 2-4) as well as a storywriter for Campaign Management. 


1Q: What do you like to do outside of the unit?
A: I don’t do much outside of the unit right now


2Q: What got you into storytelling?
A: I got into storywriters because I love making stories and making campaigns for DND and such. Making fun for people and tying a great story into it.


3Q: What is your favorite story?
A: My favorite book was called Tales of Deltora, and it was a lot of fun to read as a kid. You know, the art in it made me want to start making stories of my own and thought about what worlds I could make. My favorite comic is the Darth Vader comics because it tells a story of a character we already know but made a great background character. For movies, Star Wars of course. I love so many games for the same kind of reason, seeing the characters and worlds I love. For campaign, there are a few cool stories but I haven't really taken part in them, but my planet I did, Nawan, was fun. I really enjoy it.


4Q: Which 4 was best 4?
A: Lol, well 2-4 is best four forever, long live the king


5Q: Sci-fi or fantasy?
A: I like both. They’re really great genres for anything


6Q: For the Emperor or for the Republic?
A: For the Republic


7Q: If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
A: Deadpool’s power of Regeneration


8Q: Favorite Meal
A: Spaghetti


9Q: What is your favorite weapon, real or fictional?
A: The Kriss Vector is my favorite gun irl, and the LE for Arma


10Q: What would you do for a Klondike Bar?
A: What wouldn’t I do for a Klondike Bar?





Content Creators



Interview with CT Spilberge

Name, Stream ID, Twitch, Youtube: DSP_TV.ttv (Twitch), DSP TV (Youtube)

How long have you been streaming?: About 1 year.

What games do you primarily stream?: Nothing specific, just depends on the mood and who I play with. I do stream Arma. Battlefront, all the way to Indie Games

What is a basic stream schedule for potential viewers to follow?: At the moment, its whenever, but primarily in the evenings.







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