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  1. How do I fix my arma 3 memory leak?

    Memory leaks happens in many games, and for the first public version of Star Wars Opposition, the leaks are strong. This does not fix the memory leak, but improves your Frames when the memory leak happens.

    NVIDIA GeForce Cards:

    • Open NVIDIA Control Panel (Right Click On Desktop > NVIDIA Control Panel).
    • Click on Manage 3D Settings >
    • (For None VR Users) Go to Global Settings
      (For VR Users) Go to Program Settings > Select Arma 3 (Select ArmA 3 (arma3.exe) or ArmA 3 (arma3_x64.exe)
    • Select Maximum Pre-Rendered Frames > Set The Value to 1
      Apply the settings if you need to.

    27 Nov 2017