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501st Newsletter Issue #5

 CT Sideways    21 Feb 2019
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501st Newsletter Issue #5

CT Sideways, Chief News Editor
Wednesday, February 20th, 2019


     Welcome back clones! Another week has passed in the 501st Legion and much has transpired in that time. As you may have noticed the news team has decided to move the weekly publish date to Wednesdays, mainly due to information gathering and the weekly command meetings in Hailstorm Battalion. This week we have much to tell you, from the progress of the campaign to a look into the spectacle of basic combat training, with the infamous final test and updates regarding a very special ongoing alternative campaign set in World War II. As always promotions and news will be posted from each of the elements within the 501st.

     Progress in the Galactic Campaign! The 501st legion has liberated the planet Negev, with it’s latest movements the battalion has secured the entire planet. All of the Confederate and Khazaraki resistance has either been thoroughly crushed or routed. In this turn of events after the initial push onto the planet, the 501st Legion were successful in boarding and capturing a Confederacy Munificent-class star frigate, and were also responsible for courageously capturing a planetary shield generator on the surface of Negev. Official reports from the front state that there were no CIS inflicted casualties on clone forces, although there were some startling reports of CIS war crimes against the natives of the planet. Additional information from Avalanche company states that platoons are operating at peak efficiency. As more updates roll in regarding Hailstorm’s progress in the Sumanji system, the news team will be there to give the Republic’s most accurate and important information from the front.

20190216153515 1

     Aside from the news of the front this coming Thursday, February 21st, 2019 will mark the 100th basic combat training (BCT) hosted by the battalion. On January 23rd, 2018, Hailstorm Battalion began marking the basic training classes after the January mod update that had breathed some very new air into the unit and furthermore, said basic trainings have made an extremely successful impact in the unit since their inception and continue to guide new recruits into battle. Battalion Commander Jay was the one to kickstart the original basic training program long before the January mod update, during the unit's first year. Later being passed onto the 258th training battalion, a joint operation between the two current GARC units, the 501st Legion and 212th Attack Battalion and the former GARC unit, the 104th Battalion. Unfortunately for the 258th, it failed to keep up with the quality and the sheer volume of new recruits, so discussions were made to move away from it and eventually it was replaced with new ownership and redirected internally within the 501st, where it was soon taken over by CS-M Sorensic, who still attends most, if not every BCT class until it was eventually passed on to other members within the unit.

20190216160043 1

     Basic combat training is among one of the most important topics in the 501st, mainly being the primary hope of the 501st Legion’s future and legacy and is meant to excite recruits for what's to come in their career in the unit and also gives older members a look back towards their own. It prepares the recruits for the intensity, confusion, and strategic planning of the battlefield all across the galaxy.

     “[In its current state] BCT is not expected to change its system whatsoever.” says CS Odin, who currently manages the policies and management of all the basic training staff. Odin states that only until The Clone Wars mod official and fully releases, which will bring many new features, equipment and experiences to the unit, that there will be no more major changes to the basic combat training program as it performs its function in the unit very well. The objective of the basic combat training is to get the clone recruits (CR’s) familiarized with the operations, equipment and types of contacts that they will be facing on the field. Through knowledge and information, they are kept up to speed with how things work once the final test concludes with final goal of bringing the recruits up to standard for being in the unit. As of yesterday, February 20th, the BCT class #99 was the official release of a new training map set on the rainy homeworld of the clones, Kamino. The map was released in honor of clone janitor “99”” who was featured on the Clone Wars series, and holds a special place in all of our brother’s hearts.   

     Aside from training troops what will be found on the field, one of the BCT’s trainers, CX Scuba, helps keep the recruits mentally disciplined by teaching them the very important skills of being able to not only follow instructions, but obey commands which assist in setting the tone and reminding each trooper that they need to cooperate and have a certain quality that won’t undermine their comrades in the heat of battle. CX Scuba sets an example for not only the Razor Squadron, but the many other members of 501st Legion with different backgrounds that all provide excellent role models for the future generations of clones that will continue to pass the basic combat trainings. To maintain the course, dozens of instructors, cadres, and Zeuses all come together and sacrifice their time to continue the legacy of the 501st.

     Meanwhile, in a far different world, another call was announced, for another battle that was taking place. “Charge Comrades, For the Motherland!” could be heard as a squad of Russian soldiers charged headfirst into the power station, facing machine guns, rifle fire, and even a German Panzer IV. The news team had recently talked to CW-O Lindsey, who has hosted the most recent iteration of her World War II campaign, one of many that she hosts. This mission had members of the 501st playing as an unnamed company of Russian ground forces attempting to fight the German army in the deep cold of the Russian winter.
     About a year and a half ago in the 501st, Chief Warrant Officer Lindsey began to help out with mission development for CS-M Sorensic’s extremely famous and constantly evolving Tatooine checkpoint RP missions, which soon became a staple of the 501st and a reason that many old and new members have joined the legion for. At some point in time soon after, many 501st members would often play on public World War II liberation servers and similar operations. This would convince a certain CM-S Shade to decide to run a 501st World War II operation, thus sparking interest for several more World War II, Vietnam and other miscellaneous (even Stargate!) operations to be held officially by the 501st. This is where CW-O Lindsey decided to try her experienced hand at her own vision of creating a World War II operation within the 501st. After dozens of hours of hard work and planning dumped into creating such a mission, the moment of truth finally arrived. As people began to load in, technical issues began to appear, leading Lindsey to scrap the first op, but she didn’t let this deter her, and vowed to try again for a second time but unfortunately wasn’t until the third time that the operation finally was performed without much error that many people showed genuine joy in participating in a large scale alternative operation and humbly asked for more, which Lindsey was not expecting. Lindsey got down to work and began creating several more World War II ops, and eventually expanded into Vietnam and the Cold War eras. In hindsight she mentions one of her favorite missions, a look into Operation Goodwood, a British offensive operation set during the Battle of Normandy. For this mission she went above and beyond in trying to make it as immersive and enjoyable, to deliver the best possible experience for players.
     For Lindsey, it’s the enjoyment of the dedication of putting hours upon hours of work into something and then seeing the same enjoyment from the people who never knew that experiences could be even imagined. Experiences that make bonds of comrades and friends of people who otherwise would not have been. These are the experiences that many people continue to attempt to craft for everyone in the 501st and Lindsey is only one of many people who continue to shape the wonder future and memories of the unit.

