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Newsletter Issue #29

 CT Ruse    02 Oct 2019
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501st Newsletter Issue #29

501st Newsletter Issue #29

CT Ruse, Publisher
[October 01, 2019]


Border Example 2

Avalanche 1

Aeon(CT to Sr. CT)

“We made the Tunnels our [501st-censor]” - CC Point

Avalanche 2

“The Hand has fallen victim to one of the classical blunders! The most famous is never get involved in a land war in Asia, but only slightly less known is this: never go in against a Hailstorm when death is on the line.” - CC Crisis

Avalanche 3

"We are completely fine and I am not mourning the death of my last patient". - CM-P Skittles

Avalanche 4

“4-3 is now the dedicated scapegoat for all of 4th platoon’s failures” - CS Drifter


CT Shroom (Sr. CT to VCT), CI-T Krytic (Sr. CT to VCT), Momentum (CT to Sr. CT)

"Acklay promises that If we capture The Hand first we will turn him into a toaster, that way the worst he can do is burn bread and still be useless." - CS Ricochet


“AnS is wrapping up and is candidacy soon to begin.” - CS George


Kaj (CX-C to CX-X), Eagle (CX-C to CX-X), Aspect (CX-C to CX-X), Hungarian (CX-C to CX-X), Gothic (CX-C to CX-X), Glue (CX-C to CX-X), Slurps (CX-C to CX-X), Wirtimus (Chief), Flog (Master Chief)

“Wardens would like to welcome our newest member, CX-W Super!” - CX-W Flog

"I have been receiving lots of questions about Razor lately. If anyone seeks to understand more about Razor or has questions before joining they should always feel free to DM the flight leaders or use #razor-open on discord." - CX Scuba


Loki (Sr. CT to CP),  Genesis (CR-C to CT)

“We're ready to bring the rain” - CP Zulu


“Nothing much to report, but new changes coming soon.” - CI-P Purdy


Defender (CM-C to CM), Bronson (CM to CM-T)

“Sunshine is a cool guy.” - CM-S Shade


CR Sparticus

CR Teddy

CR Refur

CR Gonzo

CR Duncan

CR Squall

CR Sentry

CR Dire

CR Chef

CR Stretch

CR Brath

CR Seba

CR Pompai

CR Tarik

CRs are the future of the unit, welcome them in!


Geonosians are known to be xenophobes, and don’t take kindly to outsiders that impede on their territory. They hold too many secrets that could be discovered and exploited. Rude!

501st Trivia

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, there used to be a 2nd Company. Members don’t really talk about it, but this Company’s name was Blizzard, following the snowy theme of 1st Company’s Avalanche and Battalion’s Hailstorm names.

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Publisher: CT Ruse

Editors: CS Hoodoo

News Writers: CX-X Shnuffles, CT Tom, CT Momentum, CT Lucky, CT Frost

Media Team: CP Sense, CS Jupiter, CX-W Sentinel, CT Shifty, CT Silver, and CT Rayne
Correspondents: CX-C Canik, CT Swanny, CT Sunshine, CX-X Kaj

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