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501st Newsletter Issue #31

 CT Ruse    16 Oct 2019
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501st Newsletter Issue #31

501st Newsletter Issue #31

October 15th, 2019


Border Example 2

Avalanche 1

“Excited to wrap things up on Geonosis and get the Hand” ~ CC Point

Avalanche 2

Crispy (Sr CT to Vet CT)

"If you see Archon poke him and thank him for his hard work." ~ CC Crisis

Avalanche 3

“Third Platoon is fine, just digging trenches waiting to clear out some tunnels with Mynock” - CI-P Dmitri

Avalanche 4

Pro (Sr CT to CP)

Snorri (CT to Sr CT)

Tank (CT to Sr CT)

“4th platoon is on the eve of glory and the only thing mimic and boozy can think about are civilians.” ~ CS Drifter


“Escalate” - CT Tallon

“God damn it, Tallon…” - Rest of Acklay


“We selected our new candidates (listed last week), and are now pushing them through our training programs” - CP Ares


"Make sure to @ Namenai, this time it's actually his Birthday." - CX Scuba


Ash (CT to Sr. CT), Drebian (CR-C to CT), Dragon (CT to Sr. CT)

"That's a nice head you have on your SHOULDERS!" - CP Zulu


"Things are going well with the RTOs" - CI-P Purdy


“Medical is doing good but we are looking to lower our death count and generally improve our technique. If you are interested in becoming a medic, slots are open!” - CM-T Spark


Tal (CR-C to CT), Xavier (CR-C to CT)

“Better Zeta than Namenai” - CW-P Mimir, upon Namenai entering the channel


CR Jeopardy

CR Kiranta

CR Reaper

CR Hickory

CR Matt

CR Shibird

CR Blank

CR Chack

CR Quack

CR Sapper



When using Track IR, you can slowly lean around a corner, without the snap of “Q” or “E” (standard). It will also allow you to free look without needing to hold down the “ALT” button.

501st Trivia

Rumor has it, if you approach any old time member (longer than a year), and mention “Mem Leak”, they will shudder in nostalgic terror, and tell you to not mention it again.

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Chief NewsLetter Correspondent: CX-C Canik
Correspondents: CT Swanny, CM Sunshine, CX-X Kaj

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