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Re: TFAR Not working with the fix (TFAR Problems) Posted on 26 Dec 2017
You got to remember, the ArmA Launcher uses Steam, and sadly Steam uses a cache system for any files downloaded. Your CBA_A3 download from Steam might have been corrupt when it was downloading, using the repair button would have just unzipped the downloaded Cache file - I would recommend unsubscribing to CBA_A3 in Steam Workshop, then re-subscribe to it, which should fix the issue. Thanks for posting about this James Ryan.
Re: small error (ArmA Support) Posted on 26 Dec 2017
This still an Issue?
Re: Mods Mis-Match (ArmA Support) Posted on 26 Dec 2017
Is this still an Issue?
Re: ID Sign In *IMPORTANT* (Check-in Thread / New Enlistment) Posted on 17 Jun 2017

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