Server Question

Corrosive, Fri Jul 14 2017, 01:43AM

Is the server rented or is it hosted by one of the members within the unit?
Re: Server Question
CX-X Namenai, Fri Jul 14 2017, 07:40PM

rented,thats why they need donations. It isnt a personal server of anyone cause that gets weird sorta
Re: Server Question
CR-Styxx, Tue Jul 18 2017, 02:42AM

how do i find it?
Re: Server Question
CX-X Namenai, Tue Jul 18 2017, 06:36PM

go to teamspeak and theres a tab that says server info at the top and it has the names and ips of all the server

then its just ur generic video game server searching in arma 3