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501st Newsletter Issue #4

 CT Sideways    12 Feb 2019
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501st Newsletter Issue #4

CT Sideways, Chief News Editor
Monday, February 11th, 2019


     Greetings, clones! This is our fourth issue of the 501st newsletter! In this issue we begin to tackle the progress that the Legion has done in the Sujimmas sector and on the planet Negev. The initial push onto the planet has been successful and we will be examining the progress of each platoon as well an in depth look at the planet of Negev. Keep reading for the news of the unit!

     This weekend the 501st Legion have made the first strike towards liberating the planet Negev from Separatist forces, who have made it clear they’re looking for a fight. Beginning with the Avalanche platoons, who managed to take out several armored assault tank (AAT) factories and secured a large Separatist prison. This prison held valuable Separatist personnel and sympathisers, politicians loyal to the Republic that will be involved in the full liberation of Negev.  Unfortunately some of the politicians perished during the fighting, but on the bright side the 501st has managed to save one extremely valuable asset, the Minister of Justice of Negev, who could have the ability to sway much of the public opinion to the side of the Republic. Several Military advisors for the Separatists also lost their lives during the operations with the regional outskirts and large portions of the major land mass currently under Republic control. For now, the 501st continues their push deeper into enemy territory.

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     As the 501st Legion’s Hailstorm Battalion is being deployed in the Sujimmas sector, in close proximity to important systems such as Naboo, we have decided to take a look closer at the planet Negev, a planet that has been shrouded in mystery. Negev is a dry planet made up of mostly scrubland and hills with small oceans. The planet’s crust contains many natural metals, which along with the flat land and soft soil, makes it perfect for large surface and subterranean factories.

     Local fauna and indigenous species include the Negevi, who are the original inhabitants. The planet’s government is an oligarchy made up of the top magnates, tycoons and industry owners, undoubtedly aligned with the Commerce Guild and the many other faceless subsidiaries of the Confederacy. The technocrats in power set legislature and rule over the planet with an iron fist. The planet is also inhabited by the Kazaraki, a minority group who came after their planet (Kazarak) was hit by a comet. The two groups are deep allies and the Negevi have provided the Kazarki with financial aid in the past and the present.
The Negevi is currently openly trading and negotiating with the Confederacy, using their enormous factories to produce large vehicles and equipment for use in this conflict and across the galaxy. The Negevi trade with the Confederacy due to their allegiance to the Kazaraki and the great trade deals they get out of their service, which helps feed their economy and the tight grip they keep over the entire system.

     This week has proven the 501st is ready for any conflict and they proudly march into battle against those who stand against the Republic. Soon the planet will surely be under Republic control and the Negevi and the Sujimmas sector will reign free from tyranny of the Seperatists. Check back next week for more information and news from Hailstorm Battalion!


Promotions and News:

Hailstorm Battalion Command Staff -
“After our completion of this week’s operations don’t forget: don’t drink and drive, don’t drive and drink, don’t beat your wives, and don’t let your wives beat you” -BC Jay

Avalanche Command Staff -
“Avalanche Company successfully executed our operations for the 1st week of campaign” -CC Klein

Avalanche 2 -
“Start of the campaign was good and Second Platoon accomplished their objectives. Ready and excited for the next mission.” -CC Player

Avalanche 3 -
The quote below is wrong... Oh, and were doing good by the way." - CC Ewik

Avalanche 4 -
Richard (CT to Senior CT), Doug (CT to Senior CT).
"We are doing better" - CS Crisis

Razor -
New members: CX-C Lutas, CX-C Hungarian, CX-C Eagle, CX-C Casnov, CX-C Minashi.
We had 8 ARC-170's. Now we have 7. This campaign is already kicking off as a checks and balance battle for Razor, but we're excited.” - CX Scuba

Zeta -
We predict Zeta will reach its full capacity this month.” -CS Verax



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