20190216201850 1

    “Remember Comrades, No retreat. Not One Step Back!” ordered CC Machete during the briefing. His personal NKVD officers were there to enforce this brutal policy. Each NKVD officer was given a PPSH, and explicit orders to shoot any man who retreats. With a great charge, all of the infantry and tanks of the Russian troops had already captured an enemy airfield and pilots flew in LA-3s and IL-2s to begin engaging the hostile German forces. Other members were allowed to operate T-34-85s, and a heavy KV-2 tank, left to rot during some great previous siege. The battle raged until Russian forces captured a large port, the main city of Chernogorsk, and finally, a mountainside artillery position. Casualties were high, but that was to be expected from such a brutal war, but in the end, the victorious and courageous Soviet troops showed their superiority over the Germans, but not without heavy losses.

20190216205921 1

With another week ending, so does our report on the internal events of the 501st. We hope that many new information has come to light to many people and we especially hope that such progress and strides continue to inspire the many members of the 501st to give back to the unit and give the best possible experience for everyone involved. Progress with the campaign is still ongoing, as always and will be, as always, reported officially in the weekly newsletter. More information of events and profiles of people in the unit, like BCT and Lindsey’s campaign are constantly featured and we ask you to come tell us something you would like to be shared with the 501st. This unit continues to grow with the hard work and dedication of many members from an indefinite amount of backgrounds who all want to experience the joy of creating and tearing apart droids together.


Promotions and News:

Hailstorm Battalion Command Staff -

“Don’t drink and drive, don’t drive and drink. Don’t beat your wives and don’t let your wives or husbands beat you” - BC Jay

Avalanche Company Command Staff -
"There is no such thing as innocence, only degrees of guilt." - CC Klein

Avalanche 1 -

Raktharg (CT to Sr. CT), Levi (CT to Sr. CT), Bronson (CT to Sr. CT), Waylander (CT to Sr. CT)

“We had a hard operation this past weekend and an even harder time with the servers the weekend before, but 1st PLT held strong and carried on.” - CS Legia

Avalanche 2 -
Orion (CS to Senior CS)

Avalanche 3 -
Zeros (CT to Sr. CT)
"Hmm, let's see here... let me look at my notebook. Ah yes, of course, it says here that we're doing good." - CC Ewik

Avalanche 4 -
Fallout (CT to Sr. CT), Lucius (CT to CP)

Acklay -

"A good droid is a dead one." - CC Lava

Onyx -

New Generation 3 ARC Troopers - CT Shoe and CT Sazi
   “We have been very busy lately with the campaign well under way, conducting three official operations in one week for the war effort on Negev. This past week, we have brought in two new Generation 3 Troopers into the detachment: CT Shoe and CT Sazi. We greatly look forward to seeing what they can contribute to the detachment and will work to bring them to their full potential within the unit by mentoring, training, and offering assistance in whatever they need.
    While we may be happy about new members, we have also lost a couple of close friends in the detachment. CP Fancy and CT Mungus have been released from the Onyx detachment on good terms as they always were when they worked with us. We wish them the best of luck on their future endeavors and will always be rooting for them.
    Finally, we have been reworking the interior structure and have been making plans on our cooperation with everyone in the 501st. The Onyx detachment training staff is currently testing underwater combat gear in order to create a proper combat-diving procedure for ourselves to train any personnel on. Our vision of cohesion within the unit is going strong and we're very ambitious to continue working towards our goals!” - CS-M Crow

Razor -
“CX-X Kushiban is now our second acting Flight Commander for the 2nd Flight alongside CX-X Exose. They are in process to earn Flight Officer (CX-P). Some other minor changes in the sections were done as well. Besides that, everyone in Razor is doing well. Recruitment of new candidates is open as well. We will continue to take names through March before we start any interviews or training.” - CX Scuba

"I am not Scuba. I am CX-S Nocturnal. CX-S is not the rank of Sergeant, it is the rank of Lieutenant Jr. Grade. We kicked ass on Negev with minimal losses while operating with peak efficiencies. Razor is honored to continue fighting alongside each platoon throughout the campaign. Additionally, please give us something big to blow up. Sincerely and yours truly, Razor Squadron. - Are we done? This better not get lost in translation, the last guy to interview me misquoted me and made me look like an a**hole." - CX-S Nocturnal *1

Medical -
Cor (CM-C to CM)


Zeroes (CI-C to CI)
Turkey (CI-C to CI)
“The quote above mine is wrong.” - CI-S Roadboy

Zeta -
"There is a civil war going on, and I have no idea what to do." - CS Verax


There's an option to quickly get into a vehicle at the touch of a button. It can be found in the menus under configure>addon options>ACE quickmount [Enable] and [Prioritize Passenger Seat]. The control to bind can be found at controls>configure addons>ACE Movement>[Bind vehicle quickmount] (Keep in mind you may need to be loaded into a server or the arsenal to see these settings!)

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1 The person responsible for misquoting has been executed.

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