Awards and Commendations
   Name    Description
Hero's Cross    Hero's Cross    For those to earn this award, proves they are some of the best the 501st Legion has to offer, going further than above and beyond, being dedicated to unit the and showing they are more than capable in any situation they come across. The highest awarding medal, awarded for incredible dedication and meritorious performance in the unit, in all areas, including combat and non-combat.
Legion of Merit    Legion of Merit    This award before the Hero's Cross proves to every member that sees it, that this member, has gone far above any other in this unit, truly working hard and making sure the unit is a place for everyone, this shows they are truly some of the best in the Legion. Second highest award/medal for the 501st Legion, awarded for exceptionally meritorious conduct and performance during service of the Legion.
Substancial C-Shop Service to the Unit    Substancial C-Shop Service to the Unit    This ribbon is an extremely rare award, to earn this means they have dedicated a huge chunk of their time here in the 501st. This medal shows great dedication, initiative and progress.
501st Dedication Award    501st Dedication Award    Other awards such as the Dedication award are presented and given out for high amounts of effort and time put into the unit, the members who earn this award are some of the most dedicated and hard working in the 501st Legion. The highest non-combat award for dedication and devotion within the 501st Legion.
Gold Crescent Award    Gold Crescent Award    As one of the highest awards for combat, this can only be achieved through many combat scenarios where the member has proven themselves, only awarded for great acts of valour and selflessness. The highest crescent award for meritorious acts during combat scenarios.
Silver Crescent Award    Silver Crescent Award    For members to receive this award is a great deal, to earn it means you have more than definitely proven yourself as a member of the 501st Legion during combat. The second lowest combat award for higher than prestigious performance.
Bronze Crescent Award    Bronze Crescent Award    As the Bronze Crescent, this award represents great courage and acts of valour, to earn this award shows this has been achieved and that the receiver is a great member. The beginning of the slightly higher awards, earned only for meritorious acts during combat.
Volunteer Service Medal    Volunteer Service Medal    The VSM medal is awarded to those who have significantly stood out in the unit and assisted various situations or completed large tasks. Those who hold this medal have worked hard for the 501st Legion and have provided a great deal of service to everyone in the unit.
Donator Ribbon    Donator Ribbon    For donators, this award shows a level of respect towards the unit and proves the care for the unit they hold, to keep it running so others can continue playing. Awarded for those who donate to the 501st Legion.
Combat Action Ribbon    Combat Action Ribbon    The main role for members in the 501st Legion is combat, this ribbon represents that commitment and skill used in situations of combat. Those who obtain this award are skilled and well focused. Awarded for prestigious performance during combat scenarios.
NCO Development Ribbon    NCO Development Ribbon    For an NCO, this award shows the dedication for improvement set in motion by the receiver, they've worked hard to get to their position and have become a great leader within the 501st Legion. Awarded for major improvement and development as an NCO.
Aviation Good Conduct Ribbon    Aviation Good Conduct Ribbon    This award is awarded to the aviation of the 501st Legion for their dedication, respect and loyalty, it proves they're a very hard working member of the detachment with great initiative. Awarded for three consecutive months of service within aviation without disciplinary actions.
Infantry Good Conduct Ribbon    Infantry Good Conduct Ribbon    The Infantry Good Conduct Ribbon shows us the receiver of this award is dedicated, respectful to members, and a loyal member of unit, pulling in time to engage with the unit and partake in events. Awarded for three consecutive months of service within the infantry without disciplinary actions.
Medical Meritorious Service Medal    Medical Meritorious Service Medal    Medics can have a very hard job on the field, and for those medics during times of hard work and stress out in the field, we have this award, only given for the most meritorious medical acts out there, for a medic to earn this award shows they've gone above and beyond many times. Awarded for incredibly meritorious actions during medical combat scenarios.
Trooper Honor Graduate Award    Trooper Honor Graduate Award    This version of the TGR ribbon goes to those only chosen by instructors during their trainings, this means during training the receiver of this medal has gone above and beyond the levels expected of a standard trooper. Awarded for Astonishing performance during Initial, Advanced Trainings and earning the rank of Trooper.
Trooper Graduate Ribbon    Trooper Graduate Ribbon    The Trooper Graduate Ribbon is an award showing that you have truly proven yourself as a member in our ranks, it shows you are dedicated and ready to push on. Awarded for completion of Initial, Advanced Trainings and promotion to Trooper.
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