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501st Newsletter Issue #6

 CT Sideways    28 Feb 2019
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501st Newsletter Issue #6

CT Sideways, Chief News Editor
Wednesday, February 27th, 2019


     Welcome to the 6th weekly newsletter of the 501st Legion. This week the unit continues it’s campaign against the CIS with the aftermath of Negev. Additionally, more information from Hailstorm Battalion has been announced regarding the new leadership courses that will be coming soon. All this and more in this issue of the 501st newsletter.

     The Republic has made extreme progress in the galactic campaign and liberated the planet of Negev in the Sujimmas sector. Now the 501st has moved to the Pantora system. Unfortunately for the 501st, they had crash landed somewhere on the planet with estimated losses at a quarter of the strength of the company. Enemy fire caused their captured Munificent-class star frigate to crash on the planet surface. CS Coward was spotted in the bridge during this incident and no further information could be obtained. Pantora is a Republic allied planet with many marshlands, with a booming industry and valuable war material, it’s no wonder the CIS has made its plans to try and take the planet under its own name. The 501st has set up large defensive networks around the capital city in an attempt to halt the CIS invasion and force them out of the system. The native Pantorans have given their pledge to the Republic to destroy the invading CIS forces from conquering the planet and all the neighboring systems. Reports from Avalanche command indicate all infantry platoons are doing excellent, morale is up and the latest field training exercises that were held proved to be of great utility for the battle to come.


     Basic combat training has released photos of its 100th course (previously announced in issue #5), along with the new BCT map that will be used for all future trainings.

BCT Map album


     The 501st is continuing to grow and evolve which requires training to evolve with it. The unit has revamped old leadership courses so that they may better suit its needs that comes with changes in procedure. CC Klein and CS Verax are in charge of implementing these new training qualifications and stated that these training are the work of all elements coming together to create a cohesive unit-wide training program. These trainings will be conducted with the highest standards so that they produce quality leaders and inspire both NCO’s and non-NCO’s to commit themselves to improve the 501st as a whole and its members individually. It took one month to make these courses and required the work of many individuals who are listed next to the course designation.

Basic Leadership Course (BLC) - Document Contributors: Odin, Rexi, Warlord, Gamble, Salvo, Klein and Verax
-Starts in March
-Runs every other month
Takes 2 Days to Complete
-For Avalanche, ARC,  and Airborne Team Leads, Platoon Medics, and Platoon RTO’s
-Accepts 5-10 applicants
-Billet required to apply for certification and audit
-Removed from billet if BLC is failed
-When removed, placed into non-leadership position within the same platoon
-Not required if CP

Training on

Military Tactics

Tactical Discipline

Team Management

Effective in tactics and combats

-We have an approved working document, details will still change

Advanced Leadership Course (ALC) - Document Contributors: Crisis, Point, Legia, Raven, Gamble, Lava, Crow, Klein and Verax

-Starts in April

-Runs every other month

-Takes 1 month to complete

-Required to qualify for CP, CM-P, CI-P

-Removed from billet if ALC if failed twice

-When removed, placed into non-leadership position within the same platoon

Training on:

AAR documentation

Disciplinary reports

Administrative Discipline

Squad management

Senior Leadership Course (SLC) - Document Contributors: Coward, Lava, Crow, Klein and Verax

-Starts in June

-Runs every 4 months

-Takes 1 month to complete

-Required to qualify for CS, CM-S, CI-S

-Could failed if application paperwork is unsatisfactory

-More intense than old course to produce quality NCO’s

-Instructional training then individual testing

Training on:

Strategic Discipline

Platoon level documentation

And various levels of testing

First Sergeants Academy (FSA) - Document Contributors: Player, Lava, Crow, Klein and Verax

-Starts in July

-Occurs 1 month after SLC (SLC must occur for an FSA to take place)

Training on:

Platoon element tactics

Detachment specific training


Sergeant Majors Academy (SMA) - Document Contributors: Verax, Klein and Battalion HQ

-Selection based evaluation for CS-M position

-Evaluation occurs by the officers ranging from platoon, to company and finally battalion

-Runs when any CS-M billet is open

-Contains high command unit level training and testing

     When we asked CS Verax about work on these courses, he has stated that they are the combined effort of Battalion HQ, Avalanche Company, ARC and Airborne. Verax’s main role is to ensure that these trainings fulfill their goal of making sure leaders are dependable, that they have tact when dealing with their responsibilities and that leaders should uphold their positions for righteous reasons. Verax’s reasoning with these courses are “to mold people who can consistently deliver on these qualities.”


“Anyone can do it, there are no exceptions, only exceptional people.” - CS Verax

20190223012119 1

     With these very exciting changes, we can see the framework being set up for desirable traits among the future leadership of the 501st. As always, keep tuning in for more information and major changes within the unit, from the progress of the Galactic Campaign, to alternative campaigns and other policy changes that may arise.


Promotions and News:

CC Cruisie has announced that the Holosite (website) is looking for people who can help re-shape the website and is asking to message him if you have experience with PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Avalanche HQ -
"Sabre tanks are sh*tty and should be returned to the manufacturer." -CC Klein

Avalanche 1 -
 Jupiter (CP to CS), Waylander, Lantern, Levi (CT to Sr. CT)

Avalanche 2 -
CT Urse is a new TL for 2-2

Avalanche 3
"3rd's doing good." - CC Ewik

Avalanche 4
Devito (CT to Senior CT)
"The above statement is a lie" - CS-M Crisis

"Acklay is prepping for our mission. Excited to fight alongside all our boys in blue!" - CC Lava

Razor -
Razor is still taking names for the upcoming cycle and would like to announce this piece of Razor trivia:

CX-S Nocturnal taught CX Scuba the basics of flying back in their public server days during Arma 3's infancy before they joined their first unit together; The 151st Fighting Irish, where they met CX-W Flog who is now Master Warden in our very own 501st! Along with Captain Scuba as the Commanding Officer and Lieutenant Jr. Grade Nocturnal as Executive Officer. The 151st, now disbanded, is where  Scuba and Nocturnal spent roughly 12 hours each day for months honing in on their aviation skills, learning and inventing new concepts for themselves to become well rounded pilots in the cockpit of any airframe they sit in. Captain Scuba and Lieutenant Jr. Grade Nocturnal also taught a pilot named Canik via phase trainings here in the 501st, who is now the head of aviation for a large modern milsim known as the 21st Ranger Company.

"Razors IEA Cycles along with phase trainings are essentially the unofficial Harvard of ARMA aviation." - CX-S Nocturnal

"The values of Razor are Professionalism, Respect, Integrity, Dedication and Excellence. Also known as PRIDE. We take PRIDE in being 501st and Razor Squadron. We strive to make our community proud to have Razor." - CX Scuba

Medical -
Husky(CM-C to CM)

"The Wardens are the real power in Zeta, the dark council oversees all..." - CS Verax


Medics can still apply fluids (blood, plasma, saline) through your entire body even with a tourniquet on.

501st Trivia
Lieutenant Euler likes to talk during meetings. A lot.

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