Friday 16 October 2020

501st Newsletter Issue #46

 CX-C Canik    16 Oct 2020
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501st Newsletter Issue #46

Publisher: CX-X Canik
October 16th, 2020


Editor's Note:

    Hello everyone, and thank you for reading the 501st Newsletter, Issue #46! 


    It is my understanding that some Company Logos are being reworked. When such a time that new logos are made, please DM me a picture of the new logo, what company it's for, and I will update this newsletter and all future ones with the new logos. 


    We appreciate your continued loyalty to our content, and encourage suggestions and ideas from the community. If you have a cool video project you would like showcased, or that you believe would be a cool addition to our News content, feel free to message myself (CX-X Canik).









501st Returns to the Fight!


The 501st Legion has come back into the action. After capturing a Mandalorian by the name of Dreth, Command was able to interrogate him, and brought him to our side of the fight. But who is Dreth? Why is he really helping us? Check out the video made by our very own members below!







Awards and Ribbons!






Stend IV Planetary Ribbon: Awarded to Avalanche 4th Platoon, 4th Squad

 “The planet was long and full of terrors” - CC Drifter



Through heavy resistance and blood filled visors, Avalanche 4th Platoon 4th Squad was able to hold their ground during the initial attack by the C.I.S. Ambush after ambush left the squad battered, beaten, and on the cusp of broken. However, despite all of the odds stacked against them, when their brothers in 3rd Squad needed help there was only one squad that answered the call. 4th Squad got the call from their former Sergeant, now Sergeant-Major, that 3rd squad would be scrapped off the field of battle with a spatula if they could not assist. Corporal Clock and his remaining troopers found a new unbeknownst to them strength and charged the C.I.S.’s high walls and before Sergeant Boozy could even blink the battle was over, and standing in the compound that once held all sources of pain and death was his former squad; Avalanche 4th Platoon, 4th Squad basking in the victory of the day.






Naboo South Sector Ribbon: Awarded to Bastion Detachment

“Throw whatever you want at us! We’ll keep fighting!” - CS Deus



The Naboo sector was a long campaign, some even say it felt longer in a Bantha. Bastion Detachment deployed Mynock Sections 1 and 2 to the campaign field for a multitude of taskings in support of the infantry elements on the ground of several planets throughout the Naboo southern sector. Adapting to different terrain, incorporating new and innovative tactics to the field, as well as working to better inter-operate with infantry the whole while. Notably defending our FOB on many occasions all alone, getting shelled and gun runs that send the normal trooper crying all the way back to Kamino, Mynock members held their ground and stared the C.I.S. down with unwavering resolve that hasn’t been seen since Phase 1 troopers invaded Geonosis at the beginning of the war. While their tanks may be destroyed, the courage and commitment to the war never will be.






Naval Combat Action Ribbon: Awarded to Acklay 1st Platoon

“We are alone, in an uncharted part of the galaxy. We have no idea the dangers we will face, but one thing is clear. We will have to work together if we are to survive. As the only 501st in this part of the Galaxy we will continue to carry out our primary mission, to seek out and destroy the C.I.S.. and protect the Republic. All the while, we will be looking for wormholes, spatial rifts, new technologies, anything to help us find our way back to our brothers, and our home. ” - CC Lava



EMERGENCY! Acklay 1st platoon, tasked with boarding and capturing a CIS Munificent, activates the hyperdrive with a stray shot sending them into the unknown regions of space. When they came out of hyperspace they were met with the cold unchanging expression of vast empty space. None of them knew what could happen next, and then they came under fire, and plummeted to the surface of an unknown planet, finding yet another world in which the war had all but torn in two. Remembering the words of their fearless Captain, they had only but to try. So against near-impossible odds, they moved. Found a new hyperdrive, liberating the imprisoned peoples of this foreign planet, and disabling a hostile Ion Cannon, but not before using it to blast a small CIS fleet out of the sky. With each member valiantly pushing ever forward towards freedom, looking out for one another, and together, they all made it home.







Despite baring a rough month with Dysync Issues, we continue to run off our massive numbers to keep us entertained while our tech support and leadership work hard to resolve the server issues. But we would also like to remind everyone that we run off the kind donations of our community.


Public Pay goes DIRECTLY into paying for the box and TeamSpeak!


Public Pay


Patreon! (Monthly Donations)


Or Through our website!


If you're a new Patron on Patreon and haven't got our Discord/Teamspeak tags yet, please message BC Jay on Discord asap! If you also have donated via the Group Pay, or website, and would like Donator tags please seek him out as well via discord!




Medical Recruitment!



Medical is searching for new recruits and we are hard at work to make the process more accessible than ever! Medics are lethal rifleman and bring their allies back from the brink of death to take the fight straight to the heart of the CIS. We’re increasing the amount of instructors in the coming weeks to make it easier to get a private training for any schedule. Positions are open in avalanche, cyclone, acklay, and even Mynock! Be an irreplaceable asset to your team today! Public medical trainings are currently every other Monday at 6:30pm est, but this is likely to change in the near future so keep your eyes and ears open. If you need to schedule a private training, message @CM-P Cor on discord to schedule one. If you have any questions, feel free to visit #medical-open on discord.







