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501st Newsletter Issue #9

 CT Sideways    21 Mar 2019
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Victory in the Sujimas sector!

CT Sideways, Chief News Editor
Wednesday, March 20th, 2019


     Victory has been scored by the Republic! The Sujimas sector has been secured in the Galactic Campaign. In this issue of the 501st Newsletter, we take a look into the region of Sujimas and the planet of Pantora that the 501st has been fighting for. Once again the 501st News Team works hard to bring you the latest information from the front!

    This week was a hard fought week for the company. Several Avalanche platoons were redeployed to defend against Separatist counter-attacks. Victory was achieved when Avalanche performed several ground assaults and denied land control to the CIS, with the help of Razor and the newly formed Mynock detachment. Mynock was utilized for the first time during this weekend’s campaign operations as another layer of support to ensure a 501st victory, with their training in mortar support and our troops had the honor of BC Jay fighting at our side. Our troops held the line very well and ensured a hard fought victory. With this victory the 501st has finished the  Pantoran Galactic Campaign objectives when “The Hand”, a Separatist T-Series Tactical Droid pulled out and fled from the system. Remaining operations to be conducted on the planet will remove any routing CIS stragglers from the system as their leadership has withdrawn.

20190314151246 1

-Elements from Razor and Acklay celebrating the recent victory over the CIS on Pantora.

In the past few weeks the 501st Legion has been deployed to the planet of Pantora, which has been the current phase of a very important struggle to remove the the Confederacy’s presence in the system. Located within the Sujimas sector, Pantora is a very humid, but habitable planet, filled with marshes and swamps with variable amounts of farmland and urban centers. Pantora is home to the Pantorans, a human-like alien species, which are known for their blue skin, that makes them often get confused with the Chiss. The Pantorans are a democratic society and are led by the Pantoran Assembly, they are also members of the Galactic Senate. The current representative for the Pantorans is Senator Riyo Chuchi. The Pantorans are a fairly new members in the galactic power scene, only coming into power a few decades ago.

The Kazaraki were once the galactic power in the Sujimas sector, and even had a large presence in the Galactic Senate. This all changed when a comet struck their planet, Kazarak. Afterwards in the resulting power vacuum the Pantorans came to power. The Pantorans have been seen to be using this new found power to spread their influence, which has moved the Kazarki and set them down the path to join the Confederacy. That is the situation where we find ourselves today, our struggle in the Sujimas sector is important, no longer is it just about it’s strategic value but our actions on the battlefield will be felt by billions of Pantorans across the galaxy and the many other inhabitants of the sector.

With our victory, we have effectively won the sector, while it was not a clean victory, it was hard fought and unfortunately, the 501st Legion did not capture The Hand, or remove the foul presence of the Kazaraki. With this loss, the CIS will surely regroup their forces and threaten other places in the galaxy, just like the Sujimas sector.

20190314144227 1

     Tune in next week for more information regarding the campaign and any updates from the 501st Legion.


Promotions and News:

Battalion HQ -

“Remember, do the right thing, even if it isn’t an official rule.” - BC Jay

Avalanche HQ

“There is no such thing as innocence, only degrees of guilt.” - CC Klein

Avalanche 1
“I got 1-6, Legia got 1-7, we survived our retreat to Linchpin, and looking forward to the next sector.” - CS-M Point

Avalanche 2
CS-M Crisis to PLT CO *Acting*
CT Urse (CT to Sr. CT), Holiday (CT to Sr. CT)

“Everyone is working hard and I am excited for whats in store of the future of second platoon. Also, the statement below is false.” - CS-M Crisis

Avalanche 3

CS Andromeda is now slotted as the 3rd platoon Sergeant Major

“Whatever Coward says is incorrect.” - CC Ewik

Avalanche 4

“4th Platoon has excellent, strong, and handsome new leadership.” - CS-M Coward


We have an FTX this week, we plan to do better in this one" - CS-M Jan


“CI-C Aaron has been promoted to Senior trooper, we are very pleased with his work/efforts in the detachment and he deserves the promotion to say the least.”

“We have begun the AnS Cycle #5 of the Onyx detachment and initially started with 40 applicants, we are already down to 31 on day 2/7 of the selection cycle and are anxious to see who passes!”

“The whole detachment deserves a big pat on the back for their efforts on this AnS Cycle as well as previous missions on the campaign. They have been working very hard and it's greatly appreciated.” - CS-M Crow


“Every airplane you see is struck by lightning at least once a year. However, daily engagements with Lightning is good for clone health. Thank your nearest Lightning pilot! (Lightning did really good at the recent official operations)” - CX Scuba


“CC Ewik’s quote is wrong” - CI-O Roadboy


“Join Blight Company on Halo Waypoint.” - CM-O Koda


“Mortar Men are Sexy Men” - CS Verax



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