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501st Newsletter Issue #28

 CT Ruse    24 Sept 2019
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Newsletter Issue #28

Newsletter Issue #28

September 16 - 23rd

CT Ruse, Publisher
[September, 23, 2019]



Border Example 2

Avalanche HQ

“"Disaster on Geonosis. Platoon's in retreat! Death AND Destruction! Around every corner the Hand relishes in his unending assault against our brave Clone Troopers. All hope seems lost as the Troopers of the 501st push on in search of the dastardly villain's lair. Will they avenge the deaths of their brothers in arms? Will they pull through and defeat their enemeis once and for all? Find out next week on THE GRAND GALACTIC CAMPAIGN!" - CS-M Odin

Avalanche 1

“1st platoon is kicking ass and taking names, excited to wrap up the second battle of Geonosis” ~ CC Point

Avalanche 2

Parrot (Sr. CT to CP)

“2nd Platoon is "hand"ling the situation quite well, and is planning on a Coffee and Doughnut hangout once our business on Geonosis is finished.

Also, the droids are being a pain in 3rd Platoons' thorax. - CS-M Pompano

Avalanche 3

Rory (Sr. CT To to Vt CT)

“3rd platoon mourns the loss of our ex commander Ewik, though celebrations will begin shortly” ~ CS-M Andromeda

Avalanche 4

CM-C Beast (CR-C - CT)

CI-C London (CR-C - CT)

Hosed (Sr. CT to Vt CT)

“Terms of surrender were offered to the hand by CS-M Coward, 4th HQ eagerly awaits a reply” - CS Drifter


Gunny (Sr. CT to VCT)

"Stomp the droid's throats!” - CC Lava


Aspect (Razor to Lightning)

“We’d like to welcome our newest pilots, Ethan, Magnus, Church, Valkyrr and Zoro!” - CX-S Jackson


“Your foe is well equipped, well-trained, battle-hardened. He believes his gods are on his side. Let him believe what he will. We have the tanks on ours.” - CC Klein


Purdy (CI to CI-P)

“Platoon RTO courses are well underway, with 2 out of 14 completed. Looking forward to the rest!” - CI-P Dimitri


Zex (CR-C to CT),

Ayryk (CR-C to CT), 

Dakota (CR-C to CT),

Purge (CR-C to CT)

"We've been sitting in Fancy's office for the last week just eating chips into the microphone"- CI Arcanist



“The Legion welcomes all who are willing to put time in. If you take care of the community, the community will take care of you. The unit is always in need of new leadership and if you have the dedication and the right mindset, you can become whatever you want.”

CC Crisis [Avalanche 2nd Platoon Commander]

CR Ahram

CR Eyec

CR Ikaros

CR Skippy

CR Vakarian

CR Yhorm


CR-C Lewt

CR-C Mazy

CR-C Rookie

CR-C Peanut

CR-C Shovel

CR-C Mia

CR-C Corpse




“Be wary when using Red Smoke with Razor nearby”




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Publisher: CT Ruse

Correspondents: CX-C Canik, CT Swanny

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