UTC: UTC staff continue to work hard to bring our newest recruits up to speed with standardized training. There have been no major changes lately, nor are there any known plans to bring about any. UTC staff are not currently looking for additional members just yet, but if helping individuals like you once were train up to par is something that interests you, be sure to keep an eye on the announcements channel in the future for any recruitment drives!


 Tech Support: The Tech Support Staff have released a new Tech Support Document which covers a majority of known issues that occur. You can find it HERE. In addition to the doc, CM Matt has stepped up to assume the Tech Support Staff Lead, with some new assistance from Merlin, Roasty, and Goddest. Any inquires about the Tech Support Document, or joining the Tech Support team, should be directed to CM Matt.






"CS-M Ghost decided to chew on the network cables again, sorry for all the deysnc it caused" - CS Archon




Avalanche HQNewAva

No News.

Promotions: Sam (CS to CS-M), Pro (CS to CS-M)

“Remember kids its never too early to get too spooky.” - CC Crisis




ZNfq7YE 113x122Cyclone HQ

No News

Promotions: Dimitri (CP to CS), Gamble (CS to CS-M), Boozy (CS to CS-M)

“F*** droids, get moist mags” - CM-S Moist




Acklay HQAcklay Hq2

News: Acklay Leadership would like to thank everyone who tried out during the Ride Along process. Keep your eyes open for the next RA announcement!

Promotions: Exod (CS to CS-M)

"You must truly be desperate to come to me for a quote. Wait don't write that do-" - CI-P Kryptic




No News.

Promotions: DespaCito (CR-C to CT).

"Drifter's gone hunting, and now I have to be the one to watch the kids......great" - CW-S Ripjaw







Avalanche 1 New1st

Recruitment:1-1 has one Medic, one Squad RT, and one TL Slot Open, 1-2 has one Medic Slot Open, and 1-3 has one Squad RT, one Trooper, and two Medic Slot Open.

No Promotions.

“1st platoon has been kicking ass and is working out its last Squad Trainings before WSD. Also Rip Flux o7” - CS Strill




11Avalanche 2

Recruitment:2-1 has one Medic Slot Open, 2-2 has one Trooper, one Medic, and one ARC Slot Open, and 2-3 has one Medic, one Trooper, and one Squad RT Slot Open.

Promotions: Mirror (Sr. CT to Vt. CT), Rage (CR-C to CT), Bishop (CP to Sr. CP), Dakota (Sr. CT to Vt. CT), Aeon (Sr. CT to Vt. CT).

“Avalanche 2nd Platoon has it's Pros and Kahns" - CS-M Pro




Avalanche 3New3rd

Recruitment: 3-1 has one Squad RT Slot Open, 3-2 has one Medic Slot Open, and 3-3 has one Trooper Slot Open.

Promotions: Bruce (Sr. CT to Vt. CT), Skynyrd (CT to Sr. CT), Akeer (CR-C to CT), Riku (CR-C to CT), Del (CP to CS).

"Av 3 is feeling more and more comfortable with the new weapons and are looking forward to getting back on campaign and experiencing the hard work of the aux team, story writers, and mission builders combined." - CM Husky




Cyclone 1 113x122Cyclone 1

Recruitment: 1-1 has one TL, and two Trooper Slots Open, and 1-3 has two Medic, 1 Squad RT, and 1 Trooper Slot Open.

Promotions: Clock (Sr. CP to CS), Anselm (CT to Sr. CT), Dusty (CP to CS).

"Cyclone 1 is still looking to fully fill it's ranks. We are ready to join back we're called and have fully adapted to the new weapons. Keep it on the good work everyone." - CS Boozy




Cyclone 2 113x122Cyclone 2

Recruitment: 2-1 has one Medic and one Trooper Slot Open, 2-2 has one Medic, one TL, and one Trooper Slot Open, and 2-3 has one Medic and one Trooper Slot Open.

Promotions: Sigma (Sr. CT to Vt. CT), Flak (CT to Sr. CT).

"Looking forward to seeing all our training and preparation pay off for Cyclone 2 once we are back on the Campaign. CS Cyber Acting 2-7 "  - CS Gamble




Cyclone 3 113x122Cyclone 3

Recruitment: 3-1 has one Trooper Slot Open, 3-2 has one TL Slot Open, and 3-3 has one Trooper Slot Open.

Promotions: Muzzer (Sr. CP to CS), Checkers (CT to Sr. CT), Greene (CR-C to CT), Vulpes (Sr. CT to Vt. CT).

“Avalanche 3 is looking pretty sus I saw him in electrical” - CS-M Drammon




Acklay 1Acklay 1

Recruitment: Ride Along Applications are closed at this time.

Promotions: Galahad (CT to Sr. CT), Komodo (CP to CS).

