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War Room Report #1 3/24/21

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War Room Report #1 3/24/21

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March 24th. 2021


Editor's Note:


     Hello everyone, and thank you for reading our first Official War Room Report! The purpose of this article is to recap on the events of the War Room, these will be published the following the War Room . This is still a new project, and as such, Quality and Formatting will change over the next few articles.





501st News Team

War Report 

Written on 03/20/2021

Covering War Room Conducted on 03/01/2021


The 501st stranded!


Just when the Legion thought they were in the clear after rescuing Major Jay, tragedy struck; the 501st’s Venator smashed onto the swampy surface of Dagobah! Hailstorm Battalion has been hard at work to survive against a new-found enemy: the Swarm. While they are weak on their own, as a swarm they threaten even company-sized elements. Be sure to check your barracks for brain worms, as that’s their main method of infection. The two Swarm drones who were captured are already attempting to dig their way out of their cells using their bare hands. If The Swarm weren’t enough to deal with, the planet is also infested with pirates and CIS forces. 


Last operation, Cyclone Company held strong across all fronts with help from Acklay, Mynock, and Razor. Cyclone 1 defended the Venator along with Acklay, the latter of which also forayed into multiple POIs and found intelligence. Cyclone 2 rescued multiple villages worth of people. Second Platoon also found supplies and Sabre Tanks for Mynock’s use. On top of that, Cyclone 2 got a hold of some intel during their operation. Cyclone 3-1 pushed into a terrestrial comms array and sent off a distress signal. The 101st answered and is on their way! Not even Providence-class warships could keep the 101st Doom Company from assisting the 501st on Dagobah. They are expected to break into orbit very soon!


The 501st will need to help the civilians who are being corralled toward The Swarm’s tunnels. The Legion has also received word from a scientist who needs help. Who knows what secrets and intelligence he can share with the unit? In any case, it’s Avalanche’s turn to take the reins in the campaign and take the fight to the enemy! The plan is for Avalanche 1 to stop the kidnapping of civilians, Avalanche 2 to rescue the scientist in distress, and for Avalanche 3 to sweep the new, mysterious tunnels. Meanwhile, Razor and Acklay are making a daring move to secure new ground on the planet, but they’re being met by a massive wing of CIS fighters. Krayt’s ARC Troopers are also planning a hunt for the deceptive, shapeshifting droid Nox soon. Nox is said to be operating where Avalanche 2 plans to rescue the scientist, so they’ll have to keep their eyes peeled. 

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