"There are no longer any issues allowed in Acklay 1 on Tuesdays. Please forward all Tuesday problems to CC Lava." - CS Exod



Acklay 2Acklay 2

Recruitment: Ride Along Applications are closed at this time.

Promotions: Tuff (CP to CS), Arthur (CT to Sr. CT), Scard (Sr. CP to CS), Seejers (Sr. CT to Vt. CT).

"Lava's butt is so large that you could park a LAAT in it." - CS-M Ricochet









News: Razor is looking into all the new assets from 3AS and assures all the clones will be happy with the results. In other news, have you ever dreamed about flying through the skies with metallic wings bringing hell to your enemies? If so, please contact your closest Razor pilot or refer to Razor-open for more information.

Promotions: Xavier (Ensign to Sr. Ensign), Zoro (Ensign to Sr. Ensign), Duncan (Ensign to Sr. Ensign), Sazi (Ensign to Sr. Ensign), Ajax (Sr. Cadet to Ensign), Blast (Ensign to Sr. Ensign), Neb (Ensign to Sr. Ensign), Flare (Cadet to Sr. Cadet), Galaxy (Ensign to Sr. Ensign).

"Razor recruitment will likely be mid-October in #razor-open. That's also a open channel for anyone to ask questions about Razor and or about getting into the squadron." - CX Scuba





News: Mynocks IEA cycle is currently open! More info is available in #mynock-open.

Promotions: Osprey (CP to Sr. CP), Conair (Sr. CT to Vt. CT), Helm (CR-C to CT), Projekt (CT to Sr. CT), Weiss (CP to CS), Khyrek (CT to Sr. CT), Vanilla (CT to Sr. CT).

"Where's the nearest moon pool so I can drive through it?" - CM-P Reck





News: Are the voices in your head not enough? Do you like to talk alot? Do you want to be that guy that put their squad into a mass-cas?" The RTO MOS is beginning their recruitment drive! Become an essential part of your squad by using the Long Range Radio to relay orders, call in LAATs and artillery! You'll work directly with our supporting elements to keep your squad safe from danger and be the first to bring the fight to the CIS. All you need to do is get RTO Qualified, then contact any Company RTO or CI-O Power.

No RTO Promotions

“Things are going well for RTOs, some of us are still finding sand in our packs from Geonosis no matter how much we clean them though, but other than that it’s been alright” - CI-P Dimitri





News: With the new leadership in the Medical field, Medical staff plan on updating the current documents soon(tm).

Medical Promotions: Kain (CM-C to CM), Steps (CM-C to CM), Slugger (CM-C to CM), Deo (Return from Inactive Reserves), Valravn (CM-C to CM), Beast (Return from Inactive Reserves, Sharp (CM-C), Riku (CM-C), Map (Billet to Cyclone 1M), Flourite (Billet to Cyclone 2M), Bark (CM-T to CM-P), Alister (Billet to Avalanche 1M), Husky (Billet to Avalanche 3M).

“Medical Mafia is dead, all hail the High and Round Table” - CM-S Moist










(Format for Ten in Ten (until a new rework is done); 1Q = 1st Question, A = Answer)

CM-C Pigeon has been in the unit for 534 days and is currently slotted in Acklay 2-3 as a Medic. We’ve captured him for this rapid interview.


1Q: What do you like to do outside of the unit?
A: I enjoy writing, messing around with the boys on the fun operations, and indulging my dog Obama with his lego obsession.


2Q: Favorite part of the Unit?
A: I enjoy joining the teamspeak to flame my friends, and argue about semantics. To me, the comradery is easily the best part about the unit.


3Q: Dogs or Cats?
A: Dogs (dgoog).


4Q: Favorite Bird?
A: Pigeon.


5Q: Sci-fi or fantasy?
A: Fantasy.


6Q: For the Emperor or for the Republic?
A: For the Emperor.


7Q: If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
A: I would want to pee liquid gold, as a means of obtaining massive wealth via selling this liquid once made into bars.


8Q: Favorite Meal
A: Quesadilla


9Q: What is your favorite weapon, real or fictional?
A: The Hunting horn from monster hunter world. (Any Variant.)


10Q: What would you do for a Klondike Bar?
A: I would entertain my deepest, darkest perversions of my soul, and commit acts un like any seen within the timeline of humanities existence, just for the chance to feel a klondike bar glide across my tongue, and feel my taste buds revel in pure ecstasy as my senses were overwhelmed with pure pleasure.





Content Creators



Interview with CP Swanny

Name, Stream ID, Twitch, Youtube:

How long have you been streaming?: About 4-5 months.

What games do you primarily stream?: I occasionally stream 501st Operations, some CSGO Overwatch (where you review footage of people accused of cheating), used to stream XCOM 2, the Vanilla Arma campaigns, and Destiny.

What is a basic stream schedule for potential viewers to follow?: I try to stream at least once a week, sometimes it will be every day. Its sporadic.







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